How scorchin’ was it yesterday? I think the mercury hit 30 degrees and look at me, I’m such a sun baby. I hit the “beach” that is Green Park with billions of other Brits, got myself a soft serve and sat happily soaking up the rays.

And what does one eat on such a magnificent day?

Brunch: Le Pain Quotidien’s granola parfait with yoghurt and fruit *nom*
Lunch: um, does the soft serve count?
Drinks: a Pimms or two, while watching England bow out of the World Cup.
Snack: Leon’s chicken and chorizo wrap.
Dinner: home made summer rolls stuffed full of chicken and prawns.
Dessert: ice cream sundae ~ Häagen Dazs vanilla topped with Green & Black’s chocolate spread, fresh cream and crushed peanuts.

Aside from hayfever utterly destroying me by mid-evening, yesterday was a bloody fantastic day.

8 Thoughts on “bite sized: chillin’ with my soft serve…

  1. jenny on June 28, 2010 at 12:44 pm said:

    oh man how good was the weather yesterday??? I did the same as you but at Hyde Park, had a picnic by the water it was so cool. Didn’t see the football but looks like I didn’t miss much… and how good is a soft serve on a hot day?

  2. That’s the best way to spent on sunny day. It was scorching hot over my end too and what did I get even with a hat over my head: a splitting migraine at the end of the day. 🙁

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  4. holly zankis on June 28, 2010 at 12:53 pm said:

    cute pic! no pics of your food?? hahaha!

  5. jenny: Soft serve is AWESOME on a hot day except that it melted so fast I was practically drinking it from the cone 🙂

    The Cooking Ninja: Awww sorry to hear about your migraine! It really doesn’t help when it’s hot and stuffy too does it? Sigh, hope you can enjoy more warm days before it passes!

    holly: Haha i KNOW! I didn’t get the camera out much yesterday but am regretting it today 😉

  6. Nice! That granola looks so yummy… *drool* Enjoy the summer!!

  7. The best – the only – was to deal with soft-scoop icecream in the heat is to bite a hole in the bottom of the cone and suck hard… That way you also get this summers new icecream-face look – it’s THE thing in Hoxton i hear.

  8. Maria: Thanks – enjoy Sydney winter, it’s not that bad at all even though they are all whinging. But you’re Scandi, this is nothing for you! 😀

    The Grubworm: LOL OK I’ll try that next time, guaranteed mess but what entertainment 😀

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