Yes. I now have yet another place to satisfy my Gruyère cheeseburger fix, washed down by an A&W root beer float.

Happy days!

Byron is my favourite burger joint. It’s Panu’s favourite burger joint. So everyone should just like, go.

And if you’re really insanely bored or just boycotting work on this gorgeous stunning Friday we’re having, check out my interview with Tom, the man behind Byron Burger.

Have a good weekend y’all xx

Byron Hamburger
33-35 Wellington Street
Covent Garden, WC2E 7BN
0207 420 9850

Byron Hamburger on Urbanspoon

10 Thoughts on “bite sized: Byron Burger now open in Covent Garden ~ A&W root beer float, anyone?

  1. Do love their burgers, but I fear that by opening too many joints right after eachother whether the quality will remain. Look at GBK. Fingers crossed huh?

  2. My experience of Byron has been very good so far. Although the root beer float sounds great, you haven’t truly experienced the whole Byron experience until you have clogged your arteries up with one of their Oreo shakes. Pure heart-attack goodness.

    Oh yeah, their burgers are pretty damn fine too.

  3. A&W brings back loads of memories! I remember going as a little girl. My dad would get the Papa Burger, my mom the Mama Burger, and of course we kids would get the baby burgers! A&W was a drive-in fast food joint. You pulled in the parking lot, and a waitress would come out and take your order. She’d put a tray in the car window, and bring all the food out to the car! It was so 1950’s although this was the 70’s! Quality!

  4. I haven’t had root beer since I was last in America on some road trip in the middle of the dessert! Great stuff though and good to know Byron Burger has it.

  5. We went to the Covent Garden one last night and they still make the best burger in London! Second only to Shake Shack in NY in best burger I’ve had. Had a diet coke float and its lovely – haven’t tried root beer in years (wasn’t fond when I was younger) but must give it a try! Their onion rings are fantastic as well

  6. D+D: Yeah, A&W was hard to find but it’s good to know we can get it at Byron! Love it 😀

    Anne: Ah, it’s my favourite burger too only second to maybe Umami Burger in LA! But I haven’t tried Shake Shack yet, on my list for NYC 🙂

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