It is currently all of 8pm and my eyes are so tired they sting. But look at me, all superhero and stuff, doing this blog post because for the next three days, I will be stuck on a game reserve in the middle of nowhere with NO WIFI and NO CELL RECEPTION and if I don’t kill myself before hand, I might go stroke a lion.

I got into Johannesburg this morning at some ungodly hour, but the hour didn’t mean a thing to me because I’d barely slept all night. And it’s not because I can’t sleep on planes because believe me, I can sleep pretty much anywhere, but the stupid woman behind me insisted on grabbing onto the back rest of my seat every time she got up, ricocheting me into my teeny tiny tv screen. And she got up a lot. All night. Because I don’t know, she has a bladder the size of a pinenut?


I’ve totally forgotten what this post was supposed to be about. Oh right, Kentish Canteen.  Yesterday before I left was Big Packing Day for our little household. We thought we’d fuel up on some good food and so we travelled all the way up to NW5 (that’s far for us) and popped into Kentish Canteen.

scrambled eggs on sourdough toast

Cumberland sausages with bubble ‘n squeak & slow roast Kent tomatoes

I actually wanted to have lunch food, but we arrived at 11am and their lunch menu starts at midday. BOO. Although, having said that, I ended up getting the sausages which were juicy and delicious.

Luscombe apple & ginger juice

Kentish Canteen turned out to be a really cute, friendly place where they come and chat to you, tell you about the home made cakes and so forth. Who knows, they were probably doing that so that we would order some but hey they obviously don’t know Panu and I. We’d had our desserts picked out even before the main.

Because um, it’s totally cool to have dessert with breakfast, right?

poached pear with vanilla ice cream

cranberry & pecan cookie
gluten free brownie; double lemon slice; carrot cake

By the time we were leaving, the mains were starting to come out, including a “larder” salad bar, sprawled beautifully across the counter top amongst fresh chillies, parsley and celery. I eyed the salads so lovingly (ok, maybe I drooled a little) that they gave me a little take home pack of the three salads, which I happily munched on for afternoon snack.

runner beans, peas, chicory & almond; Greek salad;
roast aubergine, cumin, coriander, lemon yoghurt

‘Twas a good little send off meal since I’ll now be eating nothing but wild boar and stuff for two weeks in J’burg. Oh, one other thing I liked about Kentish Canteen? The groovy retro light fittings! Can you spot us?

Kentish Canteen
300 Kentish Town Road
Kentish Town, NW5 2TG
0207 485 7331

Kentish Canteen on Urbanspoon

Note: Panu and I dined as guests of Kentish Canteen.

3 Thoughts on “Kentish Canteen. Before I disappear into the land of no WiFi-ness.

  1. Lookin’ good! Even the scrambled eggs are soft, as they should be. Don’t worry about being without tech toys. You’ll survive. Take some booze with you! Yeah, that’s the ticket.

  2. Um, yum!!! The cranberry and pecan cookie is especially intriguing.

  3. Linda: I’m back! And yes we had booze to make us forget the lack of connectivity to the real world 🙂 it was a great trip!

    May: They serve it warm too, which is a nice touch!

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