So I’ve been talking about my friend Sam blah-blah-blah for what seems like a million blog posts. Sorry, but it’s just that I’ve spent four of my last six weeks cooped up in a room with her for work and so you know, she’s been all up in my consciousness like I want to be all up in um… this burger.

I figured maybe you’re wondering if this Sam person is for real, or if I’ve been sending myself gargantuan parcels of goodies just for kicks. Well, just to prove that I’m not certified insane, on Monday this week, I took Sam and a couple of her friends to afternoon tea at The Restaurant at St Paul’s and took a happy snap of her 🙂

Are you ready for it?


In order of gorgeous appearance, here’s Samantha, Maytal and Sara, enjoying a traditional English afternoon tea!

The afternoon tea itself was ok, but wasn’t nearly as gorgeous as my companions. For £15.95 (£21.25 with a glass of sparkling wine) you get the usual – finger sandwiches with honey roasted ham & mustard, egg & cress and cucumber & cream cheese, (giant) scones and cakes. But all in all it was a little underwhelming.

Because I’d had nothing for lunch, I was starving and scoffed the sandwiches down, but I think they were ok. The bread was soft, I remember that!

The scones were enormous and probably the best part of the afternoon tea – baked fresh and drenched in cream and strawberry jam…

… but the cakes were blergh! I’m not a fan of fruit cake at all, and even the ginger-chocolate cake was overly dense and play-doughy in my mouth 🙁

Anyway, so you see I don’t always have make believe friends. Sometimes, just sometimes, they’re real! Sam’s wrapping up tomorrow and heading back Stateside… I’ll miss the company but um, ok, now I better start doing some work for real!

The Restaurant at St Paul’s
St Paul’s Cathedral (St Paul’s Churchyard)
London, EC4M 8AD
0207 248 2469

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11 Thoughts on “afternoon tea at St Paul’s Restaurant and check it out, Sam is REAL!

  1. Haha it’s like my old DC world was transplanted amidst a sea of scones and tea 🙂 Hope you guys had a great visit!

  2. Quite reasonably priced for an afternoon tea but I agree those cakes look a bit disappointing compared to the usual fare.

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  4. Samantha on January 12, 2011 at 4:37 pm said:

    Yeah, your pictures make the food look much more lush than it was — and, yes, after four of six week, I’m going to be in withdrawl and have no clue where to go eat anything!

  5. jenny chan on January 12, 2011 at 9:07 pm said:

    Oh what a shame it wasn’t that good! The scones look delicious though!

  6. Lara: I know! Crazy right??? I’ll make it up to you.. we’ll do pizza in NYC 😉

    Gourmet Chick: I know. For one, they weren’t pretty at all!

    Samantha: Just go home and head to Pat’s 😉

    jenny: Yeah the scones were the best part. Big and soft and fresh 🙂

  7. Linda at Pink Elephants coffee,LLC on January 12, 2011 at 11:29 pm said:

    ha!ha! You are funny, girl. Look at this way; Better to have imaginary friends than
    imaginary food. Hmmmmm. 🙂
    Play-doh in the mouth? Eeeeeuuuuwww! Well, you certainly met the challenge of
    making it look good.

  8. I’m sitting here sipping my coffee thinking I’d love one of those scones!

  9. hi catty. i’ve been following your blog for a while now and i absolutely love it! it’s a definite go to for me when i want to try out new restaurants. i was wondering if you could give me a few restaurant recommendation for my birthday? it’s a party of 14, so somewhere that has a table big enough to accomodate us all one one table would be good. the budget is around 20/head. thanks!!!

    • Hiya hk! Thanks for reading my blog – I see your comments come through from time to time and always appreciate them! As for suggestions.. well last night I went to the new Yalla Yalla on 12 Winsley Street (W1W 8HQ) and it was really great! About 10 times the size of the old one haha.. no issues at all for table of 14 and it was spot on £20pp for us. It’s great Lebanese food if you like that kinda thing. I’ll blog it soon!

      For something totally different, you could try All Star Lanes bowling (there are several locations). For £30pp you get this Eat-Drink-Bowl deal for 2 course meal, cocktail and a game of bowling! The food is surprisingly great.

      Or there is always Mandarin Kitchen for awesome lobster noodles 😉 I think the biggest table they have is for 15.

  10. thank you so much! that’s great! 😀

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