roast duck with vegetables; sizzling bean curd with mixed seafood

I’ve been wanting to blog about Four Seasons and their roast duck for so long that you wouldn’t even believe me if I told you. I’ve been wanting to blog about them since before I even had a food blog (which is a little bit like before my life began really, isn’t it?) and in fact, they were one of the reasons for me starting a food blog, because I wanted to share all the awesomeness with every body.

What’s been the hold up? Well. The thing is. Every time we go to Four Seasons, we order the same thing. Roast duck. And I’ve been waiting ever so patiently all this time to “collect” more photos so I could share a little bit more of their menu… but sadly, I don’t even know what’s on the rest of the menu because I never even look. Ever.

We always order the same old thing. Roast duck, gai lan (Chinese broccoli) in oyster sauce and some starter (usually prawn toast, sometimes dumplings). And we always always love what we get (ok the starter not so much but the duck and veg, always).

Well last night, everything changed. I went with a girl friend and no surprises, we ordered roast duck. But OMG we also ordered a sizzling bean curd hot pot so I was like done. Deal. I have one different photo now, I am so doing this post so help me god. YEAH.

the best roast duck... EVER.

So here we go with my Four Seasons post! It’s gonna be a teeny tiny little post because like I said, I know nothing about Four Seasons except that they know how to make good roast duck. Don’t test me, I’ve been to Gold Mine, where an ex-Four Seasons chef is rumoured to be wielding his roasting powers. But no, it’s not quite the same.

Now, here’s the low down on Four Seasons:

  • It’s a dodgy little Chinese joint, not a five star hotel.
  • There’s one at Queensway and one at Chinatown. You’ll find me at the Chinatown branch.
  • They serve half duck or whole duck…
  • With or without bone at the same price.
  • People get take out from there all the time, sometimes to take overseas (no joke the duck is that good)…
  • So it’s rumoured (I haven’t seen this) that they have a “special container” to pack duck for overseas travel!
  • Wow that’s hardcore!
  • There’s always a queue at Four Seasons…
  • And you can totally make a booking but you still have to queue (beats me).
  • They work on turning the tables over so when you receive your main, expect to also receive your oranges and bill…
  • But with your bill they also give you kool mints, which I love.
  • Customer service? There is none, but who cares.

prawn toast; gai lan in oyster sauce; jasmine tea

So there you have it! Four Seasons 101. I have nothing else to say except, go forth and eat duck. And hey, if anyone ever needs a duck buddy… anyone? Anyone? Bueller…???

Four Seasons
12 Gerrard St
Chinatown, W1D 5PR
0207 494 0870

Four Seasons Chinese on Urbanspoon

13 Thoughts on “four seasons of roast duck goodness. oh yes, I could totally live with that

  1. I’m gonna have to hit this place up saturday… I love duck- but my husband is crazy-mad-insane over chinese duck.

  2. I love duck and so I went here after hearing about how it does some of the best duck in London – unfortunately, maybe we had an off night, but the duck was terrible – really fatty and lukewarm and no real ‘ducky’ taste. But I may have to try one more time since you’ve had so many good experiences!

  3. Bethany: oh you’ll love it 🙂 Make a booking if you can, you may still have to wait but less than if you didn’t book. Enjoy!

    Marina: aww that’s a shame. I have to say, out of the dozens of times I’ve been there, maybe once or twice it hadn’t been up to scratch but overall, it’s just divine. I think the secret’s in the gravy *yum*

  4. Four Seasons! I love it too, you’re making me crave for it now! I always have the duck with the aubergine/pork hotpot, and the pei pa tofu.

    Am officially hungry now, and I only finished dinner an hour ago. Lol.

  5. I love roast duck but I always think its a bit lonely without its two mates, siu yuk (crispy belly pork) and cha siu (bbq roast pork)! I know you’ll take some persuading to switch from Four Seasons but I like the Cantonese BBQ at Hung’s in Chinatown and its also very good at the Phoenix Palace nr Baker St. I now have massive craving for roast duck….

  6. Haven’t been to Four Seasons for a while…dunno, I keep going back to Gold Mine though.

  7. Su-Yin: aubergine and pork hot pot sounds yum. I really need to expand my Four Seasons experience, like really.

    Mr Noodles: Ah siu yuk and char siu. I can’t agree more. And LOL thanks for acknowledging that I may be hard to persuade.. but I did try Gold Mine! Will keep Hung’s in mind.

    Su-Lin: Gold Mine was good… but Four Seasons is a teeny tiny bit better I think. I can’t even explain why though, could be psychological 🙂

  8. Chinese roast duck is one of my favourite things!

  9. It isn’t the hotel? My mind is blown.

  10. jamie: and mine 🙂

    Alastair: I know, right? They try to trick us! Would LOVE to see Four Seasons (chinese) service at Four Seasons (hotel).

  11. Jason on August 9, 2010 at 1:24 pm said:

    When I lived in London for 3 years back in 2000-2003 I was absolutely addicted to the Four Season’s duck in Queensway.

    I like you (the person that created this blog) finds their duck absolutely out of this world good. It is quite simply is ANOTHER LEVEL. I would go so far to say that this would be my ‘last meal’ if ever I had to choose one.

    When I came back to London in 2004 for a brief business trip, I went to the restaurant (by myself!!) twice to have my half duck off the bone with steamed rice and Chinese vegetables…

    All my flatmates, ex and current girfriend ALL loved, craved and talk about this duck!!

    I have tried many times to recreate it by going online and getting recipes for: Cantonese Roast Duck. The secret however is in the sauce, they even give reference to that in their website:

    If there is anybody out there that has any idea of how to recreate this duck then I would be very very much obliged as to obtaining that info! Again, I am not a bad cook and have made attempts…not bad attempts but it doesn’t compare to the taste there.

    I await salivating for your feedback!

    • Hi Jason!

      What an awesome comment 🙂 GAH how i love Four Seasons duck! I don’t know the recipe and I’d hazard a guess to say that people may try and recreate it but no one will know for sure because that would be Four Seasons’ intellectual property, and if that’s what makes them money, why would they publish it?

      If you ever do figure it out though, do share! 🙂

      • Dear Catty,

        I was so pleasantly surprised to find this blog and realise there are ‘others’ out there with an infatuation/addiction for the Four Seasons Duck. Right now, I have combined two online recipes I deem to be semi accurate regarding hacking the F.Seasons recipe! I am trying something different than previous times and have blanched the duck which was a great tip regarding discarding quite a bit of the fat.

        I promise to post the recipe if it is successful. I just left my kitchen where I prepared the stuffing and have salted the duck for tomorrow’s roasting…

        Let’s see if it is a success. I know this may come across as a tad psychotic but I believe that there would be ways to obtain that recipe. For example, bribery of one of the chefs springs to mind! Either that or perhaps applying to work there as a kitchen hand!

        I must get back to my marinade for tomorrow…Again, I welcome any exchange of info regarding this phenomenal culinary perfect dish!


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