I know it only seems like yesterday that I was clawing to get out of NYC. But now I’m totally excited to go back again for vacation… in exactly four weeks and two days *wooooh!*  I’ve also just booked tickets for Spider Man Turn Off The Dark (infinitely exciting!) and am now on the look out for more places to gorge myself. Eleven Madison Park has already been suggested. What else, peeps, what else?

I did very well in the Big Apple last month, if I do say so myself. During two weeks of work (which meant mostly boring quick lunches), I managed to get to:  KyoChon (ain’t nuthing like Korean fried chicken!), Luke’s Lobster (sweeeeet juicy deliciousness), Kyotofu (chicken & tofu burger that was actually tasty), errrr KFC (double down, bitches!), the amazing Momofuku Ko (god, that shaved foie gras), Ippudo (ramen & to-die-for pork buns. I’m definitely going back), Pat’s King of Steaks (ok so this was in Philly but still) and Lombardi’s, the father of the NY pizza.

But on top of all that, I also stuck in my big fat food hole…

Mercer Kitchen, Soho with the gorgeous Lara

slow baked salmon, fresh corn pudding, cherry tomato vinaigrette

passionfruit soufflé with passionfruit ice cream

raspberry almond crisp

And the delicious sea scallops with asparagus and smoked bacon vinaigrette above.

Mercer Kitchen
99 Prince Street
Soho, NY, 10012

Mercer Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Umi Sushi, Midtown East

tako su (sliced octopus with yuzu sauce)

soft shelled crab with ponzu sauce

assorted sashimi

green tea & red bean mochi ice cream

Umi Sushi
118 East 31st St,
Midtown East, NY, 10016

Umi Sushi on Urbanspoon

Lugo Caffe, Midtown West

linguine alle vongole

Lugo Caffe
1 Penn Plaza,
Midtown West, NY, 10119

Lugo Caffe on Urbanspoon

Westville Restaurant, West Village

crab cakes benedict

broccoli & garlic, sauteed brussel sprouts, sweet potato, beetroot & goats cheese

blueberry pie

Westville Restaurant
210 West 10th Street,
West Village, NY, 10014

Westville on Urbanspoon

Five Napkin Burger, Hells Kitchen with the man about town

original 5 Napkin burger with caramelised onion, gruyere cheese & rosemary aioli

coleslaw and creamed spinach

New York cheese cake

Five Napkin Burger
629 9th Avenue,
Hell’s Kitchen, NY, 10036

Five Napkin Burger on Urbanspoon

Nook Restaurant, Midtown West

scrambled eggs with spinach & ham and home fries (which were NOT home fries, but mash, and actually kind of disgusting)

sweet potato pancakes with sausage & salsa (this was yummy though)

Nook Restaurant
746 9th Avenue,
Midtown West, NY, 10019

Nook Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Han Bat Restaurant, Midtown West

soondubu jjigae (Korean hot pot with soft tofu)

yook hwei (raw beef salad with sesame oil & crispy pears)

Han Bat Restaurant
53 West 35th Street,
Midtown West, NY, 10001

Han Bat on Urbanspoon

Wow, I’m exhausted.

Oh wait, one more! And of course there were many iterations of Pinkberry!

As you may have noticed, I was a Good Girlfriend and didn’t go to Shake Shack, not even once, because I promised Panu I’d go with him in February. How awesome am I to not even have snuck in a fry?

Anyway, aside from all the goodness I’ve already ingested, if you can suggest any other eats that I can’t miss while in NYC in February, please let me know!

Big thanks! xx

32 Thoughts on “massive eating in NYC: need more suggestions!

  1. OMG! you ate yourself through the BIG APPLE?!!! This is amazing!

  2. Steak! Dylan Prime. http://www.dylanprime.com/

    Mexican! Mexicana Mama. http://nymag.com/listings/restaurant/mexicana-mama/

    Asian! Kelly and Ping. http://www.kelleyandping.com/

    Jealous! Me!

  3. You can not miss Burger Joint at Le Meridien. Really, it is up there with Shake Shack and might surpass on a good day.

    Also, maybe not a revolutionary dining experience but so yummy, and really my favorite everyday nice go=to place is Hillstone. There are two restaurants in NYC. If you have time, it would be worth it.

  4. You should definitely try to get a Shake shack burger.


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  6. OMG did she just say crab cakes benedict?!!! Swooooooooon. NYC is such a fab place to eat… Lucky you!

  7. wow! your pictures are fantastic! and at this time of the day it’s just not good! Starving!

  8. You didn’t go to Shake Shack?! That is an impressive level of restraint – I definitely wouldn’t have managed to resist it! Anyway, go and eat a double shack burger with fries. Also John’s pizza is amazing (I liked it more than Lombardi’s), go to Pearl Oyster Bar for the famous lobster roll and the Momofuku Milk Bar for the pork and egg bun. Have a great holiday, I am jealous.

  9. Meeta: no kidding right? I ate SO much!

    Ralph: Thanks for the tips! Am totally collecting suggestions right now. So excited to go again 😀

    Peggy: Oh yeah! You told me about that burger place last time!!

    Sam: I think we’re gonna hit Shake Shack as soon as we land this time 😉

    Jeanne: YES! crab cake benedict was AWESOME! In fact, everything at Westville was good!

    Linguina: Haha sorry 🙂

    Gemma: I know RIGHT? How good was I? Everyone was like “just go and don’t tell him” haha but I didn’t. I’ve heard John’s is good too, might try and go there this time round. I DID go to Momofuku Milk Bar and got some truffles *yum* going back properly on the upcoming trip!

  10. Your pictures of our Mercer Kitchen outting are fabulous! So many options for your next round as far as dining goes. Not sure what genres you are looking to fill.

    Pizza: John’s (the one on Bleeker)

    Steak: Peter Lugar’s

    Burger: Steak Shack

    Brunch: Calle Ocho (UWS), Cafe Lalo (UWS), or Stanton Social (LES)

    Southern-Style Food: Clinton Baking Company (LES) – their Fried Chicken and fried green tomatoes are amazing!

    Also, if you love doughnuts, the Doughnut Plant in the Lower East Side is unreal. Best doughnuts I’ve ever had.

  11. Just found your blog and love it (especially the matcha collection).

    I know this may seem a little out-of-the-way, but…many of the really exciting things going on in NY are happening in Brooklyn these days! A couple that are only one or two stops into the outer boroughs:

    – Diner http://dinernyc.com/
    – Prime Meats http://www.frankspm.com/

    Also, maybe check out Veselka in the East Village – 24 hr. bohemian Ukranian diner. And for a little craziness, some of the izakayas on St. Marks: Kenka or Village Yokocho.

  12. So happy for you Catty! This is exciting stuff in deed!

  13. Lara: Oh i KNEW you’d have lots of recommendations. We need to go to pizza though, maybe John’s?

    Celia: thank you! And welcome to my bloggie 🙂 We’ll probably venture over the bridge as we have no real plans lol so thank you!

    WorshipBlues: VERY exciting!

  14. wow you have so many amazing places already listed. i can only suggest check out where i got to and where i wanted to try on my wish list http://simonfoodfavourites.blogspot.com/2010/11/where-i-ate-in-usa-snapshot-summary-11.html 🙂

  15. Linda at Pink Elephants coffee,LLC on January 7, 2011 at 1:14 am said:

    You had me with the cheesecake and the Crabcakes Benedict. I am curious about
    that sauce because there is a SCOOP of it. Was that shape from something under
    it, or is that a sous secret? I never saw Hollandaise do that, so, was it something
    The octopus is a gorgeous presentation, but I got a thing about eating slimy and
    chewy. Especially squid, cuz this disgusting creature shoots ink out its ass. It’s sort
    of like what I say about certain women…,”I don’t trust anything that bleeds for 5
    days a month and doesn’t die”.

  16. The Minetta Tavern. Cote do Boeuf for two. One of the few places around that does corn-fed beef. The bone marrow that comes along with the beef is amazing!


  17. Girl you did SO well! I really want to go back to NY one day and sample the goodies there! 🙂

  18. hi Catty,

    Go to
    http://www.chelseamarket.com/ amazing fodo shop good cafes, teh coffee at 9th street espresso is the best in the world. AMy’s bread is very cool, The Lobster place is great to walk around in and grab some sushi, it makes a good place after walking the high line.

    Bagatelle in the meat packing is great, http://www.bistrotbagatelle.com/

    Blue ribbon Sushi in soho great, small little place you cannot book, get a seat at the bar and enjoy

    Katz Deli for lunch, http://www.katzdeli.com/ have to try it onace a have the salt beef.

    The Oyster Bar at Grand Central is usual the first place i eat http://www.oysterbarny.com/ amazing selection of oysters, amazing how different they all are, my fav are the kumamotos sweet and creamy. also they serve you amazing bags of oyster crackers. i have to buy a box of them every time i am there, they think i am crazy!

    enjoy, i think i will be there 2nd week of feb !!

  19. Its only 9:30am but I am so hungry after looking at your photos. How on earth do you stay so skinny? That is a lot of eating! New York is such a special place to be inspired. Lucky girl.

  20. Simon, Krista, Joe – thanks so much for the additional recs! I can’t wait to check them all out 🙂

    mealsinheels: New York is such an eating haven! I don’t know about skinny, perhaps I just dress well to hide the bumps! 🙂 Just got your book today by the way, so excited!

  21. Yummmmmmmmmyyyyyyy!!!! That is really amazing 🙂

  22. I am actually very excited that YOU are going to NYC!! I’m so sad for myself, but happy to see you eating through the city. Was there in December 2009 and although did eat quite a fair bit for a short stay, my itinerary was nowhere as prolific as yours. I’m envious and shall check out everything you ate if and when I do visit NYC again! Do have some recommendations of my own, top of the list are Peter Luger for steak, Corner Bistro is quite good for its simple burgers but I also love Shake Shack, and Sushi of Gari for Japanese. Wrote the reviews here, hope they help!


  23. hi Catty – I love reading your blog! I went to EMP in April and was sorely disappointed so am interested to hear about your experience as I seem to be in the minority. The place is gorgeous and all the extras they bombard you with are delish (leave room for the platter of macaroons they come around with for petit fours!) but my pork belly skin wasn’t crispy, which seemed sinful.
    Last time I was in NY, I went to Perilla (first Top Chef winner) and thought it was fantastic. Clear winner though was Blue Hill, must go if you have a chance. I’m a big carnivore but the veggies and fish here were some of the best I’ve ever had. Best burger, hands down Spotted Pig and my gfriend raved about their sheep’s milk gnudi. Best snack = pork buns at Momofuku Saam (also available at their Noodle Bar). Shockingly, they taste just as good the next morning if you get takeaway and leave them out accidentally (don’t ask). Fun night out in MPD – Colicchio and Sons b/c does anything sound more divine than “butter-poached oysters”?? For dessert, get the coconut cream doughnuts and be prepared to convulse in giggles when you eat them – it is beyond phallic.

    • Thanks for this great list of recs! I haven’t tried the Momofuku pork bun but I had the ones at Ippudo and they are supposed to be even better! Anyway when I go again, I may try it you know just to compare 😉

  24. Amazing dishes. I’m loving the blueberry pie. It loooks delish!


  25. You can’t not go to Les Halles – Anthony Bourdain’s place!
    That scallop dish at the top looks utterly devine so do the chips with the broccoli & garlic dish.

  26. Oh my god all of the food looks so delicious! My stomach is growling just looking at it all.

    PS: Enter my giveaway for a feather mono-earring!!


  27. That looks amazing Catty! I want to visit NYC again soon too!

  28. Did you ask Greedy Diva? She and TPG seems to go quite often, you might be able to trade some names. One that comes to mind is The Meatball Shop, Lower East Side. http://bit.ly/gbYIEy and Katz Deli. Have a great holiday, look forward to the food pics!

  29. OK, here goes!

    Shake Shack for the burgers. Get the Shack Stack.

    Donut Plant: I don’t like donuts, but I like the ones here. Creme Brulee should not be missed.

    I heard the lunch deal at Del Posto is great. 3 courses for $29. That’s my first meal there in Feb.

    The grilled corn at Cafe Habana in SoHo.

    Marea was a nice spot as well. The lunch deal is 2 courses for $42.

    Halal Cart on 53/6th

    The best burger in America. The $26 Black Label at Minetta Tavern.

  30. You make blogging appear like a walk in the park! I have been trying to blog every day however I simply can’t find writing material.. you are an inspiration to me and i’m sure many others!

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