It’s Saturday morning here in Los Angeles and once again, I’m blogging from my hotel room. It’s my last day on work-cation and I’m going out with a bang ~ the one truly scrumptious junk food addiction, KyoChon Fried Chicken (the other KFC).

Doing it the American way, I’ve been indulging in the not-so-healthy gourmet delights of this vast country over the last week. I had the obligatory In-N–Out Burger (which is every bit as simple and tantalising as I expected) and will have KFC today, but before either of these, there was Pizza Port.

Me and pizza and beer for dinner. Can you just imagine.

After being spoilt at Market Restaurant on Monday night, Tuesday night saw us spoilt again, but in a hugely different way. We took a drive down to Carlsbad Village, a picturesque seaside town along the US west coast, and mingled with the locals at the renowned Pizza Port, famous for their delicious pizzas and unique range of beers on tap.

Right. Beer on tap and that’s what the locals drink so you got it, that’s what I drank.

Now, those who know me know I’m not a beer drinker. Aside from the occasional Corona and oh, definitely aside from that one time at The Löwenbräu when I got plastered on mango wheat beer, I don’t really ever touch the stuff. But when in Rome as they say…

So we arrived at Pizza Port in Carlsbad, lured in by the massive vats of beer at the entrance and oh, the green traffic light giving us the go-ahead, we joined the locals around communal tables and loaded up on pitchers of the liquid amber.

The interior of Pizza Port is pretty darn groovy, with surf boards adorning the pillars and ceilings and black & white photographs of legends and long forgotten surfers decorating the walls. It has a distinct surf town feel, there’s no doubt about that.

We perused the pizza menu and pretty quickly settled on three choices with beer buddies to start ~ bite sized pieces of Pizza Port’s signature crust brushed with olive oil and spices.  I thought the beer buddies were ok, but honestly? Go straight for the pizzas.

We zeroed in on three flavours:

Pizza Roma – Canadian style bacon, pepperoni, sausage, salami, onions, olives, bell peppers & mushrooms

Pizza Carlsbad – pesto, mesquite grilled chicken, sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts & feta

Pizza Solana – shrimp, clams, onions, olives, bell peppers & mushrooms

Check them out:

Normally a thin crust kinda gal, I wasn’t really sure I’d dig Pizza Port‘s regular style crusts but in all honesty, the pizzas are so tasty you don’t really think about the crust. While it’s not thin crust, it’s not heavily “bready” either and I mean, let’s just say it didn’t cause my opinion of the pizzas to waver in any way.

My favourite of the three pizzas was the Solana. I’m a sucker for seafood pizzas but really, this one was great. The Carlsbad was ok, we picked it because well you know, we’re in Carlsbad, but it was a tad swanky for me. And the Roma was more traditional of the three.

We ate and drank beer, and yes I did drink beer, and although this is meant to be a secret that stayed on tour ~ well, I’m proud so imma just go ahead and tell all of the nobody who reads this blog. Out of everyone there that night? I ate the most slices of pizza. WhoomPAH.

Pizza Port
571 Carlsbad Village
Carlsbad, CA, 92008
(760) 720 7007

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8 Thoughts on “pizza & beer @ Pizza Port, Carlsbad: doing dinner the American way

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  2. Gorgeous pics! I’ve been wanting to try Pizza Port for the longest time. I keep forgetting about it. Now I really want to try it after reading your review

  3. kirbie: hello and thank you! 🙂 Pizza Port was actually great, I mean, I am pretty easy on pizzas in general but I normally don’t like thick crusts. Their crusts were actually really tasty and heck, I even drank their beer so that says somethin!

  4. Hey, I think I ate at Pizza Port that same night.

  5. Doug: no kidding! I must’ve just missed you 😉

  6. Heyy, Found your blog on Yahoo and I am so glad I did! Keep it up! =)

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  8. I’m going to tell the lot of my collegues about this cool little blog just just cause I like it a lot. I I think it’s quite unique & just a tiny bit quirky, which in my opinion is great. I’m going to mark it as a favorite. It’s a shame most blogs aren’t like this one?

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