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  1. Peace out Kitten.

  2. enjoy yourselves! make sure you blog from townsville!!

  3. hey, i didn’t see my name on your list of people you’re going to see on your trip! just kidding, but that’s exciting you’re coming to NYC. i hope you have some great meals. i’m always so curious to know where people are planning to eat when they come here.

  4. Linda at Pink Elephants coffee,LLC on February 4, 2011 at 3:07 pm said:

    I hope you are checking weather reports. The US just had a storm 2,500 miles long
    from Texas to the east coast. And I gasped at the record storm that just pulverized
    NE Australia,… 182 mph winds never seen there before. The world is one wild and whacky place! Meanwhile, back at the ranch,.. my area is having a mild winter, so far. And so, I will put out positive thoughts for your trip and the culinary treasures
    you will find along the way.
    By the way, dear heart, I KNOW that matcha is green tea. Did you know that all tea
    comes from one plant in different stages? Matcha is expensive, yet not all green tea is matcha, or expensive. They put it in all sorts of unrelated products, now. They
    couldn’t afford to do that with matcha powder. This is what I meant when I told you
    that Kit Kat has “Green Tea Flavor”. The words are played on and it’s not the expensive stuff (matcha). Okay?

  5. tehbus: peace out.

    mc: I’m not planning on bringing my laptop to Qld but I will try and crack into theirs and post something 🙂

    justcooknyc: oh no!!! I should add you hehe who knows – stay in touch online or on twitter – we may bump into each other! This trip we’re not going anywhere fancy. It’s all about the tasty easy food like burgers, lobster rolls, philly cheesesteaks etc etc… CANT WAIT!!

    Linda: Yes I know about the different grades of matcha. The term is used pretty loosely I guess but you’re right, the kitkats would have “green tea” as opposed to “matcha”… anyway here’s hoping the weather holds!

  6. When in LA, the BEST brunch spot is Kings Road Cafe. Really laid back, great food (the garden burger scramble), fantastically strong coffee and tons of celebs head there. I figure dinners are easy to plan, but picking the best brunch is just as critical! Have a great trip!

  7. I like your style!

  8. That is wonderful that you are going travelling, and returning home to visit your parents and friends. I hope you have a fantastic time, whatever the weather outcome. Enjoy xx

    P.S-I found really cheap Matcha at the Japanese Centre in Picadilly Circus the other day. I think in future will buy mine from there.

  9. Koreen: Oh I’ve heard lots about Kings Road Cafe! Will definitely check it out for brunch if I have a free slot! 😀

    Douglas: thank you 🙂 rain check for a drink when I get back in summer!

    Ana: Ahhh cheap matcha is great for baking but don’t use it for drinking – it doesn’t have all the nutricious elements. Cooking is fine cos when you heat up the matcha it loses its nutritional value anyway.

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  11. yep that was the peace symbol hehe i hope you enjoy Sydney when you come and visit 🙂

  12. hehe you are adorable Catty! 😀 Have fun and hopefully see you here!

  13. You are SO CUTE!

  14. Have a great trip Catty! Look forward to hearing your Vegas tips as I am going there for Easter. Give my love to Australia…

  15. Samantha on February 6, 2011 at 4:54 am said:

    Peace, Love, and IT! Have an amazing trip! See you on Tuesday!

  16. thank you guys 😀 and Sam see you Tuesday! xx

  17. LOL Just saw this.. See you soon!

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