This week is my fat week. I’ve acknowledged it, accepted it, and wholly embraced the fact that there is nothing much I can do about getting fat when I choose to indulge in eating out six nights out of seven this week. And to start my dinner with pork crackling. I mean, holy mother of fried fatty bits of air.

And in the lead up to this week, like you know training, I made that banoffee pie, and then kicked off my fat week with a seven course lunch which pretty much obliterated my waist line on its own. I was screwed right from the start. Not to be discouraged though, I kitted myself up ready for night two: Mexican at Wahaca.

Dinner at Wahaca came about in a weird and wonderful way. I won’t go into boring details here, but let’s just say that the wonders of twitter brought me a new friend and a freebie meal, and really, who would complain about that?

We met up (she knew what I looked like, I knew she was Swedish so like, tall and blonde and gorgeous) and with our £50 voucher (the meal only came to about £30 too, so that kinda sucked but we were full!) we started scouring the “Mexican street food menu”, slightly drooling at the deliciousness on offer.

We had:

Hibiscus water and Citrus Fizz

Pork pibil tacos – Slow cooked pork in a special Yucatecan marinade

Marinated chicken taquitos with shredded lettuce, Lancashire cheese and fresh tomato salsa

MSC ceviche tostadas – shrimp and scallops tossed with a refreshing mix of habaneros, lime, mint and fresh tomato salsa

Black beans & cheese quesadillas – homemade black beans with cheddar cheese and mozzarella

Churros with chocolate

Flan del la casa – a creamy vanilla-scented pudding with a wicked caramel sauce. Like a creme caramel but better.

It might be well worth noting that I’d been to Wahaca before and wasn’t overly impressed, but this meal (and service and general ambience) was far better than my last experience, not withstanding the voucher.

So that was Monday night! Tuesday I managed to stay in ~ a cosy night involving pyjamas, a face mask, The Hills and leftover macaroni. I like! Wednesday was a dinner with my girls, another carb-fuelled event with sausages and caramelised onions and a huge and scrumptious French onion (sweet) potato bake. I made matcha macarons for dessert, they were a hit 😀

And last night, WOW if ever there was a death by chocolate. Green & Black’s launched their new cookbook, ‘Ultimate’. I don’t really think I need to say much more about that! Chocolate. Cook. Book. FML this is going to be fat month.

While indulging in such treats as raspberry cheesecake brownies, chocolate whoopie pies, chocolate fritters (YUM), salted caramel brownies and a crazy-delicious white chocolate & passionfruit delice (and expanding that waistline ever more), I also got to catch up with a few of my peepz

And stay chooned folks, I’m gonna do a Green & Black’s gift-away soon!

Anyway, today I am b-l-o-a-t-e-d from all the sugary goodness, but alas, fat week continues with a lunch at L’Anima (where are my fat pants?), dinner and bowling at All Star Lanes tonight (is bowling considered exercise?), and dinner at The Criterion Restaurant tomorrow.

And Sunday? Sunday I sleepz.

66 Chandos Place
Covent Garden, WC2N 4HG
0207 240 1883

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9 Thoughts on “dinner at Wahaca and Green & Black’s cookbook launch: just one part of my fat week

  1. Fat week? Let’s get fat month on the rails here! Lovely evening at G&B last night!

  2. Mmm Churros! But I can’t believe you didn’t take a shot of it dipped in the chocolate.

    PS: Did that sound deviant?

  3. Ooh was that pork crackling I just saw?! I have a few bags of Chicharon (what I call them in Filipino) stashed away from view or utter temptation in my pantry.hehe
    When it comes to the colder months, my waistline seems to expand due to no motivation to exercise- too cold damn it!

  4. Kavey: I know, I need my fat pants ASAP. It was fun last night – how awesome was that crackling?!

    Mr Noodles: Haha I thought about it but I was covered in cinnamon! And no, it didn’t sound deviant 😉

    Adrian: Hi! And YES, well it’s scratchings which is kinda airier than crackling but still delish! Like little balls of deep fried air 🙂

    pigpigscorner: not of my butt you aint.

  5. Great photos from last night! 🙂 I believe that picture is from shortly before I tipped the contents of that plate in various people’s handbags.

  6. That hibiscus water looks so inviting! I’m not a huge fan of Mexican food, but these dishes look pretty damn good. And Catty my tiny friend you’ve got NOTHING to worry about! I bet you could have 52 of these “fat” weeks of yours in a row and not put on any weight! I probably put on like 5 kilos just looking at these photos and thinking about all the chocolate recipes in that gorgeous book!

  7. I actually quite enjoy Wahaca. I suspect it’s because of the pork crackling though, I’m very easily swayed by such things. 😀 I must go again soon-ish, I haven’t had the pork crackling in a while, and your photo brings back the memories of each airy crunchy piece. *yum* I hate the fact that they don’t take reservations though, somehow waiting 30-60 minutes for food isn’t made for my “I am hungry must eat NOW” self.

  8. Gail: LOL, I can’t believe you poured the chocolates directly from the bowl into our bags 🙂 hilarious!

    Maria: Um, as much as I love you for saying it, I really cannot do 52 fat weeks! Hehe, I’m also not a massive fan of Mexican because all I think about are giant burritos and beans, but this place is great cos they serve these little bite sized portions so you can have loads of different things!

    Su-yin: That crackling was goooooood, you need to go back again soon! You know they’re opening on Wardour Street right?

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