I started this blog post on Monday night and normally I do my posts in one sitting because if you haven’t noticed, my posts are not well thought-out, well drafted pieces of art. They are more a verbal vomit of the strings of thoughts that are cruising around my head and occasionally, they kinda sorta maybe make sense.

But on Monday night, I had to take a break. Why? Because my beloved was playing football.

Ah, my beloved indeed. Fernando Torres. I love him and have for hey at least two years now. I was actually excited to settle in and watch the match but HOLD THE F*** UP! What did he do to his hair?

Oh my God. He. Cut. It.

I mean, long hair was hot on the guy, no? And now? Honestly, even he doesn’t look particularly impressed.


He certainly lost some magic with that haircut. No goals and a smidgin less sex appeal. But only a smidgin.

Anyway, all this World Cup stuff has really given me a bunch of free time. Panu is glued to the teevee at 7.30pm every single night and I! I can go out and have dinner with my gals!

You may recall that a couple of weeks ago, I went to Tsuru Bankside and died a little bit when I found out they didn’t have matcha ice cream mochi. The guys at Tsuru are so cool though, they emailed me and offered to send me a few but I declined because it was a mere few sleeps until me and six of my girls hit up Tsuru Bishopsgate and believe me, they made sure there was an ample supply of matcha mochi 🙂

There were seven of us, and we ordered a lot. But is there any other way to do it?

We started with the fish, the carpaccio of Scottish salmon in ponzu dressing was phe.no.me.nal and both the sushi and sashimi moriawase were fresh and sweet.

We shared two juicy serves of pork gyoza dumplings, nasu dengaku was delicious (and very large for one serve!) and again two serves of prawn tempura ~ light, crispy and fresh.

Although the seared scallops and tiger prawns were over cooked and dry at Tsuru Bankside, the girls wanted to try it again and I’m glad I did. This time round, everything was perfectly seared. The negami (chicken thigh) and kawa (chicken skin) yakitori were also scrumptious. I mean, chicken skin, people.

Something I missed last time was the katsu curry and upon insistence from my much trusted foodie advisor, Charmaine, we ordered the pork katsu curry as well as the chicken katsu curry. I know, they look exactly the same.

You’d think we’d already be full and sorta brush off the katsu curries but erm, hellz no! The katsu curry were SO. GOOD. I can’t even really explain, but the lightly crumbed katsu, the curry and the perfect little grains of Japanese rice *nom*

So we finished up dinner and the waiter asks if we would like dessert. I, of course all class that I am, jumped and squealed “matcha mochi!” and the guy goes “oh, I’m so sorry, we’ve run out for the night”.


My heart fell out of my chest, onto the bar stool and flopped onto the floor.

And then he laughed. “We were warned you were coming,” he said. “We’ve stocked up.”

LOL! I love Tsuru Sushi and yes, the matcha (and black sesame too!) ice cream mochi were so utterly worth the wait.

Tsuru Sushi
Unit 3, 201 Bishopsgate
London, EC1 9AN
0207 377 1166

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13 Thoughts on “take two @ Tsuru Sushi: Bishopsgate brings me matcha mochi ice cream love

  1. Jenny on June 23, 2010 at 11:23 am said:

    Oh WHAT did Torres do to his hair! I liked him with long hair too. Tsuru sushi looks really great, I read your post about the other one… i’ll add it to my list and make hubby take me there.

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  3. Nice looking food there. What a nice restaurant to offer to mail you some mochi. I have to say, I like Torres’ latest haircut. It’s more grown up.

  4. Jenny: Sigh, a little less love going Torres’ way 🙁 But anyway yes, make your husband take you to Tsuru for sure!

    Ken: Haha yeah I know! Totally unexpected, but I don’t think mochi would have be nice after being mailed, much prefer enjoying it in the restaurant 😀

  5. That dude’s neck and head are the same width so I don’t find him at all hot. Which is great, you can always be better friends if you don’t have the same taste in men. Though I can’t say the same about taste in desserts – I’d have chomped down mine and yours too if I’d thought I could avoid you slitting my throat for me ;P

  6. Love nasu dengaku and mochi! Great looking blog, beautiful photos!

  7. Yinnie on June 23, 2010 at 10:15 pm said:

    LOL- ‘we were WARNED you were coming’ Thats gotta be some sort of feat haha.

  8. Sasa: Oh LOL I know what you’re saying but see when he had long hair, his head looked larger than his neck and he was all kinds of hot! But now, not so much *sigh* No throat slitting!

    Maria: Thanks lovely! Have just popped by your blog and we’ve now emailed and I can’t wait to get back to Sydney and follow your footsteps eating through all the restaurants I’ve never been to!

    Yinnie: no kidding it was a first for me 😀

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  10. There’s a world cup on? Thought it was a bit easy to grab a table in Vinoteca. Explains the empty streets two. Never did see the attraction of 22 people kicking a pig’s bladder around. Mmmm…pig…mmm *belly rumbles*

    The food looks fresh and fabulous (except the katsu, that looks um, brown and fabulous). I have been hearing a lot of good things about this place, sounds like I need to get my skates on before this strange football thing ends and it gets all packed out again.

  11. 1) Torres’ new haircut, from a footy perspective he’e become crap with his locks shorn.

    2) Love the look of that aubergine dish and most of the food here.

    3) Grubworm is showing his US roots with his indifference to football, I wouldn’t mind but the Us is doing well !

    4) The World Cup is screwing up my own blog with half arsed pre-written posts rather than any actual reviews !

  12. Grubworm: LOL i love your train of thought.. pig’s bladder mmm pig *nom* hahaha… Yeah Tsuru Sushi is pretty great, both branches are good except Bankside doesn’t have the ice cream mochi! 🙂

    Mr Noodles: See? I knew he’s lost some magic with the haircut. Sigh.. why? WHY?? Nasu dengaku is always yummy 🙂

  13. Torres has gone how many games and how many goals, 14/1 is it?

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