Ever been accused of wearing your food? I know I definitely have. Well now you can, 100% guilt free, 150% fat free.

Check out this range of handmade silver jewellery by Hannah Zakari.

I, ofcourse, picked the Happy Ice Cream and Fortune Cookie. I did also consider buying the Happy Sloth 🙂

5 Thoughts on “bite sized catty: wanna wear your food?

  1. The triple scoop one has my name written all over it!!

    How cute


  2. Oh SO cute!! I love the happy ice cream 😀 the website is really nice, lots of pretty gift ideas too.

  3. sweetlife: LOL how cute are they?! Did you see the sloth? I’m totally considering buying myself the sloth 😀

    Jane: I know 🙂 really great website, all handmade stuff.. I love it!

  4. Um, don’t wanna sound stalkerish but I’ll go ahead and do so anyway: I also have a bite sized version of Catty. Don’t worry, I didn’t just make it and stick it with pins or nuthin’, someone gave it to me years ago *runs off to do some other voodoo-y crap*

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