Last night, as soon as I finished work, I went straight to Macy’s and got my 10% discount card just like I promised you I would. Priority one done.

Priority two? Get on the subway and hurtle towards New York’s East Village – I was totally disproportionately excited in the knowledge that I was about to consume the one and only Luke’s Lobster roll.

I’d heard about Luke’s Lobster before, from the various and wondrous foodie informants I keep stashed in my twittersphere, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one of these juicy babies. Sure, The Hawksmoor in London now serves a lobster roll, but for £25?! This baby here is $14 and hey you get a free pack of chips with it and the mother of all pickles. That to me is a no brainer WIN!

Luke’s Lobster is the cutest little shack of a place, down on 7th street in New York’s East Village. The whole area is properly groovy with little cafes, restaurants and bars dotting the streets. Luke’s fits right in. I’m assuming it predominantly serves take-out because there are only about ten seats, but if you get a chance you should definitely eat in. The interior is fabulously decorated and they even have salt and pepper shakers in the shape of lobster claws. So awesome 😀

I didn’t think too much about the menu because as with any legendary meal, you go for the original first. One lobster roll please, and a root beer. Oh, and the free chippies.

The lobster roll is DELICIOUS. Juicy and sweet, the perfect amount of mayonnaise and a healthy sprinkling of pepper. The pickle was just enormous, almost too big, and this is coming from a bona fide pickle lover. I probably could have had another lobster roll (I mean, $14 guys, that’s like nothing) or maybe a crab roll? But I think I’m gonna save that and bring Panu back here in February 🙂

Or ok maybe I’ll sneak another visit in this trip but shhhhhhhhhh!

To accompany the Maine lobster rolls, I had a Maine root beer soda. It wasn’t a float, but twas good drinking anyways.

Overall? Big BIG *heart* for Luke’s!

Luke’s Lobster
93 E 7th Street
East Village, NY, 10009
(212) 387 8487

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13 Thoughts on “Luke’s Lobster roll in New York’s East Village

  1. Linda at Pink Elephants coffee,LLC on December 8, 2010 at 1:30 pm said:

    You wrote the magic words…Rootbeer Float. ha! Is the Maine root beer more special than, say, A & W, or Hire’s, or Dad’s?
    Seriously, I never had a lobster roll, but THAT one speaks to me. If you go to Maine, try their biscuits if you like biscuits. They swear by Bakewell Cream, a
    powder ingredient.

  2. OMG! that lobster rolls looks soooooooo good it’s worth booking a flight to NYC just to try 🙂 adding to my wish list for sure!

  3. Granted, I’ve never had one but I’ve never seen the point of a lobster roll. I’m sure it’s tasty ‘n’ all but why not just have the lobster sans the roll?

    PS: Dead jealous that you’re in NY.

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  5. Awesome – you went here too! Did you see my post about 3 great NY sandwiches last week – Luke’s Lobster is top of the list! Glad you loved it.

  6. I Love your website!

  7. Linda: Hmmm not really, I think I like A&W best still 😀 I think I want to try and proper Maine lobster roll IN Maine one day, but this one was pretty good!

    Simon: It’s so worth it 😉

    Mr Noodles: Hm, interesting and true, why not have a whole lobster? Guess having it pre-peeled and in a gorgeously soft bun makes it easier to eat 🙂 Plus it’s only $14 😀

    Greedy Diva: I have now! I LOVED it. Definitely going back, if not this trip then in Feb 🙂

    Merci: Thank you *blush*

  8. lobster rolls?!?~?~?~?~ WHAT?!?!?! omG no fair.
    oooo i can add to urbanspoon wishlist =), one day …

  9. oooh i love this place ! well, luke’s lobster but i only know the one on the upper east side. and they didn’t have those fun salt & pepper shakers when i was there, boo ! 😉 my regular order: 1 lobster roll and 1 crab roll. and i may even prefer the crab roll. they are both phenomenal. so is their ice cream. enjoy !!

  10. hehe Catty you are a girl with the very same priorities as moi!- Love it! 😀

  11. WOW. YUM.

  12. What an amazing pair! That’s a bargain for lobster in a roll, and at a great price too!

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