hip hop roll – crab meat, avocado and lettuce, wrapped in seared salmon, topped with fried garlic

My time in London has come and gone! Waaahhhhhh BIG SAD FACE (T.T) … I didn’t actually feel particularly sad until the very last night when I lay in bed and thought about everything that I was going to miss. Aside from people, what I’ll miss most about London is Soho. I love the vibe of the place, the eclecticness, the randomness and the fact that no one really cares who you are or what you are. I loved living in Soho and being in it every day. I loved all the food in Soho.

Surprisingly I hadn’t planned any special eats for my very final weekend. I actually hadn’t planned anything at all, no parties, no farewells, nothing. But I ended up eating all the stuff I love anyway, like the best cheesecake and tiramisu in London.

One of my favourite under-rated places in London is Hi Sushi. Hi Sushi on Frith Street appears to be rubbish and touristy and run by rude Chinese people for god’s sake, but the food is good and never mind that they have that all you can eat deal for Β£15. The sashimi is surprisingly fresh and sweet and cheap! and all the other dishes are pretty darn good too. Try the wasabi prawns #yum!

salmon sashimi

grilled unagi (eel)

wasabi prawns

homemade organic multigrain granola

We also had Sunday breakfast at Le Pain QuotidienΒ on Great Marlborough Street, where I loooooove indulging in the sinful bread basket. But not this time, I opted for the homemade organic multigrain granola.

Lunch was at Leon’s Soho branch, the best branch of them all. Panu and I had the new buffalo chicken wrap and strawberry’ade while soaking up the sunshine and watching the Soho crown meander by.

buffalo chicken wrap & strawberry’ade

And then there’s Candy Cafe, London’s best answer to a Hong Kong style dessert bar. My grass jelly with mango might look odd but goddamn. LOVE.

mango & grass jelly

This next one’s no surprise. Siam Central, my go to Thai when I feel good, bad, sick, hungry, hungover, hung-under and everything in between. Basically, I’m just THERE all the time and they’ve never once let me down.

pad thai

spicy papaya salad

sticky rice

Another of my likes… frozen yoghurt at Yog. Blueberries and coconut make awesome toppings but if you get the flavoured froyo (like chocolate or passionfruit) you don’t need any topping at all!

And last but not least. Not that it was the weekend any more, but Monday morning found me at Dishoom with my bacon naan roll. Which if you haven’t had one, why the hell not? At Β£3.50, they are a dream come true.

And that’s it, people! I’m now sitting in my hotel room in Johannesburg, in limbo with three tonnes of luggage in my possession. 11 sleeps until I head to Sydney, so the countdown starts again!

19 Thoughts on “what I ate on my last weekend in London…

  1. So one more to leave London and one more ready to go for new adventures. It’s been a real pleasure to meet you in London and I really do hope to make it to Sydney one day and enjoy a very good meal with you dear. Enjoy and make the best of it!

  2. Soho misses you too! By the way, I didn’t realise Yog did passionfruit?? I must try some once I get over this cold.

    p.s. Everytime I walk into my kitchen I see your long bowl (which I’ve put fruits in), and it reminds me of you. πŸ™‚

  3. Mathilde: oh Mathilde! I never got to see you one last time! Hope Paris is going well and see you again one day, I’m sure!

    Su-yin: they do! Not every day but it’s a special flavour and it’s so full flavoured you dont need toppings. You should be at Yog all the time, it’s so close to you!

  4. Ooo I didn’t know you lived IN soho… That must’ve been awesome! Now I miss London even more…

    Glad you packed so much into your final weekend, and it was good to see you (from a stalker’s distance lol!!) πŸ™‚

  5. Bacon naan?? What what??? Thats awesome! If you know of a place in Sydney that does that, I want to hear about it πŸ™‚

  6. Travel safe. London will miss you! (and thanking you kindly for the heads up about the sushi. I think I know where I’m heading for dinner on Friday night)

  7. I see someone stuffing his face in the background….
    So sad to see you go :*(

  8. I am SO impressed how much you fit in over the last couple of weeks!
    Best of luck back in Aus and hope our paths cross again some day!

  9. Wasabi prawns sound amazing!

  10. Suety: Hehe, yeah I was lucky enough (and now broke) to live actually just one street off Oxford St, and was in Soho daily.. I loved it πŸ™‚

    Nic: Oh man! Bacon and chutney wrapped in naan bread. SOOOO delicious, we should definitely find somewhere in Sydney that does the same!

    Tori: Thank you! Book for a Friday night, they get busy!

    tehbus: Ah, that’s my date you see there πŸ˜‰

    Kavey: Thank you!

    Lucy: They are delicious, and just the right amount of wasabi hit.

  11. Wonderful photos, Catty.

  12. Aww how sad that this is your final London weekend! But happy that you are coming here πŸ˜€

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  14. Good luck my dear Catty, and look forward to your Aussie food updates! Safe travels xxx

  15. Linda: Thanks Linda! πŸ˜€

    Lorraine: I know, I was actually sad! I didn’t think I would be but you know.. sigh!

    Sasa: I can’t wait to blog in Sydney either!

  16. Wow, those look delicious!!! I’m very jealous!

  17. See you in the sunny country, Catty! We’ll miss you here. x

  18. I wanna try thosw prawn too!

  19. michelle on January 2, 2012 at 10:52 pm said:

    WOW! I’m so glad i found this!
    can you recommend some great places to eat in london?
    just looking for great places for coffee, brunch, anything … even jap or other yum food you recommend!
    thanks so much, … drool!

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