I’ve been struck down by the mother of all stomach bugs. I can’t think about food, I can’t talk about food and I can’t even look at a photo of food without feeling nauseous so that does not bode well for my wee little food blog here.

Instead I’ll share with you some photos taken at Oxford on Sunday, moments before I keeled over.


15 Thoughts on “a day in picturesque Oxford (pre-stomach bug)

  1. lurvely. did u go punting? Oxfordshire is pretty much like my 2nd home. absolutel love the place! lovely pics. take care catty. hope ur stomach bug goes away soon. x

  2. Hope you’re on the mend Catty.Nice pics. I liked the pic taken of the punts with the Botanical gargen in the background.
    No pics of Hertford College? They’re the college that has the little replica of the Venetian Bridge of Sighs.

  3. diva: It’s a gorgeous town! We didn’t end up going punting but I’d love to when it’s a little warmer πŸ™‚

    Matcha Chocolat: Argh ~ we did see Hertford College and the Bridge of Sighs. I think I was starting to feel a little odd by then and stopped taking photos!

  4. Hope you recover from the ‘bug’ soon!
    Nice photos!

  5. Lovely pics, particularly love that one of the punts between the bridge balustrades!

  6. peteformation: thanks πŸ™‚

    Kavey: thanks honey!

  7. Is that tall and blond? ;P Hope you got lots of hugs and chicken soup on his return, feel better soon!

  8. Great snaps! I’m heading to Oxford with my parents when they visit from Aus in a couple of months so had to check out your post!

  9. Poor you! Hope you feel better soon.

  10. Great pictures, I used to visit Oxford when I lived in Shepherds Bush but now we are in Walthamstow we end up in Cambridge all the time.

    I have a photo very similar looking through the bridge at the punts. Hope your tummy feels better now!

  11. I particularly like the punts and the saggy looking door.

    Gosh, you poor girl. Hope things improve soon?

  12. Greedy Diva: Oh sorry my post wasn’t actually helpful in any way LOL, there’s so much to do in Oxford, we didn’t join any walking tours and did our own thing but if you want to get inside a lot of the colleges it might be worth joining the tours! It’s definitely a pretty town though!

    Coconut Raita: Thanks xx

    Sarah: We were planning on Cambridge as well at some stage, I assume it’s very similar to Oxford? Sounds like a great town too!

    Douglas: Thanks! The saggy looking door with emblems was awesome ~ wish I knew what it all represented though. And thanks, I am feeling marginally better today!

  13. Isn’t Oxford a beautiful place? I spend a lot of time there as not-quite-in-laws (out-laws?) live nearby. I’ve been wandering the back streets on and off for almost ten years… I love the hidden corners and small alleyways. And the pubs, the pubs are great. I keep hoping I’ll round a corner into some Pullman-esque forgotten Oxford πŸ˜‰ Really sorry you got ill though.

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