In October last year, we went to San Francisco and I had the absolute pleasure of dining at The House of Prime Rib. And actually I just want to end this blog post right now, because really, there is no life after The House of Prime Rib.

But sadly, there is.

The House of Prime Rib was such a surreal experience, and not in the least because they wheel entire cow torsos (cooked) out and carve straight from the rib onto your plate. But the actual quality of the food, the globules of melting fat, the service and how they “spin” your salad at your table. It all adds up to being the most spectacular steak experience I have ever had.

Back in Londontown, I was recommended Le Relais de Venise as being potentially on par with The House of Prime Rib, namely because they too don’t have a menu – the only decision you make is how you want your steak done, every thing else is standard fare.

I was excited to go, though I knew it was always destined to disappoint. But surprisingly, it wasn’t the food that disappointed – despite the snotty green “special sauce”, the food was great.

What let me down was the portion size. Tiny. Teeny tiny.I’m teeny tiny and I was still left hungry.


Anyway. The food.

We all start with a salad of lettuce and walnuts, tossed in a great horseradish sauce, which had a kick so perfect that you’d confidently inhale mouthfuls but be just a tiny little bit scared that one day, one of these mouthfuls is going to burn holes in your nostrils. Thankfully, not this time they didn’t.

The salad was followed up by the steak and fries and the snotty green “special sauce”, which was something herby and definitely tasty. We had our steaks rare because they “don’t do medium rares, it’s rare or it’s medium”, which was a great choice anyway because look how amazing the slices of steak are. Red, succulent, mouthwatering, goodness.

Rating the actual steak was a no brainer. So good, so very good. And even though after you finish your first portion, they come around to serve you “seconds”, there just plain and simply wasn’t enough of the good stuff and to be perfectly honest, I don’t think my appetite is that big.

Is it?

Anyway, whether it is or it isn’t, if you like a bit of good steak (quality over quantity) and find too many choices on the menu intimidating, then Le Relais de Venise is quite possibly a match made in heaven for you. But be warned – they don’t take reservations and the queue is literally around the block, so go early or go very very late. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Now, back to me and my appetite. We wrapped up at Le Relais de Venise sans dessert mainly because everything looked pretty ordinary, and as we ducked out into the pouring rain, like an oasis presenting itself in desert haze, Marylebone Crêperie revealed itself to us, directly across the road, warm and ever so inviting.

Now this, this is dessert.

Not ever sharing anything delicious with each other (hey at least we’re honest enough to know that ok, we like each other but no, we are not sharing a dessert) Panu and I ignored each other and ordered our own slice of sweet crepe heaven.

I chose a crepe with Belgian white chocolate and fresh strawberries which was amazing, but so sweet I honestly had a toothache right there on the spot. Panu had a walnut and banana crepe, drenched in syrup and icing sugar. I think it was good. It didn’t last very long.

The crepes are so fresh that the edges are still crispy, and where seabass sashimi is good crispy (don’t ask), crepes are fawking awesome with a crispy edge.

With the crepes in our bellies, we were painfully full, but that’s not a bad thing for a Saturday night.

We rolled home and curled up in all our fatness on the couch, re-watching American History X because Edward Norton, he’s so awesome (and HOT) as a bad ass.

Le Relais de Venise
120 Marylebone Lane
Marylebone, W1U 2QG
0207 486 0878

Le Relais de Venise on Urbanspoon

Marylebone Crêperie
71a Marylebone Lane
Marylebone, W1U 2PJ
0207 935 2993

Marylebone CrêPerie on Urbanspoon

14 Thoughts on “hot tip: follow up your meal at Le Relais de Venise with dessert at Marylebone Creperie

  1. If u think that portion was small, wait till you have fine dinning at a French restaurant. Not only there’s a hole in your pocket but you also need to fill your stomach. LOL! They serve many small courses. :p

  2. the crepes suzette there is awesome. if they are not too busy, it comes out really nice and crispy and alcoholic!

    (oh no, now my sekret crepes place is no longer a sekret!)

  3. The Cooking Ninja: LOL I remember dining in Paris and the portions were TINY and a “salad” meant one cherry tomato. Well, this is why French women don’t get fat, no? 😉

    vix: THANK YOU for the recommendation, the crepes were fabulous and it was quiet that night so we did get the perfectly crispy crepes 😀

  4. johan on March 5, 2010 at 2:59 pm said:

    i’ve been to le relais a few times (always bring my mates from overseas) and i love the place. i agree with the cooking ninja above (cooking ninja – cool name, you cook with nunchucks?), as a traditionally french place, it’s not going to have huge portions. i think that they give second portions is already pretty amazing. you should also have had dessert, the profiteroles are very good.

    • Yeh, I guess I’m just a little piglet with wanting more food. What we had was very good! As for dessert, guess I need to go again huh? 😉

  5. amy jenson on March 5, 2010 at 3:10 pm said:

    lollllll snotty green sauce. it LOOKS NASTY, cat.

  6. That green sauce looks terrifying… When you say they serve “seconds”, they just give more chips and salad, no? I’ve always wanted to try that place but couldn’t face the thought of queuing.

    I’ve been to the Marylebone Creperie once and found them a bit stingy with the chocolate so I tend to go to the original shack in Hampstead 🙂

  7. amy: I know 😀 you are so funny *hug*

    Wild Boar: Terrifying is an understatement ~ it’s downright fugly. But oh so very tasty 😀 And no, seconds includes another serving of steak as well, but still somehow not enough. We went at 6.20pm (6.30pm opening) – there was already a queue but as long as you get in for first sitting, it’s sweet.

    What’s this original shack you speaketh of?

  8. Hehe, I don’t share desserts with my guy either, who would want to share such wonderful things?! The steak looks scary to me, mostly because I have fear for wasabi since I was a teenager… but boy, that crepe…

    • Haha yeh the sauce looks scary but it’s not wasabi. It just looks like snot, or maybe baby puke! It was actually a herby sorta thing, quite yummy 🙂 mmmm crepe…

  9. I went to Cucina Caldesi on 118 Marylebone Lane on Wednesday and completely missed this place – I noted the creperie across the street though. I was surprised to see some very good restaurants in the area, I used to work there between 2000 and 2002, and it wasn’t all that exciting then. I will add this to my list of places, was it very expensive?

    • That is so weird, it must have been right next door 🙂 The steak meal (steak, frites, salad, bread) was £19, desserts (should you choose to have any!) were about £6 I think. LOVELY TO MEET YOU BY THE WAY 😀

  10. If I may redirect you to

    But the summary is that the original crepe outlet was a shack in Hampstead, they then opened up in South Ken and Marylebone. It’s quite surreal queuing up with another couple dozen hungry people for crepes near midnight.

    • OOooh I’ve just read your post. If you thought the Marylebone branch is stingy on their fillings, I have GOT to try the Hampstead branch! Even if there’s a queue! And I love that they shut at 11pm sharp LOL.. crepe nazi!

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