It’s been a completely funk-ti-fied week this week. And definitely not the groovy kind of funk.

I’ve been feeling really cranky and irritable and I’m not really sure why considering it was pay week and pay week means food fundage, which always puts a smile on my face.

No. It’s not PMS *glare*

Maybe it’s because I’ve had a bung leg all week and I hate that I haven’t been to the gym (fatness) and as if it wasn’t scary enough even with a good leg, I’m doing an “all day intensive salsa course” with Panu tomorrow. In fact I think my ankle spontaneously combusted on itself from fear.

Maybe it’s because I lost my moleskin notebook today! But that doesn’t excuse why I was cranky yesterday. Or like, Monday.

Maybe it’s because work has been stressing me out lately. I email yelled at someone this week and I never, ever, email yell at anyone. I do write emails in all caps sometimes, but that’s usually when I’m REALLY REALLY EXCITED ABOUT SOMETHING! and not because I’m furious.

Furious just isn’t me.

Funk (both kinds) just isn’t me.

I’m gonna go drown myself in a krispy kreme donut.

Have a great weekend y’all xxx

13 Thoughts on “drowning my funk in a krispy kreme donut

  1. Sorry to hear about the funk… hope you spiral back up out of it soon.
    How about a weekend filled with great food, including lots of matcha… wouldn’t that cheer you up?

  2. A krispy kreme is a good start. Have you tried Hotel Chocolate Sleekster Just Truffles? Montezuma’s Chilli and Lime Chocolate bar? Can get it from Waitrose. Or Carluccio’s lemon tart or chocolate meringue? Though not the best lemon tart I’ve had, best one is from The Mandarin hotel in HK.

    Maybe plan where you’re going to eat when you’re in HK. Look out for the foody guide just before you go out of the gate at the arrivals. Best guide I’ve found so far. Best places for everything! Not just places that paid for advertisement.

    More in the Happy Zone now?

  3. Kavey: I’ve just been dipping my fingers in matcha and I feel better already, thanks Kavey!

    H: Haha you know just how to cheer me up. Oooh should I note down the lemon tart at the Mandarin Hotel in HK! And as for planning where to eat, we have but a few short days and I already have soooo many places I *have* to go to! And yes, thanks for the vivid imagery, definitely happier thinking about all the food ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Bad funk weeks are the worst. But the well known power of food to banish the Bad JuJu is renowned – and krispy kreme is as good a place as any sugar-rush-sweet-fried-heaven to start.

    Head on to some good spicy Korean, then some cleansing Japanese and you’ll be back up to full speed in no time at all. Hope it’s a restorative w/e.

  5. sorry for your funk,,I hate funky weeks they seriuosly suck..krispy creme to the rescue…hope you feel better


  6. Krispy Kreme certainly helps! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope next week is much better and less funk-y.

  7. sweetlife: thanks honey, I do feel a bit better already ๐Ÿ™‚ it was just one of those sucky weeks when everything that can go wrong goes wrong!

    Marie: next week is going to be awesome ~ four day week ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Hope you get out of the funk soon Catty

    • thanks lovely, it’s Sunday and a new week and I am feeling much better, if not a little tired from the one hour of stolen sleep last night!

  9. Ah, poor Catty! Bit late to join the bandwagon but glad to see you tweeting that you’re better.
    Funks – it happens, and often for no reason, but don’t feel alone. Sometimes, I’m a bitch on wheels for weeks in a row and can’t for the life of me figure why but then suddenly, clear skies. Ours is not to question why I guess x

  10. We did a touchy-feely “well being” course at work once. The woman who ran it was a total nutter in need of therapy herself but I did take away one phrase which was something along the lines of “some days you can’t manage to eat the whole pie”. I don’t have many of those personally, but I think I know where she was coming from – if you don’t have the energy to do everything one day, let it wait until the next when you can be on a roll.

  11. Sasa: awww you didn’t miss the bandwagon, I’ll take your sympathy any day, especially if it comes with some ice cream ๐Ÿ˜€ But I know what you mean, funks happen… they just don’t happen to me that often but I guess they still happen. Thanks babe x

    Sarah: That is really nice and a really simple way of thinking about it. Work has been overwhelming lately and will be for several weeks to come. I’m just focusing on the vacation!!

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