On Saturday, my friends Brendon and Christine hosted a most fabulous BBQ down in the ghetto. Well, the term “ghetto” is used relatively here. Basically, they pretty much live across the street from the Ministry of Sound nightclub and back in my hey day (because yes I am old), that minuscule proximity to MOS would have totally rocked my world. But these days? I’d much rather live across the street from a farmers market. Or a Byron. Or something equally tasty.

So nightclub scene = ghetto. Me = boring, I know I suck, but deal with it.

Anyways. There was a LOT of meat. We had chicken wings, lamb chops, steaks, sausages and OMG the most delicious variation of pigs-in-blankets ever – dates wrapped in bacon! So Good I Could Die. I didn’t get photos of the steaks, lamb or sausages. Too busy eating. Our host Brendon also managed to burn the wooden spoon, leading us to understand why BBQ utensils are generally not made of wood.

EDIT 10-July: Ok, I have these photos on Facebook and my Danish friend left a comment saying “In DK we call it baconsex.” OMG AWESOME lol!

I made my avocado salad with spring onions and toasted almonds (recipe here) and there was a potato-salad-off between two potato salads. I’m not going to say which one was better, because you know, friendships and pride are all on the line here. Let’s just say they were… different 😉

Desserts were pretty fricking awesome (as usual). Our hostess with the mostest, Christine, made a giant fluffy pandan cake (her specialty and the sole reason why I’m keeping her ;)). Another friend Mags made the most divine individual baked lemon curd cheesecakes and lemon curd cupcakes. NOM.

Oh, we also had fruit, but who wants photos of that?

I {heart}… my friends…

… but I {heart} this poster even more:

Can’t you just feel his satisfaction?

11 Thoughts on “ghetto-fabulous BBQ!

  1. Hahahha I loooove these photos Catty! The last one is gold! Everything looks so good and the cake looks absolutely perfect!

  2. Yummmm, salads look delish and those desserts.. expertly crafted. Any chance of a recipe for the lemon curd cakes from Mags?

  3. jenny c. on July 11, 2011 at 3:48 pm said:

    I love pandan cake!! that looks like a really fluffy one too! so lucky you have a friend who can make it =)

  4. Maria: It was a great day.. gonna miss my friends here! The pandan cake is awesome, I’d pack Christine away and bring her to Sydney if I could. You and I should make a pandan cake together 🙂

    Louis: I have emailed Mags to ask for the recipe!

    jenny: Me too.. LOOOOOVE it. She’s the best!

  5. summer bbqs are my absolute, all-time favorite tradition. Looking forward to heading home for the summer where others appreciate the ritual. Wish my friends were as culinary-capable as yours. mmm cake.

  6. All three of those potato salads look yummy. Everything does.( Lovely group of friends, too.) :0)

  7. Sweet Caroline: You have to try an Australian summer BBQ! 🙂

    Linda: well, it’s two potato salads but yes they were ALL yum!

  8. Christine on July 12, 2011 at 8:19 pm said:

    We’re gonna miss you too!
    Thanks but yeah presentation could do with some work haha as long as it tastes good right? 😛
    BT microwaved a leftover lemon curd cupcake and it tasted amazing!
    Can’t believe you took a photo of that poster hehe I found it in some mag. Cute huh? It makes me smile everytime I look at it 😀

  9. The was the best tasting avocardo salad I’ve ever had and by far the best avocado’s in London!!

  10. Something is wrong with my brain, because I saw the description of those lemon curd cheesecakes and I swore I read ‘durian curd cheesecakes’!

    The pandan cake looks so good. Mmmm.

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