I have to admit, if there’s one thing I’m not snobby about, it’s pizza. My very most favourite and the one and only pizza that bedazzles my taste buds is still Domino’s BBQ Chicken & Bacon, and that’s the Australian Domino’s, because the London version just isn’t the same.

Since we’ve been in London, Panu and I have searched high and low (well, as high as Pizza Express and as low as Domino’s here) for a tasty and convenient take-out pizza joint but aside from Pizza Express’ Sloppy Giuseppe which sometimes, when the mood strikes me right, does rock my socks just a little bit, nothing has jumped out at us.

That is until last Wednesday night when we entered the Italian inspired pizza-dom that is Adagio Pizza, nestled away on Greek Street in Soho.

Fresh Italian sausage, button mushroom and fior di latte mozarella; potato with truffle oil

Invited by Adagio to try their pizza al taglio (Italian for “pizza by the cut”), I was excited the moment I stepped through the threshold into their casual, counter-eating style store and smack bang into trays upon trays of fresh, simple and delicious looking pizzas.

Adagio prides themselves on creating pizza dough the traditional Roman way, and after speaking to the manager, I gotta say, that passion is evident not only in his discipline but one bite into a slice, any slice, and you understand first hand the lightness, crispness and incredible oil free nature of the Roman dough.

tuna with mayonnaise, artichoke puree and artichoke hearts; buffalo mozzarella and ghiodini mushrooms

But ok, enough talk about discipline. What did I actually eat? Well, we tried a variety of pizzas. My podium finishes?

  1. Fresh Italian sausage, mushroom and mozzarella
  2. Buffalo mozzarella and mushrooms
  3. Spicy sausage

Which were completely different from Panu’s top three:

  1. Pancetta with cheese
  2. Tuna with mayonnaise and artichoke hearts
  3. Fresh Italian sausage, mushroom and mozzarella (ok so I liked this one too but it was my winner!)

Clearly, Panu and I have different tastes in pizza. Except that we both agreed that the potato pizza was just… boring.

Interestingly, Adagio didn’t recommend their margherita pizza, which I thought was how you judged an Italian restaurant, but whatever, all power to them for creating various and wondrous flavours, which they rotate on a daily basis by the way so beware, your favourite may not always be on sale!

spicy sausage; pancetta with cheese

Aside from the airy, light and tasty base (I would totally eat their base plain, dipped in some hummus ~ yum!) what I loved best about Adagio is that they sell pizza by weight.

At Β£2 per 100grams, you get a fairly decent slice for your buck and I am all for the ability to buy as much or as little pizza as you need or more likely, want, be it a snack for one or for a party of ten.

Well, seeing that it’s a short stroll from my pad, I think I’ve now found our new take-out pizza joint. At least one to appease our pizza cravings until we hit the shores of Sydney again and die a happy death by Domino’s indulgence.

Adagio Pizza
10 Greek Street
Soho, Β W1D 4DH
0207 287 1194

Adagio on Urbanspoon

19 Thoughts on “Adagio: a slice of Rome in the heart of London

  1. There’s Domino’s in Aussie? How advanced, we Kiwis only have Pizza Hut ;P
    Hallelujah for a local pizza place, life really isn’t complete without it, innit.
    Off to Italy over Easter, pizza and gelato, here I come!

  2. oooh… I’m due to go up and try their pizza too. Base looks great. It has to be the potato, truffle and rosemary for me – my absolute favourite topping. Good to see if it lives up to the beauties in bella Italia.

  3. Apologies in advance to to any sensitive Irish peeps out there but is the potato one called Pizza d’Irlanda? Even with truffle oil, I can’t really see the point of a potato pizza.

  4. Sasa: We sure do! And I used to live on the BBQ Chicken & Bacon pizza. I don’t eat any other flavours. Oh ok, maybe the spicy jalapeΓ±o too πŸ™‚ You’re going to Italy! *Infinite Jealousy!* Enjoy!

    The Graphic Foodie: Ah, it’ll be interesting to see what you think, being Italian and all. And I love that you love the potato pizza while Mr Noodles can’t see the point πŸ™‚ I just thought it was plain compared to the others.

    Mr Noodles: Hehe, it’s just plain. So I guess if you want plain, it would work?!

  5. Found your site on twitter…glad I am following. Have added you to my google reader so I can easily find you in the future.

  6. andrew y. on March 30, 2010 at 1:20 pm said:

    great post and really delicious looking photos catty! I haven’t had very good pizza since i moved to London 6 months now and might give Adagio a go!

  7. I quite like a potato pizza if the potato is very thinly sliced and there’s fresh rosemary on top. Can I ask how much all those slices came to altogether? Passed this place the other day and I’m terrible at estimating weights!

  8. Great pizza recommendation, some fab toppings there. Did you know that the Italians say “pizza” instead of “cheese” when they have their picture taken?

  9. Jim: Thanks! πŸ™‚

    andrew y.: Yeh great pizza isn’t the easiest to find but I’ve also heard great things about Franco Manca and Pizza East, although I haven’t been to either yet!

    Su-Lin: I think it’s all about simplicity and I was quite spoilt with the brilliant flavours from the other slices. Prices vary because some pizzas are heavier than others (eg sausage is heavier than potato) but a good 10-12cm is square is about Β£2? We were invited so the meal this time was comp’d πŸ˜‰

    Sarah: Pizza? And they take the photo on the AH? That could look a little odd πŸ™‚

  10. Didn’t even know this place existed, am definitely going to check it out!

  11. wow they all look tasty..me to not pizza snobby at all…


  12. Su-yin: Ah, again, it’s just down the street hehe – it’s new(ish) I think so not your fault πŸ™‚

    sweetlife: Woohoo! No pizza snobs here!

  13. Another excellent find. I too only like Pizza Express but still not quite right so I will definitely be eating here. Already recommended this place to friends before tasting it for myself – trusting your review. The list of toppings on their website is amazing and your close up shots of the dough…yummm!

  14. Hello,I love reading through your blog, I wanted to leave a little comment to support you and wish you a good continuation. Wishing you the best of luck for all your blogging efforts.

  15. Thank you for this post! I’ve been trying to find a good pizza place since Spacca Napoli closed last year. I was about to give up hope but now I can’t wait to try this place!

  16. H: Ooooh thanks for your faith in my recommendation, I hope I don’t let you down! Let me know when you do try it and what you think πŸ˜‰

    Alvin Samantha: Thanks very much!

    Coconut Raita: Oh yes! Spacca Napoli was good but the damn Crossrail killed it, didn’t it? Well, here’s another good pizza joint, not too far away πŸ™‚

  17. I love the Adagio pizza base too- but a good potato pizza is is always one of my favs (carb on carb – yeah).

  18. Hey, we finally had the time to try the pizza here for ourselves…love the dough. Crisp and dry on the bottom, fluffy but with just the right amount of chew. Like a good ciabatta bread. The toppings are so tasty. We had the spicy tomato, mushroom & smoked cheese, mushroom & sausage, spicy salami and four cheeses. We pigged out πŸ™‚ They gave us some special spicy sauce and free drink for every Β£5 spent. The Best πŸ™‚

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