Galbi beef

It was 6°C max yesterday. For you Americans, that’s 42°F. For everyone else, that’s fucking cold for October. So what to have for lunch on a cold cold day? Korean BBQ, that’s what.

*nommy nom nom nom*

Mandu – fried dumplings stuffed with seasonal vegetables


Doenjang guk – soybean paste soup with baby spinach and tofu

Sizzling bibimbap with chicken and red pepper sauce

It’s no Koba, but regardless, I’m uber excited that there’s a Korean joint right near my work. Guess what I’m gonna be having for lunch All Winter Long?

13 St Bride Street
London, EC4A 4As
0207 936 4941

Ceena on Urbanspoon

7 Thoughts on “bite sized: steamy Korean BBQ on a cold autumn day

  1. More great natural light there 😉

    The beef looks great, as does the kimchi. In this weather you need something sizzling hot (in all respects) to bring numb tastebuds alive. It’s what makes Winter eating so good. If you can stand the cold that is.

  2. I love Korean food! Hehe I’d be here in a shot for my lunch every day if it were near me!

  3. This is so getting me in the mood for my visit to Koba tonight!

  4. mmmmmmmmmmm yummy!

    Cold weather turns my tummy to focus on lots of nabe dinners! God I LOVE NABE!!!

  5. The Grubworm: Hey, head down my way for a winter lunch at Ceena! 🙂

    Lorraine: I know, I’m SO excited to discover decent HOT Asian food near me!

    Mr Noodles: YOOK HWEI! 😀

    Old Cow: I know, we’re all thinking about hot lunches these days…

  6. al the food here looks marvellous!!! I love Korean food. i need one of these places around my area

  7. This looks awesome, especially that beef. I want to try…

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