I have to say that Addie’s Thai has got to be the most obscure restaurant to find, ever. Despite its obvious address on Earl’s Court Road, the actual restaurant itself is obscure, and you know, not obscure like Hawksmoor on Commercial Road where their signage is black text on a black wall (I shit you not), but obscure like there is no signage at all.

Anyway, after walking past this shop front:

about five times (ok so it didn’t help that when we were looking for Addie’s Thai, there was a huge group loitering outside further demolishing any visuals), we managed to finally identify it, go inside and skip the heaving queue of hungry patrons-to-be and settle into our table.

So that above there was code for: Make Sure You Book.

Addie’s Thai is a super popular venue for Thai food, and has been recommended to me by numerous sources. I mean, it’s kind of cute that on its menu, Addie’s Thai even professes to be “probably the best Thai in London”. I’m glad they said “probably”, because while it’s very good, I can’t say it’s the best.

Whether subconsciously or not (mostly not), I compared everything to Siam Central, my very most favourite Thai in London. What I do give Addie’s Thai props for though is that they have Thai iced tea on the menu, which is just OMGYUM.

Panu and I started with a mixed Addie’s Platter of spring rolls, prawn & chicken toast, prawn wontons and chicken satay. I usually avoid platter type dishes but it was the easiest way we could sample a bunch of starters and was all pretty good, the stand out being the prawn wontons.

We shared three mains: the kaeng kari gai, a yellow curry with chicken, potatoes and onions. I liked this curry because it reminded me of Malaysian style curries, full of big chunky pieces of potato *nom*

The yam neau, a Thai style spicy grilled beef salad, was also good but (and I can’t believe I’m blogging this out loud) there was just too. much. meat. Otherwise the clean, limey, chilli taste was splendid and complemented the heavy curry perfectly.

And lastly, testament to any Thai restaurant, the pad thai. This dish for me was where Addie’s Thai paled in comparison to Siam Central. Though prettier, it lacked the oomph of taste offered by Siam Central’s pad thai and was somehow sweeter, a little too sweet. I don’t attest to know what a good traditional pad thai ought to taste like but I do know what I enjoy!

Moving onto desserts and ok, excuse my French but Addie’s Thai shits all over everything. The green pandan pancake with Thai custard filling was orgasmically good! And I haven’t said something was orgasmic in a long time. The pancake was soft, the Thai custard… what, do they like put drugs in that thing? I could have eaten at least two more. Or twenty.

And the steamed sticky rice stuffed with banana was scrumptious, the sticky rice an ideal consistency (not too dry, not too sticky, not too hard) and the banana adding a fragrance you’ve got to try to believe.

All in all, I wouldn’t say Addie’s Thai is necessarily better than Siam Central. Or vice versa. I honestly think they’re on par, two of the best Thai restaurants in London, except that um, Siam Central is like a two minute walk from my place so you know where you’ll find me at.

Addie’s Thai
121 Earl’s Court Road
Earl’s Court, SW5 9RL
0207 259 2620

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23 Thoughts on “Addie’s Thai: “probably” the best Thai in London?

  1. Have you made it to 101 Thai Kitchen yet?

    I used to live near Addie’s and so it was a regular haunt for me – all my Thai friends recommended it, not least because there was Thai karaoke on offer downstairs…

    The Desserts look reallly intriguing, I think I’m going to be making pandan pancakes soon.

    P.s: What was the basket over the pad thai made out of?


  3. Thai desserts FTW! I miss ’em. Wish we could go eat Thai together again…Soon!

  4. Went there during my uni days. Really tasty stuff!

  5. Addie’s Thai has been on my list since before I started blogging but I still haven’t got round to going yet! It all looks pretty decent but it’s a shame about the pad thai. I hate it when it’s too sweet, which it sadly all too often is in the UK.

    PS: I second Su-Lin’s rec of 101 Thai Kitchen – it’s superb.

  6. Su-Lin: Nooo what’s 101 Thai Kitchen? Now I’m starting to get all NEW recommendations! LOL I didn’t know about karaoke, but was wondering where all those people were coming from/going to!

    Yinnie: The basket is made from eggs! You tear it up and mix it into the pad thai 🙂

    Sasa: Awwwww I miss having Thai with you! And watching The Sitch!

    pigpigscorner: Definitely. God that Thai iced tea and pandan pancake!!!!

    Mr Noodles: oooh I think you have to go, just to check it out! Maybe don’t get the pad thai (although, you almost have to so you know for yourself) – the curries are great!

  7. Yum… that sticky rice stuffed with banana looks soooo good!

  8. Omg how have I not had the sticky rice stuffed with banana? I’ve never seen that on the menu, it’s always the mango sticky rice that is there (and that I order). A trip to Earl’s Court is in order.

  9. Oh I forgot to say I always order the deep fried pomfret when I go to Addie’s. It reminds me of home 🙂 And it’s good too of course.

  10. sticky rice STUFFED with banana? dude that is so awesome!

  11. I’ve been sooo many times to Addie’s cause I’m fortunate enough to live nearby 🙂
    I love their pad thai, but now you’ve made me wanna try Siam Central.
    I swear there used to be a sign? I don’t know why they’ve decided to become so underground-like? There’s an even more obscure thai restaurant on Hogarth Road though, just off earls’ court road!

  12. This looks DELICIOUS! I have not found my favourite Thai in London yet, I should try Siam Central then, or 101 Kithcen. And maybe also Addie’s…. (and the to do list is getting longer and longer and longer….)

  13. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I love good Thai food! Must trek down to Earl’s Court for this! Where is Siam Central?

  14. thewanderingfoody: it IS good… served warm with ice cream too *nom*

    Su-yin: oh you told me about the deep fried pomfret too!! I totally forgot! We’ll have to go together one day – it’s a bit of a trek from central 😉

    chocolatesuze: I know right? So nommy! And with ice cream!

    Suety: You should try Siam Central and see what you think!! I’d love to know 🙂 Yeah there is no sign! That was such a pain in the butt!

    Ute: Hehehe, go try them and let me know what comes up tops 😉

    jenny: Siam Central is on Charlotte St in W1 – try it!

  15. LOL you made me spit out my drink when you said “excuse my French but Addie’s Thai shits all over everything. The green pandan pancake with Thai custard filling was orgasmically good! And I haven’t said something was orgasmic in a long time”.

  16. Linda at Pink Elephants coffee,LLC on November 2, 2010 at 4:16 pm said:

    Catty, Where is the recipe for the green orgasm? There’s still a little zippity left
    in the old doo dah.

  17. OMG you know what, I have actually been to Siam Central before!!
    Gotta say I prefer Addie’s… this includes the pad thai, I’ve got a major sweet tooth!
    maybe I’m just emotionally invested…
    but siam was really very good too! I liked that the pineapple rice was actually in a pineapple lol

  18. Lorraine: Haha – I’m glad I made you errr.. spit?? 😀

    Linda: I only wish I had the recipe for a green orgasm!

    Suety: Ahhhh ok cool hehehe, yeah the pineapple rice in half a pineapple is cool 🙂 glad you like it too though!

  19. missy hii on November 8, 2010 at 9:54 am said:

    i highly recommend thai from thai 101 and number 1 cafe:)
    Addies not as nice as it used to be 🙁

  20. I live 5 minutes from here and after reading your review we popped in over the weekend. OH MY GOSH!!! G woke up the next morning asking if we could go there for breakfast. Going back again tonight. This may become our go to take-away/delivery place. Thanks for helping me convince him to go with your glowing review.

  21. “Moving onto desserts and ok, excuse my French but Addie’s Thai shits all over everything” just such a terrible quote on a food review!

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