13 Thoughts on “bite sized: he finally makes matcha!

  1. mmmmmmmmmmmm looks yummy!

  2. you and your matcha obsession 🙂 it makes me laugh! this sounds good though – can you taste the pepper?

  3. Old Cow: it WAS yummy! Let’s go get one 😀

    Jenny: yes! You get a little peppery kick – it’s perfect!

  4. What a GREAT BLOG catty! I found you through twitter and have not stopped reading your blog for days. Hilarious and witty and delicious food. Refreshing to find someone who blogs what they want to say. thank you.. have a good weekend! PS/ I love matcha too!

  5. Ah You sound like my little brother, only 15 and addicted to these, so much so i had to buy him a box for his birthday. (different flavours ofc)

    Did you buy all matcha flavoured?

  6. suzanne: WOW THANK YOU! What a compliment 😀 welcome to my blog and I’m soooo pleased you like it, you’ve made my Friday! 😀

    Yinnie: Hehe they are addictive, aren’t they? I didn’t get a full box of these, I’m also a sucker for PH’s salted caramel macaron and also the jasmine macaron… yum!

  7. Were they any good? I was there two weeks ago and these weren’t out yet! Time to head back to Selfridges then (and maybe stop by Atari Ya too)… 😛

  8. On another note – did you change your blog banner? It looks different! Please note that I do tend to hallucinate from time to time..

    • LOL you crack me up! Firstly, YES it tasted amazing – really strong matcha flavour with a peppery kick. I’d definitely go back for more…

      … and yes I was bored today and changed my banner 😀

  9. Darling, can you whisper in his ear to open one up in Sydney? *Swooooon*

  10. Lol,you are something else 🙂 Do you know how wonderful your blog is? I hope you do because I really enjoyed reading your post!

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