WOW it has been competition week in bloggersphere this week! Thanks to American Express, some of us bloggers have been able to give away tickets to awesome events during London Restaurant Festival, hopefully bringing some foodjoy to our readers!

I had two scrumptious giveaways: a dinner at The Criterion Restaurant and even more excitingly, an exclusive invite to a special 10-10-10 event at The Blueprint Cafe, pairing chefs Jeremy Lee with Michael Smith from The Three Chimneys in the Isle of Skye for a fabulous lunch valued at £200.

So with over 30 entries for each competition, I handed the fate of my readers over to

… and our winners are…

Dinner at The Criterion Restaurant: Linh

10-10-10 lunch at Blueprint Cafe: Michele

Congratulations you guys! Both appear to be non-bloggers and possibly non-twitterers (come on, you’re missing out!) so I’ll drop you both an email with further information.

Yay! 😀

Thanks to everyone who entered the competitions, I really wish I had more prizes to giveaway. I hope you all head out and enjoy the festival though. I’ve just booked myself in for L’Anima *so excited*!

ps. random sequence generator is The Best Thing Ever for doing giveaways. Takes like 2 seconds, literally.

pps. back to regular blog posting tomorrow 🙂

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  1. that’s not funny 🙁

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