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It’s Tuesday night and we each arrive from our day time walks of life to congregate at the Gloucester Rd local. There are hugs and kisses all around because some of us hadn’t seen each other in a while, and more hugs for someone in particular because he brought us bags of American lollies.

Ah, the way to our hearts.

After downing our pre-dinner bevvies, we walk up the street to Byron Burger, where it’s surprisingly full for a Tuesday night. We hadn’t booked, and panic creeps its way up into our bellies because lord knows we have been craving a good burger a day. All week.  

We stick our heads into Byron’s narrow but comfortable interior and like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, there was a table of six just like that, waiting for us. Without very much ado, we plonked ourselves around the table and I don’t think the waitress even had time to say “can I get you a drink?” when we said –

“Root beer floats. Everyone. Thanks.”

It’s been a while, but the tw-eat-up crew are reunited. Feels good.

courgette fries, coleslaw, onion rings

It’s not an easy thing to find a good burger in L-town. Some, like the Gourmet Burger Kitchen, fancy their burgers up so much they are no longer real burgers. It’s like a having a meal at a gastro pub. Don’t tell me it’s a pub meal, cos it just ain’t. Period.

I’m into good ol’ traditional burgers ~ a decent pattie, cheese, salad, a dollop of sauce on a nice soft fat bun. In fact, one of the simplest burgers I love is the BBQ Beef Burger from The Ultimate Burger, which is in fact the ultimate burger, but hey I’m completely happy to give Byron a shot at this title 🙂

Having just come back from LA, where burgerliciousness is in abundance, Byron had some expectations to live up to. While it was no Umami Burger, the signature Byron burger fared well on the league of burger-liciousness. The bun was thick and soft, perfectly toasted on the edges and fresh in the middle, the mature cheddar oozing from the burger and the pattie, its crowning glory, a big fat juicy piece of Scottish beef. Oomf. YUM.

byron burger deliciousness

We ordered “all the sides please. Yes, all of them, oh and make that two fries and two coleslaws too” ~ it is seriously awesome eating out with fellow food lovers ~ which all hit the spot. Sorry, all but one – the onion rings tasted more batter-y than onion-y, but the other sides more than make up for the minor glitch, with courgette chips taking the lead. Courgette. Chips. This is how to get your kids to eat vegetables, people. Effing genius.

And the A&W root beer float. Need I say more? I {heart} A&W root beer float! 

Some say A&W is American, some argue it’s Asian because all us little Asian kids had grown up drinking it. Well, as we all know, Wikipedia is the source of all truth so here’s the 101: A&W is American. Sadly yes. BUT! The international HQ is in Malaysia, so quit yer whinging everybody and share the A&W love all the way across the Pacific!

And while we’re sharing love,  Byron Burger owner Tom stopped by and said hi as he’d caught wind in twitterverse that a bunch of root beer crazed foodies were descending on his premises. But I think he actually came to check that we hadn’t ransacked his basement for his root beer stock.

We must’ve been charming as a button though because he shouted us our drinks, which I mean, free A&W root beer floats? Life don’t get much sweeter.

Byron Burger
75 Gloucester Road
London, SW7 4SS
0207 244 0700

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8 Thoughts on “root beer floats and fat patties: living the sweet life at Byron Burger

  1. Yinnie on November 6, 2009 at 1:25 pm said:

    I was just about to say: HOW DID HECK did you find root beer in england. but i read and i drool.

    I remember my family taking me to drink it when i went back to malaysia for family visits. gah. i need to find this place.

  2. Mark'n'Chi on November 6, 2009 at 11:32 pm said:

    We love burgers and first tried Byron burger at Westfield London and loved it! We managed to go a handful of times while we were in London (more than any other place!). Great burgers and, yes we’ve tried, better than GBK (though, note to Tom @ Byron, they have a great hearty Mushroom burger).

  3. I LOVE root beer. But then I am part Asian… I do like Byron’s burgers, they are so much better than the dreaded GBK, and always cooked to a lovely medium too.

  4. Yinnie: Yeah it’s not the easiest thing finding root beer in London, particularly A&W which is the bestest 🙂 There are a few Byron Burgers around, check out their website for locations. Also they’re opening on Wardour St in Soho soon! Yay! 😀

    Mark’n’Chi: Haha, well maybe Tom will read this and create a mushroom burger although having said that, one of the beauties of Byron is that they keep it simple!

    Lizzie: Oh it doesn’t even compare… much much better than GBK. Ahhh {heart} root beer.

  5. catty, i dont know why people say burgers in the uk are substandard, i live in LA and i’ve been to london and have some brilliant food (and burgers) there. dont remember whats its called but yeh, thumbs up to them. good blog though, enjoyed reading your stuff.

  6. Hi Catty! I can’t believe I haven’t tried Byron yet – hanging out for the new Wardour St branch to open to try it out. Expect I may never emerge again. ‘Til then, I’m still loving Hache – although Shake Shack in New York remains king.

  7. Tim: thanks Tim.. it’s funny London has a rep for not having great food in general but as you can see, I’ve sniffed out quite a few great places! And with guys like Byron around, the burgers will have to problem competing 🙂

    Greedy Diva: Hiya! I know I am *so* excited about the Wardour St branch too, I will hibernate in there with you!

  8. Amazing as always 🙂

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