It’s Friday night here in NYC and one work week is OVER. Awesomeness. It’s been a bit of a brain straining week and I’d been looking forward to taking it easy, wandering around this great little city on my own. Of course by “taking it easy”, I totally meant “go shopping”.

I cast my shopping net wide tonight – all the way from Union Square at 14th St (where 7’s lives. Because I LOVE 7’s) up to Bloomingdale’s at 59th – and the sucker that I am, Bloomingdale’s has this deal where if you spend over $200 you get a “free gift”. So what did I do? I spent over $200 of course and gleefully traipsed my way to the Visitor Centre to claim my prize. Hey, I am Chinese afterall.

Anyway, after queuing for eons, the mofos gave me a keyring. A LOUSY KEYRING. Seriously. I took the keyring regardless because if nothing else, I’d earned the thing, and I took it and hurled its glib little brownbagness across the crowded room. Or maybe I just took it and shoved it into my bag, but you know the feeling.

With the keyring lodged hopefully somewhere between my snotty tissue and the hard rock that I obviously carry around in my handbag, I decided to pursue something a little more rewarding. Food. I’d been pointed in the direction of Kyotofu earlier in the week, mainly as a recommendation for dessert, but hey who’s to say I couldn’t have it for dinner too? Nobody, that’s who. Well, turns out they do savouries anyway so my soul is saved once again.

I wandered across through Hell’s Kitchen where the locals would have you believe that it is hot in hell. Some whacko was walking around with no shirt on, I shit you not, and it’s like just a little bit cold outside. But anyway, focus. Let’s get tofu-00d.

Chicken & tofu burger with sweet potato chips

I wanted to have soba noodles, but felt a bizarre obligation to order something tofu, considering I was sitting in a joint called KyoTOFU. The chicken & tofu burger seemed like a good option and tasted… well, it basically just tasted like a whole lot more than I expected. The patty itself is made with chicken mince and tofu, served with cabbage, salad and sauce on a brioche bun. Not Bad At All.

Signature sweet tofu with kuromitsu syrup & black sesame tuile

For dessert, I was once again obligated to back my tofu brother and was tossing up between the black sesame sweet tofu and the signature sweet tofu with kuromitsu syrup & black sesame tuile. The waitress likes the latter best so I gave that a shot. The tofu itself isn’t too sweet, but comes with a shot of kuromitsu (brown sugar) syrup and when all mish-mashed together, it was basically a glorified tofu-fa, which I’m not complaining about 🙂

Oh and I ordered something matcha. Because.

Iced matcha latte

705 9th Avenue (between 48th and 49th Streets)
Hell’s Kitchen, NY, 10019
212 974 6012

Kyotofu on Urbanspoon

Somewhere in between the shopping and the eating, I managed to check out the lights that make New York New York. The city is stunning at the worst of times and at Christmas? It truly comes to life… check it out…

Times Square

Rockerfeller Center Christmas tree

Rockerfeller Center

Bryant Park


And of course there’s the famous light snow at Saks 5th Avenue. This year’s theme was “The Snowflake and the Bubble”. I know, sounds lame but hey, it was cool. I even took a video!

9 Thoughts on “Let’s get tofu-ood! Friday night in NYC: shopping, eating & Christmas lights

  1. Wow the Saks show is cool! I’m so jealous you’re in NYC right now Catty, wish I was there too!

  2. Great post Catty, thanks for sharing! I’ve been to New York before but I would love to back again. Reading your New York post I’m in a very nostalgic mood. 🙂

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  4. the saks lightshow – VERY COOL!

  5. jenny: Yeah the lights are cool right?

    Zita: You need to go back again! It’s such a fun city!!

    mc: I know, I love it 🙂

  6. I would love to go to NY at Christmas (or at all for that matter!) – thanks for sharing the pictures… hoping I get to go there in next year or two.

  7. Linda at Pink Elephants coffee,LLC on December 11, 2010 at 9:35 pm said:

    Macy’s brags “the world’s largest store”? I thought Harrods had that title.
    Iced Matcha Latte. Oh man. That is pretty. Did you figure out their recipe? I would
    serve that to my best guests. It’s just….so…..pretty! Hum and yum.
    Are you going to catch the David Letterman show ? Paul McCartney was finally a
    guest on his show, a couple of months ago. David asked him why, in 20 years,
    wouldn’t he come on the show. Paul replied,”Because I don’t like your show.” It
    was funny as hell because David doesn’t blush for cue cards. But he turns very
    red when he’s embarrassed.
    Thanks for sharing the city lights, Catty. I needed a dose of that. Are you going to

  8. Sarah: You should definitely try! It’s great for sight seeing, shopping AND eating. Ted would have fun too 🙂

    Linda: Not sure about their recipe but I once made a matcha frappe which I’m guessing is very similar except I blended my ice up! Here’s the recipe if you’re interested: – as for other NYC things, I’m here for work this trip so not much fun time, but will be back for fun in Feb 😀

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