Hyde Park Christmas markets; hot chocolate with cream

Those of you who follow me on twitter knew eons in advance that Panu’s mum was coming to visit. Why? Because I tweeted relentlessly about the packets of timtams she was bringing with her and how I just could. not. wait. to get my dirty little paws on them.

Well bring she did. But wrapped she also did. The timtams are my Christmas present and y’know, I can’t be upsetting Santa what with opening presents before Christmas day, right?

Wrong. I opened it anyway. Just to make sure it was all there ~ and yes it was ~ and it’s now re-wrapped and only T-minus two days until the great (official) unveiling! Let’s see if they last that long πŸ˜‰

Anyway, it wasn’t just the timtams we were looking forward to. What do you take me for? I’m not that much of a food whore… well, maybe just a tiny little bit. We were also looking forward to spending a few good days with mama bear and playing tourists in Londontown.

Touristing around L-town

After an evening of culture and awesomeness with Inherit The Wind (Kevin Spacey – ridiculous good), we were primed for a hearty Saturday morning breakfast.

Guess where we took mama bear. No really, humour me, guess.

And then guess what we ordered.

Breakfast at Lantana Cafe

Yes, I really am that predictable-cum-loyal-cum-boring ~ it really doesn’t take half a brain cell to figure out that we zeroed in on Lantana Cafe and hah, I got her to order the baked eggs!

A hearty breakfast for a hearty day out, cosying up to my boyfriend Johnny Depp, or at least his waxed self (not quite in the way that I’d like) at Madame Tassauds, followed by a snack atΒ Covent Garden’s real food market before heading off to that Nobu dinner… which by the way, thank you mama bear for buying us dinner. Aside from the tiny little glitch, it was a lovely night!

Bratwursts & the Christmas Markets

We woke up on Sunday morning to a crisp blue day, and when I say crisp, I mean beware children, wear those sockies or your toes might seriously snap off. EFFING FREEZING would have been another way to put it.

But ain’t nuthin’ stopping me from getting a bratwurst in my belly. So after a quick breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien (where my favourite blondie & brunette reside), we were off to the Hyde Park Christmas Markets for some good ol’ German meat.

snowman jumping castle; poffertjes; reindeer earmufs

I find it so hard to believe that the Hyde Park Christmas Markets have only been in operation for three years. The event is enormous, like big enough to get lost at what with bratwursts being poked at you from various and sundry directions.

I don’t know how many stalls there are exactly, but with food, beer, mulled wine, numerous crazy rides, sweets (a poffertjes stall! My love!) and even horses donning reindeer ears, it really is a treat for the whole family. Not that I was there for reindeers. Bring me some garlic taters!

potatoes with bacon & garlic sauce; bratwurst with ketchup & mustard

Check. It. Out. That is what I’m talking about. Big chunks of sauteed potatoes, topped with bacon bits with a generous dollop of garlic sauce on the side. As I ordered the ‘taters Panu said something along the lines of, oh I thought you were having a bratwurst?

I looked at him like what do you mean? Of course I am.

And here I thought he knew me by now

us. with our bratwursts.

Anyway, frosty as it was (those are ear muffs. My ears are not black and furry) we ungloved our little hands and dug into a couple of extra long, extra saucy bratwursts.

What can I say? Satisfaction knows no other name.

Panu & his mum... and mulled wines.

Mama bear also had a cup of nice warm mulled wine with a shot of rum (oh yes, she knows how to do it) while I indulged in a kiddie hot chocolate with cream… but who cares really, whatever makes my belly happy.

‘Twas awesome spending the weekend with Panu’s mum, and she’s now on her way back to the sunny and stupidly warm shores of Sydney… and I am clearly not jealous at all.

Hyde Park Christmas Markets
Open daily until 3 January 2010 (except Christmas Day)
10:00am – 10:00pm

11 Thoughts on “mama bear’s visit and the Hyde Park Christmas Markets

  1. Oh. My. Where do I begin? Lantana! Christmas market! Bratwurst!

    Sounds & looks like y’all had a fabulous time. Have a very Merry Christmas darling x

  2. One can never have enough bratwurst or taters with extra helpings of garlic sauce and bacon bits! Merry Christmas! x

  3. Mowie: I know ~ only the three most awesome-st things in one day! πŸ™‚ You have a merry christmas too.. looking forward to catching up next year πŸ™‚ xx

    Beth: Tell me about it, I ate ALL the garlic sauce πŸ™‚ merry christmas to you and Chris! x

  4. Ha ha, Father Christmas will know you know. He is watching.
    Love those bratwurst, I’ve missed out there!!

  5. Catty….talk about COLD. I went to a Xmas market in Cologne with my kids…-10 deg. Freezing cold and liquid tears :-). Your breatwurst looks delish….you look like you enjoyed it! Have a great holiday

  6. Sarah: shhhhh… I re-wrapped the timtams, he won’t know!

    Kitchen Butterfly: oh my god -10?! I think I would die, or eat a lot of bratwursts. Happy holidays to you too! x

  7. A waxed Johnny Depp? Big hunks of German meat?


    Merry Christmas!!!


    xox Sarah

  8. Sarah: i KNOW! a waxed Johnny Depp.. Swoon!

  9. I just took my kids to the xmas markets yesterday – you’re right it’s so big it’s hard to imagine it’s quite new. The rides are great for the family and the mulled wine is great for me. Thanks for posting!

  10. john: It IS big. I bet you go on all the rides with your kids πŸ˜‰

  11. Wendy G on December 26, 2010 at 3:40 pm said:

    Wow, I’d like to eat that bratwursts, looks delicious. I think I’ll pass by before flying to the Frankfurt Christmas Markets this weekend.

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