By the time you hit the ripe young age of um, my age, I would hazard a guess that you will have managed to gather a hefty legion of friends along your life’s journey. Friends from school and university and work and friends of friends and um, even friends from the interwebs, although I wouldn’t tell anyone you actually make friends from the interwebs because I’m pretty sure that’s still very much frowned upon.

Having collected a relatively large group of friends, you might occasionally find yourself wondering how certain friendships came about. I mean, it’s not that they’re bad people, but you have nothing in common, not your hobbies or interests or taste in movies, music, fashion or men.

Although, differing taste in men is definitely on the plus side.

I wonder that about some of the people I know, but some friendships? I just KNOW were meant to be. Take my friend Melissa for example. She’s tiny (like me) and chatty (like me) and we are so in sync that we can have separate conversations at each other at the same time and still absorb, respond and carry on. Our boys are constantly amazed by this skill.

Mel makes me happy. Not only is she an awesome friend who loves my food, I think she’s one of the most beautiful people I know, inside and out, and boy does she have phenomenal taste in clothes.

I mean, when we went bowling last Friday night? With zero conversation about what we were going to wear, we ended up wearing Exactly The Same Thing. DOWN TO THE SOCKS.

How fricking awesome is her dress sense.

Ok, no really, how embarrassing are we?!?!?!?!


That seriously cracked us up. Matching sweaters we both have from years ago in Australia? And grey tank tops? And HONESTLY, our socks?! How does that even happen? Fricking glitch in the universe, that’s how.

Anyway, so we were at All Star Lanes last Friday, having been invited down to indulge in an all-American meal at their diner, followed by a game of bowling. I need to confess that I suck at bowling, and will evidence it at the end of this post.

All Star Lanes is a pretty groovy venue, with a diner style restaurant, a bar, bowling lanes, a live DJ and even a karaoke bar at their Brick Lane venue. The menu at the diner makes for engrossing reading. I studied it days before going there and had already picked out the baby back ribs, but was stumped by which of the mouth-watering sundaes I would have.

Life’s conundrums. Seriously.

We ended up ordering:

Root beer float ~ no prizes for guessing who ordered this one

Spiced BBQ chicken wings, celery & blue cheese dip

Salt & pepper popcorn squid with aioli

Slow cooked Boston butt pork with old style baked beans

Bourbon glazed baby back ribs with apple & slaw ~ DELICIOUS!

Blacked salmon with candied beets & horseradish cream

My winner! Rocky road sundae

Classic chocolate sundae and black forest sundae

Stuffed with all that glutton-goodness, we then donned our sexay bowling shoes and showed everyone what we were made of…

Well, I donned the shoes but I certainly didn’t show anyone what I was made of. I have to say though, I aimed for 50, so like, I totally blitzed my own target 😉

Anyway, we had a blast at All Star Lanes. We totally wanted to have another game but hadn’t booked it in, and let me tell you they get busy on weekends. It’s a seriously fun venue though, and they’re booking for Christmas parties now and I pinky swear, if I actually had a team at work, I would be there! No fun bowling on my own 🙁

Thanks for a fun night, All Star Lanes 😀

All Star Lanes
Whiteleys, 6 Porchester Gardens,
Bayswater, W2 4DB
0207 313 8363

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20 Thoughts on “ribs, sundaes, bowling and some awesome fashion faux pas: Friday night at All Star Lanes

  1. Classic! I can’t BELIEVE you were wearing the same socks…You must have ESP.

  2. Probably the wrong this to say, but how cute do you and Mel look?! Lol.

    Don’t be too worried about your bowling score, the last time I went bowling my scored worsened as the night went on. And I don’t think it was the alcohol either! 😛 I’ve also been bowling with Brownies (7-9 year old girls) and they told me I suck. Haha. Though I told them they were technically cheating coz they were using those special ramps which help the bowl go straight towards the pins…

  3. *ball, not bowl. Doh!

  4. Oh my god that is so funny! you guys looks so cute… and don’t worry I can’t bowl either, I dont think I would get 50 even!

  5. seriously?! even the socks?! So cute though =P

  6. Sasa: I know… isn’t that totally CRAZY? I mean, I have billions of pairs of socks!!

    Su-yin: Hehe ok fine you can call us cute, only cos you bowl with brownies 😉 And you can totally call little kids cheats!

    jenny: I suck so bad, but look, I got a strike! 😀

    pigpigscorner: for realz… even the socks.. *sigh*

  7. I can’t believe you dressed the same! Hahah how funny! 😀 Looks like a perfect night out, those desserts look crazy!

  8. Great, the family loves grilled salmon for dinner. This should surprise them.

  9. I’ve never been to a bowling venue where they serve diner food before… and a live DJ and karaoke? sounds like a fun place to go!

  10. Linda at Pink Elephants on October 19, 2010 at 12:37 am said:

    Kids? KIDS???? The ungrateful little freeloaders.
    Linda at Pink Elephants coffee,LLC

  11. Maria: I knowwwww we are so embarrassing hehe 🙂 The sundaes were awesome, mine in particular! Loved the rocky road bits and marshmallows 😀

    Kendall: I was VERY surprised to find salmon (healthy! yummy!) on a diner menu!

    thewanderingfoody: YES! I have to admit when I first got the invite I was like, what are you going to feed me, an instant hot dog??? But the diner is a full blown restaurant and yes, a DJ and karaoke!

  12. Gosh… how freaking… same clothes down to the socks? You really crack me up….
    btw.. love the sundae!!

  13. LOL The matching outfits are so cute Catty! And bowling with proper food? Great idea!

  14. penny: the sundaes were sooooooooooooo good. Totally MASSIVE though but we still had one each hehe 🙂

    Lorraine: I know! In Oz there is NO bowling with proper food right? It’s like burgers and hotdogs and fast food. This is awesome 😀

  15. Hmmm, surprised the boys didnt cover their faces given the scores were going to be shown….not even one of them over 100 and Camsta failing in the final frame to win it…?

  16. Oh you just reminded me how much I love chicken wings with blue cheese dip! In fact, when I do get to have my share of buffalo wings, I keep dipping the bones despite there being no more meat! OMG

  17. Kandu: LOL I know, we all bowled so badly! We only had one game, so didn’t get a chance to warm up THEN play a proper game hahaha 🙂 And yeah, Camsta failed to make a comeback at the end!

    Adrian: mmmmmmmmmmmmm blue cheese dip! LOL I can totally imagine doing that, sucking the blue cheese dip off the chicken wing bones! 😀

  18. Cor those ribs look good. I didn’t realise the food in there would be any good but it looks spot on for a night’s ball throwing.

  19. What an amazing place, and happy that you had a great time with friends! 🙂 The food looks divine, already am tempted to go there! You do so well in reviewing and sharing your experiences, it’s like am there with you right now. (Well when you were there that is heehee)

  20. Sarah: Yeah I was *totally* dubious about the food too, but it’s actually fantastic. Like, I would go there for dinner and not even bowl kinda thang 😉

    Ana: Hehe thanks so much 😀

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