This is my hometown. I grew up in Brisbane, went to school there, my parents still live there, and now the whole city is flooded 🙁 Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you will have seen the disaster zone in SE Queensland – mainly Toowoomba and Brisbane – where heavy rainfall has resulted in flash flooding and even more scarily, a dam on the brink of bursting (which would mean more water in the already overloaded Brisbane River).

My parents live on hill so they won’t be flooded (well, if they are, then all of Brisbane would be totally gone so…) but the reality that my parents are affected hit home this morning when I got an email from my mum saying that last night when she went to the supermarket to pick up some groceries, everything was gone. There’s no milk, no bread, no fruit and vegies, NOTHING. Everyone in town have hit survival mode and are stocking up for the worst, because believe it or not, the worst may still be coming.

Mum managed to grab some canned goods and thank god for being Chinese, we have a spare fridge stocked full of food (right? Chinese people always have a spare fridge in the garage or laundry room, right?!) so hopefully they will be ok.

In terms of Brisbane as a whole, the situation has been declared a national disaster. Communities whose homes had been swept away by flood waters were initially housed in Suncorp Stadium, but that too is now submerged 🙁

Along Brisbane River and Kangaroo Point, a great night spot in Brisbane, restaurants have been literally washed away, pulled down by power cables collapsed by the floods. I want to say that the loss of these businesses are a tragedy, and they are, but there is nothing more tragic than the people who have lost their homes. Queenslander homes in particular are the worst hit, as they are light timber homes built on stilts, so easily washed away.

Anyway. There’s nothing we can do to stop the wrath of mother nature, but there is something we can do to help those in need. The Queensland Government have set up a flood appeal so that everyone across the globe can chip in and help. I know you may not know anyone affected but every little bit counts. I’ve just donated AU$100.

Thanks in advance to any of my readers who can help. Love you guys!!

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  1. its so freaking terrible it’s just about breaking my heart. im so glad your family is ok dude

  2. Linda at Pink Elephants coffee,LLC on January 13, 2011 at 11:18 pm said:

    Chef Bitton is offering to send $10 for every book he sells. We see nothing on CNN
    news about it. Corporate news may be slick as a dick, but they aren’t journalists.
    I only know about it because I visit Lorraine’s blog, yours, Chef Bitton’s, and a few
    others based in Australia. I hate to think that the worst is yet to come upon such a
    mess. The grocery store situation is typical when hard storms happen, but I think it is a sign of everyday things to come. (Just look at what they have done to Haiti.) I
    know this sounds hinky, but you can meditate on encircling the area with white light, for their protection. The more people that do it, the stronger that light becomes. I did that at my cabin in the mountains above Santa Barbara, while the
    river was rising and flooding towards the cabins and Forestry had evacuated just
    about everyone. I refused to leave. They thought I was crazy but I just “knew” I’d
    be safe. The river stopped short of my cabin, but its course was forever changed. Try the light, Catty. It works.

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  4. It’s such an awful situation isn’t it Catty! So sad and you’re right, even if you are technically safe, you can’t help but be affected by it 🙁

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  6. Oh, Catty! I hope that your parents and family and friends and everyone else in Brisbane stay safe!

  7. SO horrendous! My friend Amber lives in Toowoomba but now it’s spread even to Brissie T_T Glad to hear your parents are safe but what a clean up it will be…We did hear a lot about it in the NZ news but not much in Austria, stoopidly enough.

  8. My best wishes for all affected Queenslanders.

  9. this is so sad.grace to the people who live in these areas.May God give them the strength to surpass this trial.

  10. Thanks everyone… the rain has stopped now and the water subsiding. Now begins the clean up!

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