I’ve been told that when you meet “the one”, nothing else matters. That when you meet “the one”, the world around you blends into a deliriously gay pastel mess but you don’t care. Because there in front of you, in striking focus, is “the one”, crystal clear in all their beauty and it’s all you can do to contain your urge for just one touch, one taste.

When this happens, you know you’re in love.

Or lust. Whatever.

I know it sounds like an urban legend, like something that only happens to “other people”  because believe me when I say awesome stuff that happens to other people never happen to me (ok ok, except for that one time when I won a holiday but seriously? That was all karmic energy mishmash because the universe remembered when I was that desperate that I caught a taxi to the beach and decided that hey, let’s give this girl a fucking break and by “a fucking break” I mean “a holiday to Egypt” but that’s not what we’re here to talk about).

Right. Where were we?

Oh yes, so it’s an urban legend this love [lust] at first sight, right? I thought so too but WRONG. It’s real, it exists, it came right up to me and bit me square in the ass on Wednesday night.

Introducing Bocca di Lupo’s brioche sandwich of pistachio, chestnut and hazelnut gelati. Or as I like to call it, The Ice Cream Burger.

“That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet…”

And I’m now quoting Shakespeare. Love does this to you, man.

So. Wednesday night and I’m having dinner with the elusive Laissez Fare, who’s packing up and heading stateside in a week or so. Dinner at Bocca di Lupo is well above par, with flavours ranging from…

… the clean and eclectic salad of shaved radish, celeriac & pecorino salad with pomegranets and truffle oil

… to the delightfully fresh and sweet crudita di mare (raw sea bream, red prawn, langoustine & scallop with rosemary oil)…

… the immensely meaty rustic pork & foie gras sausage with farro & porcini

… to the fat and juicy grilled scallops with gremolata

… and the orecchiette with ‘nduja (extremely spicy home made salame), red onion & fresh tomato, which yes it was spicy indeed.

For dessert we shared the bombe calde, a freshly fried donut with chocolate cream…

But love (or maybe it was deep, throbbing, dirty lust) didn’t hit me til I laid eyes on this, my heaven, my everything, my goddamn ice cream burger.

In all of my years of existence, in my all of my journeys and pilgrimages (like, when I went to Rome to eat gelato), no one had ever presented me with the gloriousness that is not one, not two but three scoops of gelato ensconced within two sweet, fluffy and perfectly crumbly pieces of brioche.

It came to me. Laissez Fare dissolved into the pastel surroundings and I, I only had eyes for the burger and my urgency to touch it, to bite it, to linger slowly in each mouthful. It was all too much, I surrendered to carnal desire and gave myself to the burger.

But I took a photo first. I mean, what kind of food blogger would I be if I didn’t?

Bocca di Lupo
12 Archer Street
Soho, W1D 7BB
0207 734 2223

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17 Thoughts on “so help me God, it’s an ICE CREAM BURGER! (this, and other things at Bocca di Lupo)

  1. I could do with a chocolate donut but havong seen this good ole krispy kreme aint gonna cut it!

  2. Sprinkle some matcha powder on it and that ice cream burger would be like some kinda food blogger Frankenstein dessert creation.

  3. Ermm.. I want that BURGER.. I mean it’s ice cream BURGER!

  4. I love that ice cream burger:)

  5. this is real food porn and a bit of rude food going on there with that pork & foie gras sausage! but incredible meal and yes i would be instantly in love with that dessert!

  6. Old Cow: the chocolate donut was very good too but just paled in comparison to the ice cream burger *nom*

    Mr Noodles: hahaha! OMG can you imagine if it was matcha? I WOULD GO CRAZY.

    penny: I know. ICE. CREAM. burger.

    Maria: me too!

    Meeta: LOL you can be our chief Rude Food Spotter! 😀

  7. It was a great meal, thanks so much for dragging me back there as it was much better than the first time I went. Plus, of course, we combined two of the best (food) sins in the world, burgers and ice cream…now what can be bad about that?!

    Have a great weekend.

    The ever so slightly elusive LF 🙂

  8. I am seriously considering of saving a copy of that ice cream burger and setting up as a wallpaper on my PC! That is insane.

  9. oh yum, I love the sound of an ice ceream burger!!

  10. Hilarious post Catty! The food looks lush and the ice-cream burger… well. It’s so wrong but just SO right. Like every terrible torrid affair…

    Jax x

  11. I can totally see how you might think this is your The One. But I think it might be my The One too. Can we remain friends, that is the question. I’m kind of a jealous type…

  12. Laissez Fare: thank you for being a fabulous dinner date as usual and apologies for ignoring you once the ice cream burger came out 😉

    Maria: Haha, yeah if you want drool on your keyboard!

    My Restaurants Melbourne: you need to convince someone in Melbourne to do this!!

    Jackie: exactly like a torrid affair…

    Sasa: I’ll fight you.

  13. That was the sound of silence – a rare thing when it comes to Grubworm and food.

    *thud* that was the sound of my jaw hitting the desk as the aforementioned silence ended.

    And I’d only got as far as that positively obscene (and oh so scrumptious) sausage shot – i mean, it was gratuitous, even for a foodpornpost 😉 I was going to say the image was good enough to eat, but all the associations, euphemisms and innuendos became too much to bear and I had to run from the room blushing.

    It looks like this is the Italian that has a *ahem* little something for everyone.

    I bet biting that burger would have sent literal chills down your spine though, and not just of the butterflies-in-the-stomach first flush of lust kind either.

  14. Hey! That looks soooooo tasty, see love (lust) at frist sight does happen!!!

  15. The Grubworm: what can I say? I MISSED YOU!! 😀

    GourmetButcher: It definitely happens. I still think it’s more lust than love though 😉

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