Apologies for the unconventional post, but right now I’m not going to talk about food. Oh wait, I just had a Momofuku cornflake & marshmallow cookie – so awesome – and ok, that’s it, no more food.

I’m writing this post while flying towards Vegas. Vegas?! Why am I going to Vegas? WELL. You see, it kinda sorta snowed in London over the weekend. And who knew how treacherous them adorable little snowflakes can be!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, my Saturday flight from NYC to London was cancelled. I rebooked for today and last night that flight also cancelled, and I was told the next available seat from NYC to anywhere in London isn’t until Boxing Day. For realz.

There’s no way I’m hanging out in NYC alone and missing Christmas with Panu so I hunted around and found a seat on a flight from Vegas to London for tomorrow. And so I’m on my way to Vegas, baby, and who knows maybe I’ll win some money while I’m there 😉

Thanks for all the support and thoughts on facebook, twitter and email! You guys make me smile 🙂

8 Thoughts on “Making my way back to London…

  1. Linda at Pink Elephants coffee,LLC on December 21, 2010 at 4:33 am said:

    Catty, the TV news reported that they are about to shut down the airport at Heathrow. So, you might encounter yet another cancellation due to that. At least you will be reasonably warm in Vegas. Wish I knew someone there who could keep
    you company. Stay careful in that place and don’t take candy from strangers.
    We have had snow and it’s melting away. More due tomorrow or Thursday. I am
    more so concerned about you. I’ll e-mail, in case you don’t have my address with

    • Hey Linda, thanks so much for your concern, I have a good friend here and am staying at her place so it’s all good actually! Impromptu catch up! Really hope I can leave tomorrow though.

  2. Best of luck getting back!!! My fingers are crossed for you!!!

  3. Oh dear… hope you can get back in time for christmas!!!
    If not (touchwood), you should have amazing belated celebrations.

  4. Hope you get back in time! Nb if you get stuck, from memory, the margaritas at the Mexican restaurant in the Vegas airport are pretty darn good…

  5. Oh man! I can’t believe they have this same problem every time it snows in London!! I hope you get home by Christmas, thinking of you!! xxx

  6. Get back safe Catty! And happy Christmas with Panu 😀 x

  7. Thanks you guys! I am finally back now. What an ordeal!!

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