Who doesn’t like a good burger? No one. Well, I’m sure someone doesn’t but they don’t really count. Me, I love a good burger and the better burgers I’ve had lately have been at Byron Burger’s Gloucester Road branch, and more recently at their new Soho branch.

Byron Burger has spawned seven stores across London in the last two years, with more (this is secret squirrel: he’s thinking Canary Wharf and Covent Garden but shhhh, don’t tell anyone) opening in the coming months.

Seven in two years. I mean, that is serious business. I was wondering who was the genius behind it all… and my snooping led me to Tom, the brains and burger-flippin’ brawn behind the Byron Burger empire.

So I took a moment to have a chat to the man behind the scenes, and thought you might also like to hear Tom’s thoughts on burgers, bloggers, Racine and even what’s currently on his bedside table.

Take note: I am happily drinking my A&W root beer float.

Ignore: somewhere near the 7.5 minute mark where I need to remove some fluff off my tongue.


Byron Burger
various locations

9 Thoughts on “thecattyLIVE: meet Tom, the man behind Byron Burger

  1. Can’t wait to go try the famous Big D on Wednesday night!

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  4. Oh I have to go to the Byron Soho store! I’ve tried their burgers once and it was pretty good! Really cool video catty, how did you get Tom to do an interview with you??

  5. Thanks Jenny 🙂 he’s a pretty friendly guy, I just asked! And yes, burgers there are pretty good and the Soho branch is also super-groovy. Get down there soon 😉

  6. Yay – great post! I love your interviews hon! xxx

    I still haven’t been to Byron.

    Must. go. soon!

  7. Mowie: You haven’t?!?! Mowielicious (I’m trying to say your full name and sound stern, but that just doesn’t work with Mowielicious). Tsk tsk tsk.

  8. GREAT interview… any chance of a store opening up in Australia????

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