When we went to Nobu, Park Lane, for the first time last September, we ordered the Chef’s Recommendation, which is a six course degustation of the tastiest offerings from the menu. Included in the menu was one of Nobu‘s signature dishes – the black cod in miso, which was hands down my favourite course (only beating the chocolate fondant with green tea ice cream by a whisker!). I slowly ate my black cod, tasting every morsel of the fish and sauce (heavenly!) willing this dish to never end. And when it did I was overcome with the urge to lick my plate clean; I mean would anyone really see me? I did think about it.

Eventually my black cod, along with my Nobu experience, had to come to an end. I brought my full belly with me, but left a piece of my heart back at the restaurant, to pine longingly after the black cod in miso.  Weeks passed, and a friend suggested we try out this funky new restaurant in Soho called Inamo. And to my very pleasant surprise, right there on the menu was none other than the black cod in miso. So I ordered it. Why would I even look at anything else? 

Inamo‘s black cod in miso is 100% up to par with that of the famous Nobu, and at one third its price.  I was completely gobsmacked, thinking being its signature dish, would Nobu not have copyrighted the dish? Obviously not, and hooray for me!  So uncopyrighted is this dish that I’ve now also tried it at Cocoon, and Sydney’s Sushi-e, all even with a baby ginger root in tow.

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2 Thoughts on “miso black cod here, there and everywhere

  1. mel c on June 6, 2009 at 12:55 pm said:

    omg, how good is the inamo one, I had that when I was there too! mmmmm i hope that craze catches on here too!

  2. I know, it’s ridiculous how good (and cheap!) it is at Inamo. Didn’t we have it at Sushi-e when we went? It’s gonna catch on in Australia, I promise!

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