I’m actually struggling to begin this blog post because I just don’t seem to have the skillz to communicate how really really really really ridiculously great (I think I write good, like Zoolander) dinner at The Ledbury was without sounding like a  total ‘tard. I mean, how many ways can you say something is bloody amazing?

Incredibly delectable? Tremendously astounding? Exceptionally marvellous? ‘Tard.

How about it was just fucking delicious?


Dinner at The Ledbury was a bit of a pre-birthday treat for moi from my most favourite person, Panu. I’d been wanting to go forever what with it being my trusted foodie advisor’s favourite restaurant and all that, plus countless reviews across the interwebz showering praise on chef Brett Graham when the restaurant only had one Michelin star whereas now it boasts two.

Two stars and I’m happy to report, zero disappointment.

From the chef: coronation chicken oysters with sultana puree and
(top) a
muse bouche of courgette soup with basil seeds and cream

Normally one to dive straight into a tasting menu (because more food = more good, right?), I studied the list and found a few courses I felt rather indifferently about and conversely, there were dishes on the a la carte menu which coerced from me the familiar but rather unladylike behaviour of free flowing drool.

To be perfectly honest it really doesn’t make that much of a difference because with nibblies from the chef, an amuse bouche, pre-dessert and petit fours, you’ve got yourself a seven-course meal anyway.

So a la carte it was and behold… so much deliciousness…

starter: scallops roasted on licorice with braised fennel and
a sauce of dried fennel and elderflower

Panu’s starter of four beautiful and fat scallops roasted on a licorice root. Forgive my ignorance but I’d never seen a licorice root before and I wanted to take it home. But I didn’t.

starter: Cornish lobster with grilled leek,
smoked potato and manzanilla

You know when something’s so delicious that you cut it up into tiny morsels and savour every little bit for as long as you can? Yes, the lobster did that for me with its juicy goodness and luscious creamy sauce. Even the leek was divine!

main: fillet of turbot with truffle puree, cauliflower,
parmesan gnocchi & sea vegetables

This was Panu’s main and I didn’t have any although I can imagine, from the scent of truffle wafting my way, that was it pretty darn good.

main: crisp pressed suckling pig with spatzle, carrot and
reduction of dried chicory

Crackling H.E.A.V.E.N. Not sure when I grew to love pork oh so much, but seriously… *heart*. The pork was cooked to perfection ~ tender but substantial ~ and the spatzle, which I think are just little bits of pasta soaked up the juices.

pre-dessert: pre-dessert of olive oil pannacotta with
peaches & peach sorbet

If this was a real dessert I’d be happy to pay for it. If this was the size of my head, I’d eat all. I was weirded out by the thought of olive oil pannacotta but it was simply magical.

dessert: brown sugar tart with muscat grapes and
stem ginger ice cream

And here I was all *ick* about muscat grapes and even hid them in the photo. WTF! They turned out to be the highlight of this dessert ~ delicately soaked, a balance of sweet and sour. Another thing I’ve grown to love in my old age is ginger. Stem ginger ice cream *nom*

dessert: chocolate cremeux with walnut ice cream and
warm chocolate madeleines

Warm chocolate madeleines served on a bed of cocoa. Need I say more?

petit fours: while chocolate truffle, elderflower marshmallow,
earl grey macaron, dark chocolate caramel, raspberry jelly

White chocolate truffles. They blow my own white chocolate truffles clear out of the water. I want more and what is it about petit fours that make them so damn irresistable?

Anyway, dinner was over way too quickly and here’s me munching on the itsy bitsy macaron and Panu with his decaf coffee which like totally knocked him out. Weird. Thank you baby for the most amazing dinner and looking forward to my ski-holiday-present!

ps. dinner really was fucking delicious. Every single course, even the amuse bouche of courgette soup, trumped in flavour and style. I can’t wait to go back, potentially for a girls dinner in November!

pps. sorry the colours are all a bit off with the first few pics. I had my camera on some whack setting and didn’t even notice. Duh brain.

ppps. here is a more recent post.

The Ledbury
127 Ledbury Road
Notting Hill, W11 2AQ
0207 792 9090

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23 Thoughts on “The Ledbury: two stars and zero disappointment

  1. Blimey, that looks next-level awesome. I tried to get someone to take me for my birthday but no dice… but have a cunning plan… am just going to take HIM instead! That pork, omg!

  2. Wow. Okay, I want to go there. Now. Why can’t I have a boyfriend (who lives in this country) who takes me to fancy restaurants?! I’m going on a man-hunt. The only specification: must want to take me out for tasty tasty food.

    Jax x

  3. Catty you are such a legend! “fucking delicious” >> whooop! everything captured in 2 words. I like! Anyway, it does look absolutely delicious, the scallops and the lobster.like woa. i’m jealous. And you look great too! Just blending into your posh 2star surroundings, no? 😀 x

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  5. Jess: Hehe yes, sometimes you just have to take yourself. Don’t worry, I can guarantee this one will be worth it! 😀

    Jackie: I think that’s a totally fair criteria when man-hunting!

    diva: Haha yeah I blended right in after I wiped the drool off the front of my dress 😉 Classy!

  6. my goodness. looks like a food lovers wet dream. The cornish lobster is to die for!!

  7. Glad you liked it Catty! Spending time with me must have cursed your S90 into having some whack settings – glad you managed to sort it out, but more importantly that you enjoyed the food so much. What did you think of the front of house – I thought they were brilliant when we went, and I like the decor of the place too…nice but not stuffy.



  8. Catty! You have captured your delight sooooooo well! I want to visit there even if it is just to look at all the beautiful dishes! Well done, you write from the heart and the tummy!

  9. Amy: LOL food lovers wet dream 😀 and yes the cornish lobster was delectable. I’d have that over and over and over again!

    Laissez Fare: It’s TOTALLY your fault! 😉 And yes the front of house were very friendly and helpful, really great. The ambience was also nice – when we arrived the sun hadn’t set and the room was really light and airy. All added to a perfect meal, I’d say!

    GourmetButcher: Thank you, what a compliment. I do write from my heart (and tummy) and sometimes it doesn’t translate so well but I’m glad it did this time 🙂

  10. Wow, following on from @Jess and @jackie, perhaps you could rent Panu out for birthdays etc. I mean I’m pretty sure Mrs GW wouldn’t mind 😉

    The food there looks fab and you’re looking suitably smug in that last shot – i know i would be exuding full bellied smuggery if I’d just eaten a meal of that quality. Panu, on the other hand, looks slightly stunned. If the food is good enough to provoke that sort of reaction… I am so there.

    I’m particularly loving the look of those chicken oysters (as in shellfish cooked chicken style, or those oyster shaped nuggets of chicken flesh nestled in the bottom of the carcass, the one’s I always dive for at the end of a roast chicken dinner?) – having just got back from Japan and their seasonal presentation, i am all over those bamboo stakes and autumnal greenery.

    I’m looking up The Ledbury for my birthday dinner now too…

    • I think you’ve come up with a superb business idea! Imma hire out Panu for parties. Wanna buy?! Hehe and yes, oyster shaped chicken bits.. is that even why they call it that???

      • Yup – there’s these two wee bits of meat on the underside of a chicken, just about where the thigh meets the body. They’re oyster shaped and super succulent, if you roast a chicken, these are THE bits to nab while you carve.

        Hmmmm, re-reading my sentence, i’ve realised that basically, they’re chicken buttocks – would explain the succulence… 😉

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  13. The dishes look absolutely mouth watering! And the presentation is exactly what you would expect in a restaurant with two Michelin stars! Superb!

  14. Yep I am still dreaming about my last visit to the Ledbury – time for a return visit I think!

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  16. Wow wish I could have sat in Panu seat for this meal! The scallops look divine and I know how good that fish is as it was on the tasting menu last time I visited!

    Agreed that FOH are outstanding, in particular their sommelier Luke.

    • I must say, I envied his scallops too til I took a bite of my lobster! It was AMAZING. Seriously mouthwatering! And yes the sommelier was great, chatting to Panu about wines. Truly all round lovely place to dine 🙂

  17. The Ledbury, a stunning address in London and I’ve to say the pleasure of enjoying some real English food, prepared in the respect and the standard level of french chefs. I would emphasis that here, by creating and inventing, the English cooking has become an ace and the Ledbury just proved to the rest of the world that English “cuisine” is simply a question of “rediscovery” and that at some point more Ledburys will open. Go en Enjoy.

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