organic porridge with brown sugar, banana & honey

When Panu’s out of town, I get up to a whole bunch of no good. Like, I bake a batch of brownies and eat half of them myself. I watch The Hills on repeat, UP LOUD, and just to be really naughty, I even sleep on his side of the bed! I know, daring. Well, on Sunday, while Panu was happily sailing around a lake in Jyväskylä (that’s in Finland, for those of you as geographically stunted as me), I rendezvoused with my other two gorgeous 6-foot-plus boys for brunch at The Pantry! Hah!

It may have been freezing and wet, but I made my way to Wandsworth Town to meet up with Mowie and Bruce, two boys who I utterly adore and who I’ll miss sooooo much when we move back to Sydney 🙁

We managed to wrangle a seat inside at the big communal table and I was forced to order a steaming bowl of porridge because goddamn, do you remember how cold it was on Sunday? What the heck, June?!

All the food at The Pantry is organic, the menu is simple and appetising and they also have cakes which made my eyes grow a tiny bit bigger than an average grapefruit. Luckily, we had post-brunch dessert lined up back at the boys’ casa.

sausage sandwich on toasted foccacia & onion marmalade

mango & pineapple fruit salad with passionfruit, blueberries & raspberries

breakfast tea @ The Pantry

m’lovelies Bruce & Mowie

The Pantry, London

We spent the rest of the cold rainy day hibernating and eating things like 4-layer chocolate and caramel cake chased down with freshly baked raspberry soufflés. Yeah, as much as I love them, these guys are not good for my waistline.

And then the real fun began – since we introduced them to bubble tea, Mowie and Bruce have been borderline obsessed and armed with their first pack of bubbles, we made bubble tea at home! Exsqueeze the crappy blackberry pic:

And I don’t even know how it all started but somehow Bruce got to critiquing my sucking technique. Oh yes. So you can imagine where this conversation went.

OMG I was in tears with laughter. Completely unashamedly crying into my bubble tea… and thank god Mowie got these pics on his iPhone, moments like these are priceless.

Gahhhh… gonna miss ’em so much!

The Pantry
342 Old York Road
Wandsworth, SW18 1SS
0208 871 0713

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9 Thoughts on “The Pantry: brunch with my two other favourite boys

  1. 😀 Hehehe I know you miss Panu but it certainly looks like you’re having so much fun! ;-D LOVE the last photos, they made me laugh out loud!

  2. It’s cute to sleep on your boyfriend’s side of the bed! 🙂 But you know what… I always do exactly the same when my boyfriend is out of town! 🙂

  3. I do exactly the same kind of things when the boy leaves. Dinner is usually pink wine. And cake sometimes makes a cameo at breakfast.

  4. Oh Catty! We are going to miss you too! Thanks for a great day, and for venturing into our neck of the woods. When we eventually get to Sydney we can do it all again! x

  5. Maria: Haha yeah just looking at those pics is making me laugh again. SO FRICKING FUNNY… at the time!

    Zita: Haha why is that? It’s not like his side is better than mine!

    Tori: Hahahaha yeaaah, I know… i get so lazy with eating and usually there’s only cakes lying around cos I bake a lot when he’s away!

    Bruce: BIG SAD 🙁

  6. jenny on June 15, 2011 at 10:30 pm said:

    Aww that is a nice post. You must be sad to leave London and all your friends! I’m looking forward to your Sydney posts though – have always wanted to go there!

  7. Bubble Tea rocks! LOL on the pics!

  8. Aww I bet you’ll really miss them! You look like you’re having a great time with them! 😀

  9. jenny: I will miss all my friends! 🙁 I am trying to convince everyone to visit me!

    Adrian: YAY for bubble tea! At least back in Sydney we can get it basically on top at Easyway 🙂

    Lorraine: I always have a fab time with the boys… don’t worry I am scheming a plan for them to come over to Sydney 😉

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