grilled eel with cucumber

This is a photo post of dinner at Kikuchi Japanese Restaurant last Friday night. It’s not that I have nothing to say (c’mon you guys know me better than that!). It’s just that all I need to say is that I loved it and I’ll definitely be back.

amuse bouche ~ potato ball

sashimi selection

scallops with Japanese ginger and citrus dressing

tuna with grated yam potato

chef’s sushi selection

fatty tuna & spring onion rolls, razor shell clams and selection of a la carte nigiri

toro nigiri ~ £8 for one of these suckers

the sushi chef man

Ok wait, I do have something to say (see, I knew I couldn’t keep quiet). Kikuchi is simply brilliant. The food is fresh and delicious and that sushi chef guy looks bona fide and those knives behind him? Yeah, don’t mess with the guy.

The menu’s actually quite affordable if you stick to the small dishes and selections. Hit the a la carte though and your wallet will feel the pain. Starting at £2 per piece in a la carte, the range goes up to £8 for one piece of toro nigiri. Insane right? But I’m quite happy to have the selection… the chef’s sushi selection was perfect.

Ok, ’nuff said.

Kikuchi Restaurant
14 Hanway Street
Fitzrovia,  W1P 9DD
0207 637 7720

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15 Thoughts on “Kikuchi Japanese Restaurant: feast with your eyes

  1. I’ve been dying to try this place for ages. £8!! Cor blimey.

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  4. If a picture is worth a 1000 words, then this is one long post 😉

    Actually, i think the food looks super good – sparkling fresh and well constructed (cut? assembled? Whatever, not cooked though – unless you count the rice).

    What exactly is Toro that is so pricey? I am assuming a type of fish, but not sure what sort of fish. Remember, you’re talking to the kid who thought tuna were wee little fishies – many to a tin – until he was about ten

  5. Used to go here quite often spending £40 a head per pop. Then for some reason we started going to Sushi Say instead.

    £8 a toro nigiri is also crazy expensive!!

    For The Grubworm: toro is essentially tuna belly and is extra expensive because it’s extra desirable and delectable. The added fats in the belly part make it a completely different beast to the normal maguro (the deep red tuna most commonly eaten).

  6. Lizzie: Kikuchi is defintely worth trying, the sashimi is great but like I said, steer clear of the a la carte and you will be ok! For the record, it wasn’t me who paid £8 for the toro, I ain’t that rich 😉

    The Grubworm: Ah Wild Boar beat me to it.. it’s tuna belly or sometimes called fatty tuna I think. It’s just lush… but having said that, Kang who had the toro said it wasn’t really worth £8!

    Wild Boar: Sticking to the selections, we can hit about £30 a head… where is Sushi Say? And yes £8 toro *ouch*

  7. toro toro toro! i must have toro. i’d have 8 of em and that’d come up to 48 quid right. shucks. looks good though x

  8. Oh I looooove Japanese, these dishes look so fresh and that toro nigiri… OMG!

  9. Ray and I had our first date here! Lol. Having said that, we haven’t been back in ages. Thanks for the reminder!

    I think Sushi Say is somewhere in North London… (not very descriptive I know)

  10. diva: erm, how’s your math girlfriend? 8 x 8 = 64 yo 😉

    Maria: Me too, Jap is always a winner…. 🙂

    Su-yin: awww really? that is SO cool! Great first date location!!

  11. Mmmm scallops!

    Yup, doing menu-maths really does suck sometimes. “If I get the sushi selection and one starter, is that less than the chirashi plus dessert….” I guess one way to save money is to win your holidays =D Congrats btw!

    • I know exactly what you mean! would be nice if we could all order without thinking about the consequences. I mean heck I was at Hi Sushi last night and I even have to do math THERE. *sigh*

  12. I have heard so many good things about Kikuchi, can’t wait to try it. But I’ve been getting my otoro fix at Sushi-Say too, my favourite place to dine at in London. Try it! You can check out one of my entries for the dishes we love, but the otoro nigiri, anyhow, is only about £3 per piece!

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