Finally! Zero sleeps to go! I’m off on this crazy ridiculous holiday that I won… and for a little sumthin’ special (or not, depends what you like!) I decided to make y’all a little VLOG of… me and my little getting ready for Egypt process 🙂

Aside from being totally excited about the holiday, I loved the idea of having an excuse to buy STUFF. I mean, I didn’t pay for the holiday right? Which totally justifies me spending money on a new hat / book / bikini right?

Damn right.

So you’d better believe I hit the shops in preparation for this itty bitty beach break here and stocked up on the essentials:

1. A new hat

There’s this hat guy at Covent Garden who sells the most awesome headgear for cheap so I made a bee-line for him and tried on one or two or um, like ten hats. I was infinitely indecisive and actually think I like that big black cowboy hat best but alas, I wasn’t sure if I was “cowgirl” enough to pull it off. The big floppy hat was a no-no and the pink was a little too disco for Egypt, so I settled for a simple brown number…

2. A new book

Still reeling from the closure of Borders (oh, how I miss thee!), I rummaged around in Waterstones trying to find me the right book. I wanted so many because if there’s one thing I love as much as food, it’s books! After browsing for an eternity, I settled on Eat Pray Love in preparation for the movie, because have you seen the preview? Looks totally chick-flick-awesome! 🙂

3. A new bikini

Ok so I didn’t really need a new bikini, but I’d like to have a new bikini. I tried on billions (ok here I go exaggerating again) and my favourites were the red Juicy Coutures, but sadly they were a tiny bit out of my budget, free holiday or not. I ended up with a pair that is SO NOT ME ~ frilly pink! I know, weird right? I blame holiday brain 😉

Anyway, I’m now 100% ready to do nothing but lie on the beach! I truly wish I could bring everyone with me…

Sadly, I can only bring you in spirit, so see y’all on the other side!

Once again, thanks Qype and On The Beach!

🙂 xx

14 Thoughts on “thecattyLIVE: off to the beach!

  1. LOL Too cute Catty! Have an amazing time!! I can’t wait to hear all about it!! xxx

  2. YSo excited for you, you’re gonna be TOTALLY adorable in that hat and bikini and Eat Pray Love is a perfect holiday read – not too taxing in the brain department but not vapid either.

  3. Great video – have a wonderful time!

  4. Such a cute vid, also: that is some LIGHT ASS packing…for realz.

  5. HIRARIOUS! I have a copy of the Book Thief in case you wanted to borrow it. And have a great trip!

  6. Loreen on July 24, 2010 at 1:08 pm said:

    Dude… since when were your walls pink?!! You packed Uchi!

  7. I’m just busy reading Eat Pray Love too, really enjoying it! Love the hat x

  8. This totally cracked me up 😀 Have a great holiday!

  9. love the video PL:) and how did you get your music past the youtube copyright censor?!

  10. Catty! I loved the video blog! I hope the trip is awesome and I can’t wait to read all about it!

  11. yay! really exciting!!! xx

  12. beach.. always be a perfect place for spending holiday… nice post….

  13. Dang!

    For a while, i thought i’d see you parading in bikinis!!! 😛

  14. Hellooooo everyone! So I got back at 5am today and am tired and cranky right now but all your comments put a smile on my face 🙂 Thanks to all the people who lied and said that they liked it or that it was funny hehee… I love you!

    As for actual responses…

    Sasa: Yes! Eat Pray Love is such a perfect beach read! I can’t put it down. And yes, I pack LIGHT. hehe..

    Loreen: Well, it’s more peach but y’know things look 10 pounds heavier and much pinker in video 😉

    MC: No idea? Youtube just sends me a video saying they noted the song and it’s ok to use as long as I approve advertising on the video.

    maameemoomoo: firstly, AWESOME NAME! 😉 secondly, you want to go blind?

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