New gelato shop on Greek street selling BLACK SESAME gelato! It’s not too bad – could be a little stronger but hey, for an emergency fix, this is brilliant!

Strangely, it’s the only Asian flavour but here’s hoping they’ll bring in matcha next πŸ˜‰

Lick Gelato
55 Greek Street
Soho, W1D 3DT
0208 617 0042

Update 15-Nov: They do make matcha! Tried it last Friday night and it’s delicious, with bits of crushed up green tea adding to the texture. *nom*

13 Thoughts on “bite sized: black sesame gelato @ Lick Gelato

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  2. Christine on November 6, 2010 at 5:11 pm said:

    That is freakin’ awesome! Black sesame gelato? Genius!

  3. with all those matcha recipes you got … you could just make your own, and then share some with all your followers ey? hehe =P
    I agree – just from the colour it doesn’t look strong enough – – the darker the better !!! mmm

  4. Oh ho ho – I want me some of that! Having had it for the first time in Japan about 5 years ago, I’m always on the lookout for it now. ‘Cept – this one’s not really black enough for my liking. Did they think it’d freak people out if they made it, like, really black?

  5. im kinda pressuring the boy to take me to london for our delayed honeymoon just so i can visit all these incredible places you go to!

  6. Christine: YEAH – I adore black sesame ice cream so this is like err… healthier? πŸ™‚

    Allan: Well I’ve made matcha ice cream!! Haven’t made gelato but you never know.. one day!

    aforkful: Yeah it’s not quite strong enough, the blacker the better as you said, but it’s certainly not bad!

    chocolatesuze: OMG come early next year and I’ll take you out to eat! (and noodz too, he can come hehe) πŸ˜€

  7. Ice cream – in this weather!? I can see you’re definitely a glass half full kinda person. The ice cream/gelato (what is the difference exactly?) does look a wee bit anemic, but I guess they’re stepping into unknown territory. Now if they start making genmeicha ice cream i would definitely sit up and take notice.

  8. That sounds great, I’d love to try that flavour.

  9. hmm, don’t you work in soho? Thats like near japancentre which sells black sesame ice cream. =)


  10. Sarah: You should! It’s unique.. and delicious πŸ˜€

    Yinnie: Oh yeah they do… but you know in my head, I always lean towards gelato cos it’s marginally “healthier” than ice cream hehe. I am a little anti Japan Centre though, EVERY single time I’ve been there for matcha soft serve, even at LUNCH TIME, the machine is shut. Ridiculous. I end up at Wasabi instead, who make great matcha soft serve!

  11. Hi, I own an ice cream company and our flavours are inspired by the far east. We just returned from Masterchef Live last night and one of my customers told me about your blog. Our black sesame seed ice cream just won an award last week, the dairy category of the Deliciously Yorkshire awards. It is available in Sushinho on Kings Road, Shanghai Blues in High Holborn n Weng Wah restaurant. Keep an eye out for it in the following Chinese supermarkets – Loon Fung, Hoo Hing, Wing Yip. I make matcha green tea, black sesame seed, red bean, taro, lychee, chocolate n chilli, wasabi, n loads of other flavours. Please have a look at my website n follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

    • LOVED your matcha flavour last Friday night, and looking forward to trying the others! Yay for a great new Gelato place, can’t wait til summer πŸ˜€

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