Happy Valentine’s Day y’all! Panu and I spent most of today in our rental Dodge Charger, hurtling our way from Vegas to LA. It was a pretty awesome drive… for me anyways because I napped most of the way *heh* We arrived in LA this afternoon, had (another) nap and went out for an impromptu v-day dinner. We ate sushi, sashimi and a tofu salad, a welcome detox from all the crap we ate in Vegas, which started on our very first morning when my friend Sophie took us to Hash House a Go Go.

I mean, do you have much hope for a place called anything a Go Go? No, I didn’ think so.

Words can’t really describe the sheer enormity of the meals at Hash House a Go Go and in fact, photos do them no justice either. But I’m gonna give it a shot and show you what we ate:

This is my pancake aka a brown sugar and banana flapjack. It was over 30cm in diameter in sugary diabetic goodness, topped with sweet salty butter and OMG it was delicious. But I almost died eating it.

Possibly a familiar photo, here’s Sophie with her chicken and waffle stack. Proper WTF right? Three super thick waffles with bacon Baked Into Them, topped with three enormous pieces of dirty fried chicken. They serve this monumental dish with fried shallots and stab it with a big fat steak knife because ain’t no way it would stay up on its own. I honestly don’t think any normal human being can finish this dish…

… although having said that, there were plenty of local human beings at Hash House. Giant specimens of our kind. Wearing stretchy pants. Because you can’t eat this shit and wear skinny jeans. Fact.

And lastly, Panu’s almost reasonably sized beef hash fry up served with scrambled eggs, potato, a biscuit (kind of like a scone, or damper for us Aussies) and hey a slice of rockmelon for good measure.

We had to wash all this gunk down with something and thankfully the beverages were regular sized.

The mint latte comes highly recommended from Sophie, and because I’m just a big kid, I had me a chocolate milk.

And this is why people get fat in Vegas.

ps. that night we had two dinners. Mental.

pps. the next morning I ate cereal and fruit because I honestly couldn’t handle anything else.

ppps. I also won at craps in Vegas! So you can get rich and fat in Sin City.

Hash House a Go Go
6800 W Sahara Ave,
Las Vegas, NV, 89146
702 804 4646

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15 Thoughts on “Hash House a Go Go: why people get fat in Vegas

  1. that waffle stack is a serving for ONE??! it should be for three!

  2. Did your friend really eat that monster?
    Patricia Cornwell, (spelling?) the former coroner turned author of whodunits,team- ed up with another gal and they put out a book called “Food To Die For”. Yup,that does come to mind looking at Suicide Mountain, there.
    Hoping your travels are merry.

  3. This whole post is like a pregnant woman’s dream. The flapjack looks SO scrumptious!

  4. Haha Holy Craps (see what I did there?) those are some BIG breakfasts. Every time I head State-side I’m hit by the realisation that no matter how many fry-ups and battered mars bars we have over here, we are a long (long long) way behind the US when it comes to bad-but-oh-so-tasty food. That is a mahoosive pancake but looks like it probably tasted pretty damn good. I have absolutely no idea how you then managed two dinners that evening as well. But hey, stretchy waisted pants are cheap in Wall mart, no?

  5. My gosh, the portions are MASSIVE!

  6. Um, OMG! What the hell is with the sizes LOL That pancake is two times bigger than my head but big props on the salty butter!

    Did your friend manage to finish that stack of what looks to be several meals in one plate?

  7. Book-marked, I really like your blog! 🙂

  8. OMG that’s crazy sized food. enough for the whole family and then some again.

  9. The super crazy sized meals… how can you have 2 dinners in one day in Las Vegas??

  10. Your friend had been here before and yet she didnt warn you that it might actually be a bad idea to order something each. Some friend…

  11. Oh word. I’m impressed by your stamina… could you contain yourself from bleating ‘Vegas baby, Vegas!’ all the way on the drive? Because if you could, you’re a stronger person than me 🙂

  12. I heard about this place on Food Network! It was on a show about outrageously sized food in the US! So jealous of your food adventures, its 1am and I just worked myself up to an appetite! Cant wait to see you dearest xo

  13. Samantha on February 18, 2011 at 8:38 pm said:

    No wonder you passed out in the car! P.S. I am enamored by your metabolism.

  14. mc: It’s for ONE. one big fatty.

    Linda: Luckily she didn’t finish it in one sitting. She took the remains home and ate it later that day lol 🙂

    Koreen: hahaha TRUE! A pregnant woman would LOVE Hash House!

    Grubworm: damn I should have hit up Wallmart first! I know, the US and especially Vegas can do big food like no one else. It’s just insane….

    Maria: That’s an understatement 🙂

    Adrian: Lol thankfully she didn’t! She ate like half of it and took the rest home for her afternoon snack haha..

    Rafaela: thanks hunny!

    Simon: I KNOW. That pancake itself could probably feed a tribe for weeks. Shows how wasteful we can be… kinda sad and scary when you think about it.

    penny: Because I’m mental. Actually no, I blame my friends who bring me to these places!

    Sean: lol it’s part of the fun to order one thing each – how else would we try more of the menu! And we’re tough, we can handle the big portions 😉

    Tori: haha, it was tough eating all that food. Stamina? I just slept it all off later that day!

    Mel C: Can’t wait to see YOU!

    Samantha: hahaha you wouldn’t believe this but I have bad metabolism! Unless maybe I exercise in my sleep!

  15. Goodness!! those are HUGE!! how do you even finish all that….sounds like sin city is the right tag for Vegas. =)

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