Here I sit, in London’s business district, flanked on one side by the monumental St Paul’s Cathedral and on the other by London’s star-bright West End. Some might say they envy where I am right now, I mean it’s even sunny in ol’ Londontown today, but all I wish for right this moment is to be back in Santorini. Even in London’s sunshine, it just doesn’t compare.

I mean, there are no donkeys in London!

Anyway, as I wallow in the depths of post-best-beach-holiday-ever-depression contemplating the pulpy mess I might create should I take the metaphorical gun and shoot my metaphorical self (pulpy? Do humans even do pulpy? Or have I been watching too much True Blood?) I decided that the best cure to any ailment is to face my fears.

And my fears right now? Sifting through the 300 photos I took last week and facing the God-awful truth that I am no longer lazing on the beach/pool/deck and am rather now sitting in a stale, air conditioned office, wearing my trousers which are undeniably much tighter this week than they were last week.

Sigh. It’s a tough gig, but the truth must be faced.

Anyway, because I really did take over 300 photos, and also because I am a true believer that an image speaks a thousand words, I’m going to relinquish the story telling in this post and hand y’all over to my trusty Canon s90 camera…

View from Family Taverna, Kamari – our first lunch and one of our favourites

Mythos beer in super frosted beer glass at Family Taverna

Iconic architecture in Fira

Panu and I in Fira

A Greek salad overlooking the Greek Islands. There is no other way to live.

“Our milkshakes bring all the…”… yeah

White-washed buildings in Fira. I want to live here.

Oia by night

Chilled fruit juices in Fira

Fried calamari ~ 6 out of 6 days, baby.

Looking at the calderra

Adorable donkey! I want one!

The calderra (volcano) ie. a big pile of rocks

Sun starting to set in Fira

The famous sunset ~ magical and sublime

Best Moussaka on the island at Naoussa Tavern, Fira

Heading up to the Thira Ruins

On top of the world in the Old Thira ruins

Prickly mofo impaled my big toe

Slow cooked lamb at God’s Garden, Perissa Beach

Sunset at Amoudi Bay (Oia)

Fried zucchini (courgette) at Sunset Tavern, Amoudi Bay

Flip flops on Kamari Beach (damn pebbles)

Ok, so I could totally post another 288 photos, but at some point I just need to stop my trigger happy fingers.

One thing I like to do though, in my travel posts, is to share with you guys my restaurant recommendations. Usually this comes with a restaurant name, address, phone number and a website if they have it. Now what totally shat (control freak) me about Santorini is that places don’t have addresses. They just DON’T. And don’t ask me how they get their mail because that totally beats me! Their addresses read something like “Acqua Vatos Hotel, Central Street in Kamari”.

So, here are my restaurant recommendations and best of luck finding them! 🙂

Family Taverna, on the beach front slightly to the south of where the central road in Kamari meets the esplanade. Best Greek salad we had, with creamy smooth feta. Also the best fried calamari and potato chips, and according to the boys, the best frosted beer glasses on the island. Our favourite.

Sunset Tavern in Amoudi Bay, this one’s easy, just drive all the way down to Amoudi Bay and it’s the last restaurant on the end. This is a seafood restaurant and probably pricier than any old tavern but the food is fresh and the ambience is magical at sunset.

Melevia Cafe Patisserie, on the main sunset esplanade of Oia, selling homemade Greek sweets and the most gargantuan slice of baklava I’ve ever seen.

Avoid Kasteli Tavern, though it looks like a nice traditional tavern, the food is bland and servings are tiny! We were bitten 🙁

Naoussa Tavern, not on the main sunset esplanade of Fira, but about two “lane ways” back, parallel to the esplanade.  Recommended to us by some friends, this tavern is family run and makes the best moussaka on the island.

God’s Garden, slightly off the main drag on a street adjacent to the beach. A little humid without the seabreeze but their slow cooked lamb more than makes up for that.

We managed to eat about five main meals a day in Santorini, starting with breakfast at our hotel, Acqua Vatos. Our meals were then supplemented with numerous ice creams and milk shakes everyday because… well, it’s hot. And we’re on holidays. And I love Snickers ice cream bars.

We ate so much that by the last day, we weren’t even hungry anymore. Do you know how insane that is? It’s CRA-ZEE.

Anyway, now I’m back, back to reality and struggling to un-love this beautiful island that I’ve just gone and fallen in love with so quickly. The only thing motivating me to do any work is that I have my boss on my ass and I need this job to pay for more (more! yes, more!) trips to anywhere but here.

ps. We had a car and travelled all over the island from tip to tip, side to side. Each area of the island is quite different so if you’re planning on going there, drop me a line and I might be able to point you in the right direction.

pps. And I might come with you.

ppps. If you want to see some more (mainly silly) photos, check out my facebook.

31 Thoughts on “Santorini in three words: sun, sleep & (great) food

  1. I want another vacation – in Santorini. I love the colors of Santorini whites, blues just gorgeous! These pictures are simply breathtaking Catty! Thanks for taking me there!

  2. I could do with some fried calamari now. Or some proper sun. Am dreading the descend of winter, I can feel it already. *sniff*

    p.s. how blue is that sky?! Gorgeous.


    The marvel of Greek Islands are those white washed homes with the roof terraces, THAT is a good life waiting to be had!

    Mythos and KEO beers are up there on my top beers list.

    mmmm Moussakka looks delish!

    Ahem London’s sunshine is treacherous….like a floozy!

  4. I LOVE Santorini. Beautiful snaps, Catty. Am currently in Lesvos, lapping up the ouzo, Mythos, calamari and Greek salad. How good is it to wake up every day in a place knowing it will be hot, clear skies and sunny…?!

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  6. oh catty I’m so jealous – looks like an amazing holiday and your facebook photos are hilarious!

  7. Gorgeous photos Catty, makes me want to go back. Did you make it to Ios?

  8. Meeta: No problem! I wish I could really take you there, Meeta! 🙂

    Su-yin: Oh man the fried calamari is incredible. They do something magical with the batter, I swear!

    Old Cow: You NEED to go! You’d LOVE the mythos in a frosted beer glass!

    Greedy Diva: GAH I hate you right now if you’re still out there. It’s like paradise isn’t it?

    Jenny: Haha thanks, I reserved the sillier photos for facebook!

    Bruce: Sadly we didn’t because we only wanted to do a day trip but boats to and from Ios only go around midday every day so most people stay overnight 🙁 But having said that we made the most of Santorini and scoured the whole island. I love that place!

  9. awww your pictures are beautifulll. Where you flying to next? LOL You’ve been on soo many get-aways. =D

  10. Ooooh, the water is so blue! It was so bloody cold in London – your holiday was at the right time!

  11. Yinnie: You know what? I usually always have a next holiday planned but right now I don’t! It’s VERY SAD 🙁

    Su-Lin: I heard it was crappy in London last week! The blue skies and water are seriously amazing. Surreal, even!

  12. hehe ok take me next time will you? 😛 Great photo post!

  13. LUCKY YOU!!! EVerything that I need to do right now…

  14. Gotta love Greek food and sunshine. I had a month on Paros back in June, and have spent every day since just longing to be back there. Best, best, best holiday I have ever had, ever! Worse that I had to come back to the middle of winter 🙁

  15. Lorraine: Sure thang 😉 hop into my suitcase!

    penny: I know, it’s surreal how beautiful Santorini is. Even I can’t believe I was there!

    Couscous & Consciousness: Oh that’s no fun 🙁 at least you’re heading into summer now, right? Whereas me, I’m heading into a big black wintery hole. Sigh. We will always have Greece!

  16. Holy majoly Catty, that looks like an awesome holiday. Also, can I just say, how jealous I am that you’ve had so many mini breaks recently?! Srsly.

    I love that last photo of the flip-flops – it’s just perfect. All the colours, the tones, the composition: beautiful.

    Lucky girl! Ah well, at least I’m going on an adventure soon(ish) – happy times!

    Jax x

  17. amazing. absolutely love this post. is santorini not the greatest place on earth?!

  18. Stunning. Santorini, just in its name, has this glorious ring to it! And I could totally handle a daily fried calamari diet. 🙂

  19. The photos are absolutely stunning Catty! Oh how I would love to visit Santorini one day! And don’t worry, you’ll be back in sunny Sydney before too long! 😉 x

  20. Jackie: You know what, of ALL the photos in this post that was the only one not taken by me! LOL!

    Libby: THE greatest place on earth. Period.

    Marie: Daily fried calamari has made my pants too tight. Or maybe it was the daily ice cream. Hehe 🙂

    Maria: I know! It’s going into winter here now and I’m dreading it! 🙁

  21. Oh Catty – such gorgeous photos! Took me right back and brought back so many memories. I want to go back! xxx

  22. What a fun and food filled vacation. Truely a slice of paradise.

  23. Oh my, I want to go there now! Gorgeous photos! I love the fantastic colours and the summer feel of this post!

  24. Mowie: I know, I’m bringing my own memories back LOL.. I loved yours and Bruce’s pics too… it’s a seriously gorgeous place, isn’t it?

    Ken: A slice of paradise, with a side of baklava, fried squid and ice cold beer!

    Sarka: The colours are incredible – untouched-up photos! The blues really ARE this blue!

  25. In the UK and only one word – JEALOUS!

  26. I have happy memories of Santorini as well – except for the dreaded black beach where the sand really hurt it was so hot!

  27. Cat,

    This is fantastic! Bex and I are due to travel to santorini in a few weeks so your recommendations come in very handy. Even have booked in to do a cooking course. Very excited. Will let you know how it goes!

    I’ve heard form some friends that the local wine touring is a bit unforgettable however – did you try any of the local vino?


  28. pigpigscorner: I know. I understand. Am now back in about-to-hit-winter UK *sigh*

    Gourmet Chick: Oh yeah!!! Nothing beats Australian beaches huh? I found it exfoliated and massaged by feet though but it damn well hurt walking up and down!

    Nick: OH *envy*! I want to go back! We didn’t have any local wine believe it or not, it was all about Mythos beer in frosted glasses!

  29. Love the new header, so slick and clean!
    I totally concur – just came back from a week in Koufonissia in Greece and Greek island equals paradise INNIT! Had no internet again but was posting by the power of scheduled post hehe.
    I’m still kinda full from all the good eatin’

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