I am not a stranger to Le Pain Quotidien. In fact, every other weekend will find me there sipping at my oj / fresh lime juice / hot chocolate and nibbling away on my granola / croissant / porridge. Choice of food is always weather dependent.

I am so not a stranger to Le Pain Quotidien that I don’t even say its full name any more. I just call it “Le Pain” which, I know it sounds more like a medieval torture device but actually just means “bread”. “Le Pain Quotidien” for those playing at home? The Daily Bread.

Ah, I *heart* Le Pain.

After recovering from the damn ‘lurgy last week which totally wasted my sunny Saturday by rendering me bed-ridden for most of the day, I was itching to get out and about for some quality time on Sunday with I-didn’t-really-care-who because I just wanted to be outside. Actually I lie, I did care who.

I really didn’t want to miss brunch with my girlfriends. And I especially didn’t want to miss baby Emmerson.

Baby Emmy has been “brunching with the ladies” since she was two months old, so she’s already an old hand at this. She giggles and gurgles and demands for her food and shoves it in her face and most of it ends up on the floor. I mean, really, that sounds just like me! (except maybe the gurgling).

We all received our obligatory cuddles and started ordering breakfast. Some of the girls opted for Le Pain’s customary bowls of coffee. I had an orange juice because it was an oj kind of day.

As for foodage, I had my hot filled croissant with Gruyère and ham which is always deliciously warm, fresh and super crumbly. Served on a small cutting board, don’t be surprised if half the crumbs land on your lap (or if you’re like me, on your face and in your hair).

Some of the other breakfasts ordered were…

Organic soft boiled eggs (you can choose how long you want the eggs boiled for) with bread, and scrambled eggs with salmon and toast

Belgian sugar waffle with fresh fruits, and scrambled eggs with mushrooms and toast

… and one of my All Time Favourite breakfasts ever ~ the granola parfait with organic yoghurt and fresh fruits. Somehow having breakfast in a tall glass just makes it feel like dessert. Child psychology works awesome on me.

We ate and talked and coo’d over the baby and cuddled her til she cried and handed her back to her mum (my gorgeous friend Khrystyne).  And when she stopped crying, we started all over again. Poor baby but seriously, check out how CUTE she is! I especially love her squidgy thighs *nom*

Le Pain Quotidien
18 Great Marlborough Street
Soho, W1F 7HT
0207 486 6154

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9 Thoughts on “Sundays, babies and breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien

  1. That is one gorgeous baby. Patient too by the sounds of it. And in great company when it comes to the dispersal of breakfast over face, hair and table 😉

    I’ve never been to Le Pain, but those scrambled eggs to look indecently yellow and tasty – do they have cream in them, because if they do, i am so there.

  2. That sho is some cute bebe flesh, I hear they’re best lightly toasted and go well with brioche ;P

  3. food deprived on July 14, 2010 at 2:51 pm said:

    your breakfast looks awesome! =D and one of the girls looks a lotttt like karen cheng’s sister!

  4. The Grubworm: Hmmm I don’t know if they’re cooked in cream but they are quite yummy! And that baby, she’s yummy too! 😉

    Sasa: I’ve always had a thing for thigh meat 🙂 Lightly toasted you say? (I hope my friend Khrystyne doesn’t read about how we plan on eating her baby hahaha…)

    food deprived: GOOD SPOTTING! That surely is Karen Cheng’s sister 😉

  5. Those breakfasts looks amazingly good! I have a total craving for yoghurt, granola and fruit now – it a tall glass of course!

  6. She is so cute! Haha Hey that dark toast looks a lot like Finnish rye bread! And I like the size of that coffee. If you ask me coffee should always be served by the bucketfull!

  7. I *heart* Le Pain! But wait you knew that already. 😛 I must say I’ve lost count of the number of pain l’accienne’s I’ve bought…

  8. ..Do you have to butter each soldier individually?! What a fag.

  9. Laura: the granola and yoghurt is so awesome here, if you get a chance, try it!

    Maria: Ahhh they look like it but they ain’t. There is a Nordic Bakery here though that does the proper Finnish rye bread!

    Su-yin: Oh yes, I know. How happy were we when Goodge St opened!! 😀

    Lizzie: Hm, I suppose you do. Unless you just dunk ’em in the yolk but then again it wont be the same without butter 🙁

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