Finally! It seems like a whole life time ago but can you believe it’s only been 10 days since our crazy Matcha Madness came to a close? Well, technically it came to a close but secretly we all know know we’ll never ever be over our matcha love affair!

Don’t look at me like I’m crazy because I ain’t the only one obsessed with a certain green powder. Check out the awesome submissions I received and here, in all their glory, I’m sharing with you 38 ~ that’s right, THIRTY-EIGHT ~ original, beautiful and utterly delicious matcha recipes!

Each and every recipe is brilliant in its own right, from a fabulous matcha dacquoise cake to the crazy creative savouries from Recipe Taster and these adorable matcha cake sushi rolls!

But tough as it was, the guys at teapigs and I each had to pick a winner because in case you forgot, winners from this little do here each receives a £25 tin of matcha powder!

So. Without further ado… *drum roll please*

Green tea ice cream cake by Bertha of Gourmet Baking because guys, ice cream. AND MATCHA. and absolutely stunning.

Matcha and white chocolate panna cotta by Quinn of Quinn’s Baking Diary because “matcha and white chocolate are a winning combination and the lavender flower and vanilla is a nice touch.”

And although it pains me that I can’t give out 38 cans of matcha powder, I totally love all of the recipes which were sent in and want to thank everyone for the effort and support and mainly, to make me not feel like the only statutory wacko for being so in love with matcha.

You Guys Rock.

Check out all the awesome recipes below!

Matcha mochi cake by Wendy of My Buttery Fingers

Green tea chiffon cake by Maria of Scandi Foodie

Cucumber with white jade served with matcha braising liquid and chives by Alessio of Recipe Taster

Green tea cheesecake by Sarah of Sarah Cooks

Matcha mochi with chocolate ganache filling by Kirbie of Kirbie’s Cravings

Soft matcha choc chip cookies by Kirbie of Kirbie’s Cravings

Matcha Elaichi (cardamom) and nutella mascarpone macaroons by Arthi of SoulCurry

Matcha white chocolate by Jen of Dashi Dashi

Matcha green tea oats by Ann of Pig Pig’s Corner

Egg white matcha genoise by Asha of Fork Spoon Knife

Spring green tea shortbread cookies by Kirbie of Kirbie’s Cravings

Green tea and white chocolate cupcakes by Nicette of Chocolate Log Blog

Matcha dacquoise cake by Ken of Hungry Rabbit

Matcha sablé cookies by Su-Yin of Bread et Butter

Matcha choco banana cake by Manne of Tummyrumble

Matcha mont blanc by Yue of Yue’s Handicrafts

Matcha muffins by Kelsey of Happy Yolks

Dango with matcha chocolate fondue by Maria of Scandi Foodie

Green tea butter cookies by Ann of Pig Pig’s Corner

Matcha shortbread cookies by Penny of Jeroxie

Mini pancake stack with matcha whipped cream by Davina of The Sugar Bar

Cod mousseline disk with nigella seeds and matcha foam by Alessio of Recipe Taster

Matcha cake sushi rolls by Heather of Sprinkle Bakes

Soft and chewy matcha cookies by Kirbie of Kirbie’s Cravings

Choc choc matcha cheesecake by Ann of Pig Pig’s Corner

Vegan matcha muffins by Helen of Fuss Free Flavours

Matcha madeleines by Charmaine (if you’d like the recipe, please email Charmaine here

Matcha streusel cake by Maria of Scandi Foodie

Matcha green tea ice cream by Ann of Pig Pig’s Corner

Matcha creme brulee by Emma of The Little Welsh

Matcha poached prawns with light bisque cubes, citrus emulsion by Alessio of Recipe Taster

Gluten free matcha fairy cakes by Sarah of Maison Cupcake

Matcha chocolate and rhubarb marble cake by Nicette of Chocolate Log Blog

Matcha soba by Jen of Dashi Dashi

Matcha soufflé by Manne of Tummyrumble

Matcha pop tarts with sweet red bean filling by Maria of Scandi Foodie

And of course there was my own contribution to the competition, the matcha frappe:

Once again, thank you everyone for all your support! Catty loves you xxx

35 Thoughts on “MATCHA MADNESS RESULTS & 38 awesome cool matcha recipes!

  1. OMG This is the most awesome post ever! All that matcha!! Yum yum yum! Congratulations to Gourmet Baking and Quinn’s Baking Diary, great job guys! xx

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! These are sooooo amazing! congratulations for pulling all of these together. going wild!

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  4. Even by the standards of the blogosphere, this is obsessive! They all look amazing and I can imagine it being really hard to pick a winner.

  5. Jeez I can’t believe my wife sent in 4 contributions. I did feel there has been a lot of green tea in my life the past couple of months.

  6. OMG I really can’t pic. Seriously. Too many. I have to agree with you though cake and ice cream is defo always a winner and the picture is very tantalizing.

  7. I should have done you me macche tiramisu using bread and the green stuff! hmph! x

  8. Maria: I know, this is like total matcha overload right? But I love it! Thank YOU for submitting all your recipes too, they are all delish and I still dont know what a dango is hehe..

    Jenny: Thanks! It wasn’t just me though – all the awesome bloggers who sent in recipes, we should thank them! 🙂

    Mr Noodles: See? I’m not the only mad one 😉

    Wild Boar: LOL I know! You’re lucky, I wish I had me a wife who made matcha things!!

    bethany: Can you imagine how hard it was to pick??? CRAZY.

    Old Cow: honey, you can make me maccha tiramisu ANY TIME! 😉

  9. Thanks Catty, thanks so much and thanks a lot to Teapigs too. I’ve never have much luck in competitions and giveaways. I’m glad you found the combination of white chocolate+matcha+ vanilla and lavender to be perfect, I personally thought so too!

  10. Wow! Look at those matcha entries! crazy I say. Thank you for hosting it, and me neither been so lucky in winning anything, so this totally made my day! Thanks!

  11. Quinn & Bertha: congratulations ladies! You guys did awesomely well and um, next time I’m anywhere near you Bertha (errr, where do you live?!) I’d like some ice cream cake 😉

  12. I can’t believe all these creative recipes, it is great and so beautiful! Well done everybody, it must have been very hard to choose!

  13. Congrats to the winners and great roundup! I’m bookmarking this!

  14. Must been impossible choosing, there are SO many great recipes and awesome photos…I’m gobsmacked.

  15. What amazing recipes – they all look great. Congratulations to the winners, although I was rather hoping for that tin of teapigs matcha powder!

  16. Mathilde: I know, right? So much creative energy out there! Exciting!

    pigpigscorner: Even I’M bookmarking this! Have found so much inspiration from these cool recipes (including yours!)

    Sasa: Almost impossible. Then I actually drooled while looking at the ice cream cake.

    Choclette: Sorry lovely! SO many great recipes to choose from, it was tough!!

  17. Well done Catty and fellow cooks! They look amazing! 😮

  18. So much matcha goodness!!! I think I will visit this place regular for matcha inspiration 🙂

  19. Oh wow! I am humbled just to be in the company of all these stunning creations. 🙂

    Well done to the winners, good job!

    Big thanks to Catty for organising, this was really fun!

    What I’d really like to try though, should I pick one of the dishes, is the matcha poached prawns…

    // Manne

  20. Lorraine: don’t they just look stunning?! I’m humbled!

    penny: I’m totally bookmarking this page. Even though it’s on my own blog haha…

    Manne: You’re SO welcome, I just love sharing the matcha obsession, in case you haven’t noticed hehe… matcha poached prawns looks crazy good, doesn’t it??

  21. What awesome entries! I love the creativity of them all! I wish I’d managed to get mine into you in time, but sadly was too swamped throughout July (as you know).

    I’m still going to make it and email it to you, though. Just because I think it needs to be made.

    Jax x

  22. Wow, what a line up. I like the pop tarts most!

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  24. Amazing! I just bought some matcha and will definitely be trying out some of these recipes the first chance I get!

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  26. omg, i really really just want to eat everything on the page right now!! can’t wait to try out these recipes! thanks for this catty!

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  28. Jackie: Hey whatever matcha treat you make, I’m always interested 😉

    Sarah: The pop tarts are great, right? There are so many amazing and original ideas!

    Jess: I know, I want to make ALL of these recipes!

    heavenwildfleur: You’re welcome! Just sharing the matcha love… xx

  29. Mmmm… everything looks so delicious! What a great post, I needed some inspiration to use up my matcha. Thanks! You gotta give matcha marshmallows ago. Fabulous!

  30. Oh wow, you really weren’t kidding when you said you were crazy over matcha!

    These all look fantastic, especially the matcha frappe- it sounds and looks delicious!

  31. I made some matcha scones the other day, and they were so good, that they were better than the original ones! Matcha all the way. 🙂

  32. Hi Catty,

    This is the first time I’ve visited your blog.

    I’m blown away with all the recipes you have here. It puts our recipe list to shame!

    In fact, I’m so impressed, I’m sending you a complimentary 80g tin of Vitalife matcha so you can keep on making these amazing treats.

    Just a quick note for everyone using matcha in their cooking/baking, we’re introducing a culinary grade matcha to our range early in the New Year specifically for this purpose. Keep an eye out for it!

  33. Amazing recipes, really impressed with the pictures too! I will definitely give a go to the winner, looks absolutely amazing! Great blog, thaks for sharing!

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