The time is 7.54pm eastern standard time. I arrived in New York City literally less than 3 hours ago and what’s the first thing I eat? KyoChon Fried Chicken, baby! Maybe it’s destiny because by complete randomness, I’ve landed my butt in a hotel in Manhattan’s Koreatown. Maybe secretly – or maybe the Koreans know something I don’t – but just maybe, I am Korean afterall.

But whatever. I arrive, unpack, skype quickly with Panu and because it’s midnight back in London, my stomach is raging war against itself in retaliation to its master attempting to heinously starve it, because what the heck else could she be doing not eating dinner until midnight? I mean, really, if you can rely on her to do anything, it’s to feed her stomach.

Wow, travelling across timezones has caused me to lose my sense of first person.

Anyway, I stumble out of my hotel with hopes of getting something warm in my stomach. A bibimbap maybe. Or jjigae. Or bulgolgi on rice. Whatever K-town has to offer. But not 10 meters to my right and what do I see?


I first discovered KyoChon on my first visit to LA, and then by no coincidence at all, re-discovered it again on my second visit. I can’t even begin to describe how much I adore KyoChon fried chicken. The thin batter, crispy skin and delicious marinades. Honestly, there is nothing not to like. I wanted to indulge and go crazy, but I also knew I’d feel sick as a dog if I ate a butt load and went to bed, so showing all the constraint my little body muster, I ordered myself a snack:

Two pieces of honey soy drumsticks…

… and some pickled radish. OMG how I LOVE that they have pre-packaged teeny tiny cubes of pickled radish!

Needless to say this will not be my only visit to KyoChon on this trip. In fact, let’s see just how many times I can go in 12 days 😉

319 5th Avenue
Midtown, NY, 10016

KyoChon on Urbanspoon

On a different note, I flew in on Virgin Atlantic today. When work was booking this trip for me, they gave me options to choose from British Airways, American Airlines and Virgin Atlantic. Without so much as a blink of an eye, I chose the Virgin flights. You wanna know why? Because, they serve Gü desserts. SIMPLE.

With our in-flight lunch, we all received a little Gü mini pud…

… followed by an ice cream bar, which ok fine it wasn’t Gü, but hey, still!

And at some point while watching episodes of Glee, they gave us Gü brownies. I mean really, Glee and Gü? Virgin Atlantic FTW!

Ok time check: 8.25pm EST. I also bought a new book today, so am off to bed to read and crash. Work here starts tomorrow, and my priority right after work? Go get my 10% off tourist card at Macy’s!

12 Thoughts on “arrived in NYC and straight to KyoChon!

  1. I can’t argue with Gu and Glee – perfect combination! Will have to remember to take Virgin when I (finally) visit NY! 😛

    And god, that fried chicken. What wouldn’t I give for a KyoChon here in London? Or more specifically, on Charlotte Street? Lol.

  2. I wouldn’t have expected any less from the Cattymeister. Meanwhile, I was up at 4.47 a.m… Hey, I figure I’m adjusting timezones gradually, right?

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  4. HI i have just landed yesterday back from NYC i love it try Buger and Barrel, downton (

  5. So jealous of you in New York for work – sounds amazing Catty and brilliant for Christmas shopping!

  6. Linda at Pink Elephants coffee,LLC on December 7, 2010 at 8:07 am said:

    GU… “mini puds” ??? Catty, do you know what a pud is in America? ha! ha! Er, uh,
    you don’t want to ask around.
    Glad you arrived safely !! NYC has everything money can buy. Did you fly all that
    way to photograph food (for work) ? What a good life.
    I’m in the Pacific Northwest, in the rugged mountains in way northern California.
    Maybe someday you could visit and we could fish for salmon and make fried cakes.
    You wouldn’t believe the beauty here. The eateries are limited. The Chinese food is
    second rate. I’ll bet KyoChon would go over big. That stuff looks yummy. But,due
    to demographics, we can’t even get KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) to come here.
    Su-yin could convince KyoChon to open in London. Judging by the slick look of
    their storefront in New York, I’d say they certainly could afford to.

  7. Su-yin: LOL yeah we totally need a KyoChon on Charlotte St! That would be beyond awesome 😀

    Sasa: Awwww you’re probably on your way right now! Hope to hear from you when you land x

    Joe: SO many places for me to try! I’ve noted it.. and if I don’t get to it, don’t worry I will be back in Feb 🙂

    Gourmet Chick: Definitely going Christmas shopping! Dang this work thing gets in the way!

    Linda: The Pacific Northwest sounds beautiful! You never know, I may well visit one day 🙂 Hahaha I can imagine what puds are.. the English call desserts puds which I think is really funny too!

  8. omg!! I never know Virgin Atlantic offers Gu desserts and brownies??!!??
    Unfortunately I already got my tix to NY with BA. Can’t wait to try the fried chicken when I am there. =)

  9. And enjoy Shake Shack – I know it won’t take you long to join that queue….! x

  10. Kay: They sure do! Oh well, no Gu for you 😉 BUT you can look forward to all the awesome food in NYC! When are you going?

    Greedy Diva: I am actually going to wait for Panu in Feb to try Shake Shack. Can you believe it? HOW NICE AM I????

  11. That is one big-ass trip to the US. Pretty damn jealous.

    Now I just have to make it to Korea as I want some damn wings and as I am so close it makes sense.

    PS Shake Shack – cheat on Panu and go sooner (but don’t bother queuing more than 10- 15 mins – it isn’t that good!)

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