This here is the last of my matcha kitkats. I’ve been saving it for ever and ever, but given that its used by date is in 2 February 2011, I figured (with a deep, heavy sigh) I’d better just go ahead and eat it, lest it should go to waste. I mean, I’m pretty sure the 11th commandment was “thou shalt not waste a matcha kitkat”. Wasn’t it?

Matcha kitkats were once in abundance. I received them as gifts from far and wide and easily stocked up at any and every 7-Eleven I came across in Hong Kong. But at some point last year, our matcha kitkat supply dried up. They were no longer available in Japan. Our web of matcha lovers scoured shops across Hong Kong and Sydney and NUDDA. Not one matcha kitkat.

What the fuck, people?

So it’s with a heavy heart that I eat my very last matcha kitkat today. But my sorrow runs much deeper than that. I really need to know if matcha kitkats will ever come back because I simply cannot fathom life without them. Hm. Drama queen much?

Anyway, if you have any inside info on this matter, I’d love to know. I need a light at the end of my tunnel.

19 Thoughts on “bite sized: where have the matcha kitkats gone?

  1. Oh my I’ve never heard of these but they sound amazing! Such a bummer though that they’ve disappeared πŸ™ I once had some amazing orange KitKats when I was in the UK. Maybe they’ll reappear yet!

  2. Linda at Pink Elephants coffee,LLC on January 31, 2011 at 3:00 pm said:

    Amazon is the only source I could find, but it is Green Tea Flavor, not matcha. It
    comes in a box of twelve 1.5 oz. bars. I put in to be notified when the product
    comes in. Yes, it is Kit Kat. Oddly enough, it can’t be found on the Nestle website.

  3. Yutjangsah on January 31, 2011 at 3:38 pm said:

    Detective Catty: Are they really that good? If so, keep on investigatin!

  4. Caroline on January 31, 2011 at 5:54 pm said:

    Is it worth keeping an eye on CyberCandy? There’s no macha KitKats at the moment I’m afraid, but they do have cheese!

  5. Not to worry, soon you’ll be in Sydney and can buy them here! I should’ve brought you some wasabi kitkats we tried in Japan!

  6. RIP matcha Kit Kat! I wish we could easily get them here πŸ™

  7. rofl i was thinking of attempting to make kitkats the other day…

  8. Lara: ewwwww.. I can’t do orange + chocolate flavoured things! Kitkats come in some weird and wonderful flavours. Them Japanese are very creative!!

    Linda: Matcha and green tea are the same!! But they have been out of stock for a long time methinks. Any website that used to sell them are all now out of stock and have been for weeks/months. SO WEIRD!

    Yutjangsah: They ARE, and i SHALL!

    Caroline: Nudda in Cyber Candy. In fact, Cyber Candy used to sell all weird flavours of kitkats and now they don’t stock ANY at all! Weird huh!

    Maria: DO THEY HAVE THEM IN SYDNEY?? My friends went and checked in Chatswood and said no sign of matcha kitkats still…

    Lorraine: I know πŸ™ So sad πŸ™

    chocolatsuze: ummaaaaa if you make matcha flavoured one i be your best friend 4eva.

  9. Christine on January 31, 2011 at 11:32 pm said:

    haha you make me laugh πŸ™‚
    Don’t worry, they will always sell them in Japan. They take them off the shelves every now and then and release new flavours but Matcha always comes back. Well that’s what I found when I was living there. I was devestated when I couldn’t buy them at my local but then they came back. It’s Japan…it’s their national flavour, they can’t get rid of it! My fav limited edition Kit Kat would defo be the maple syrup ones – AMAZING! πŸ™‚

  10. i went to check around in sydney but couldn’t find any too! oh no!! we’ll just have to wait patiently and hopefully they’ll reappear soon…

  11. Christine: Oooooh insider info! Good to know! I can’t imagine they would stop making them, they’re so popular! Maple syrup?! I would love to try that…

    Melissa: I know! Let’s wait in hope!

  12. Oh man, the bastards, they did the same with my peanut butter kitkat chunky – the only chocolate bar I ever ate and enjoyed. I wept. I wailed. I gnashed my teeth. I even tried clapping my hands (hang on, isn’t that to resuscitate fairies? worth a go). But no joy. The kitkats stayed gone and the world was that little bit greyer as a result. Boo to nestle.

  13. I’ve just discovered your website, and it’s quickly become my favourite!

  14. The K Dog on February 4, 2011 at 1:20 am said:


  15. Wow, Matcha kit kats! You got me there. I’ve never been a big fan of kit kats, but just the thought of Matcha in a kit kat is enough for me to drool over the sensation of it! I would definitely keep an eye out for this, and am already searching for them frantically on-line. I wonder whether they’ll have them in any Japanese shop in London? Or are they completely extinct here too?

    I think I might have found something on ebay:

    What do you think? Genuine or not?

  16. Oh No! We’ll make it our mission to find some for you Catty.

    Have Nestle actually stopped making them? Or have they just become harder to find?

  17. Thought I’d mention that I’m leaving Japan tomorrow, but I’ve seen green tea kit kats ALL over the place. bought a few boxes as I’m a kit kat fanatic, not a green tea fanatic, but it turned out to be very good. I saw them today, so they’re still here.

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