Some people think the interwebz is stupid. Well, I think they’re stupid because I happen to think that the interwebz rulz not only because I can spend hours trawling through its depths, reading more about Speidi than I really care to know, but seriously, the ability to “be online” has improved my (social) life in more ways than I can remember. Having clocked on to the joys of iRC in my mid-teens, I’ve evolved along the social networking groove, from iRC to mIRC to msn to Friendster to Facebook to blogging and last but definitely not least, my beloved Twitter.

Apparently I zoned out for the year that MySpace was popular. Oops.

One of the best things about social networking is believe it or not, not the facility for someone to update their current status (soooooooo bored, might go to the bathroom), but its ability to connect you with people. Not cra-ZEE people (ok, I suppose that’s subjective), but like Real Life People.

And once in a while, the interwebz will not only give you a nice person to play with, but someone who, if you met them in real life, you would just totally super adore them and wanna pack them up and take them home and play with them forever and ever! WELL, surprise surprise, I have a story to share about that.

mini cannoli and apple slice @ Princi

Sometime at the beginning of this year, I received a comment on my blog that started off with “Who are you?!?!”. Surpressing my instinct to respond with “who are YOU?” I actually read the comment and realized that it was written by this girl, someone I’d never met, and someone who was trying to live my life, albeit she wasn’t doing it quite right 😉 I mean, I’m Australian and she’s Kiwi. And I live in London and she ended up in a small town in Austria. We both have our Tall & Blondes though 🙂

braving the cold and crowd @ Malaysia Night

We got in contact and started writing and tweeting and causing all kinds of trouble on the interwebz, and in May this year, she came to visit. We bonded over Goodman burgers and talked really really fast so that we could fit as much in as possible before the big red bus came and took her away from me. But the bus came too soon and our words were left hanging in the cool May evening, just waiting to be picked up again.

Some day. Some way.

warming up @ Benito’s Hat with Aaron and Su-yin

Well, it was only one week later that we organized a reunion, and after months and months of waiting, last weekend Sasa finally came to town!

It was the best weekend I’d had in a long time. She slept on my couch, we talked and ate and shopped and read gossip magazines and watched some really brain numbing tv. Oh and we sang. Boy did we sing.

rock stars @ Cella

Having been deprived of all things wonderful (which apparently includes karaoke) in her small Austrian town, we spent the weekend ticking off “foods that Sasa craves”, including Mooli’s (ok she didn’t crave that, I just made her have it), dim sum and burgers. We also quashed her karaoke craving at Cella, singing choons and feasting on frogs legs and chicken wings in salted yolk while ordering a few too many gin & tonics, malibu cocktails, and vodka & sambuca shots . Oooh yeah.

Surprisingly spritely after our karaoke/alcohol binge, we continued the quest to Stuff Sasa With Good Food on Saturday, starting with Lantana’s baked eggs

brunch @ Lantana

… before getting all dressed up to celebrate Davina’s 23rd birthday at a Vintage Patisserie 1920’s tea party! So. Much. Funness!

gorgeous girls Sasa and Su-yin @ Vintage Patisserie

I took her to my favourite Byron in Soho on Saturday night with our favourite boys and lovely Carla. Scarily, Carla found a wire in her patty (not good) and even more scarily I was so hungry I forgot to take photos (very not good).

dim sum @ Royal China on Baker Street

Sunday morning is always dim sum time. A quarter to midday and  Royal China on Baker Street is heaving with groups of hungry people. I mean who the hell goes to dim sum with just two people?! Oh hai, we do 🙂 We managed to share some char siu bao, har cheong, pork ribs, two serves of chive & prawn dumplings, pomelo & sago and the hugest serve of bak choy ever. No fibre problems here!

Full of grub, we started our shopping for the things that Sasa couldn’t get back home. Selfridges, Waitrose, Chinatown, Japan Centre and a stroll up Regent Street’s Festival (it was lame, but the churros were good!) left us shattered and all achy-footed. We went home with all the intention of heading out for dinner again but somehow the comforts of home clothes won, and we ended up ordering in from Siam Central

take-out from Siam Central

So that was my awesome weekend with Sasa! On Monday morning, she caught the bus to work with me and we had to say goodbye. I mean, saying goodbye on Monday morning?? That’s just not fair 🙁 Luckily I foresee us both living in the antipodes again some time soon, so we can once again resume where we left off!

BY THE WAY, was there a chocolate competition on this blog?! There sure was!

Congratulations! I’ll be in contact shortly to get your details 😀

Happy weekend y’all! xx

20 Thoughts on “the one and only Sasa takes on Londontown (and announcing our Hotel Chocolat winner!)

  1. Jo Bryan on October 1, 2010 at 10:52 am said:

    Congrats Hannah you lucky thing!
    Your weekend sounded great and I bet Sasa was overcome with your hospitality. What a great itinerary.

  2. Yay, I love the interwebz for the same reason ^_^ You were the best hostess EVAR, I mean, sharing floss, it doesn’t get better than that. Can’t wait to hang out in Auckland and/or Sydney and/or Melbourne! Great post, now everyone will know I’m certifiable ;P

  3. she’s GORGEOUS!! Oh this looks like a weekend made just for girls. sasa always seems like a lot of fun! i love her wonderful humor and knew you two would have a blast! Lovely!

  4. Wow – i’ve been in this city for a decade and don;t think i’ve ever had quite such a concentrated foodie weekend. T’was great to meet Sasa and I am so with you re the interwebz – it;s expanded my circle of fellow foodie obsessives by degrees of magnitude.

  5. you two are so cute! looks like it was a fun weekend!

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  7. I really love the webz – I have met some of the best people I’ve ever known: inspiring, fun & funny, smart, wild and so generous! Like the two of you! You are way adorable! (btw I have 2 sons….)

  8. Jo Bryan: Thanks! We had such a fun weekend – totally exhausted by Sunday night otherwise we’d be out for sushi! 🙂

    Sasa: There’s no better way to bond than sharing a piece of floss 😉

    Meeta: Ain’t she CUTE? I loves Sasa!

    The Grubworm: Hehe you haven’t been hanging out with the right peepz, obviously 😉

    jenny: Thanks! ^^v

    Jamie: Your comment totally made me LOL! You have two sons???? That makes me COUGAR!!

  9. Catty, you really make the most of London, it’s how life should be lived! I love your energy and zest.

  10. Aww gorgeous post! Sasa is such a darling! And everyone looks fantastic together! 😀

  11. I can’t believe this was all less than a week ago! How quickly time flies…

    Completely agree with you & Aaron re: the interwebz, have met lots of great people this way (and also learnt loads about food!).

    p.s. have never been into MySpace either, strangely enough.

  12. Hi you gorgeous girls!!! Love the photos, we’ll have to get Sasa to Sydney when you’re back in town!! 🙂 xxx

  13. Hey I loved your blog. I found it at Yahoo and fell in love with it. I have bookmarked it. Thank you for these nice posts.

  14. Pascale: Thanks, lovely! 😀 Well, considering my time here was always going to be limited, I have to make the most that I can!

    Lorraine: She is a dahling!

    Su-yin: I know, it feels like so long ago, doesn’t it? What a fun weekend we had!

    Maria: Yes, let’s hatch that plan when I get back 😉

    Vance: Thanks very much!

  15. Wait, you can do karaoke in a PRIVATE BOOTH in London and have Chinese food brought TO YOU?! WHUUUUT. I want to go there!

    Looks like you guys had fun tearin’ up the Capital! The interwebz are great, eh? 😉

    Jax x

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  17. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww you girls had so much fun!! Food looks delicious and you ladies are HAWT!

  18. finally got around to this i bookmarked to read because it was a long ‘un!! LOOKED LIKE U HAD SO MUCH FUN WITH SASA. sorry i missed out on both the karaoke and the Malaysian night. I should have been there I know. Miss u lots catty. hope u are well and again, thanks for coming to the party and those earrings. cuteness xoxo

  19. Old Cow and diva: Wish we could have partied with you guys more!

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