Cumberland sausage and chive mash with caramelised onion gravy

It’s now officially 8 sleeps to go before I bid farewell to these gloomy shores. Days like today – Sunday, dumping rain, windy, scattered sunshine (kind of like Melbourne, really) – makes me think I won’t miss London at all but who am I kidding? As much as I crave the sun and surf of Sydney, there are certain things that make London London. Like sausages and mash, for example.

Not that we can’t get sausages and mash in Sydney, but you sure won’t get it within a stone’s throw of St Paul’s Cathedral and Fleet Street, where it really does hit home that London is one of the most incredible and historic cities in the world.

Set against all this oldness and history is Society Bar & Restaurant, a venue so new that everything still smells new and the leather couches are yet to earn their first crease. It’s tucked away on Blackfriar’s Lane and I’m assuming that their target market will be the suits who mingle in the area but honestly? I think they’re capable of more than that.

For one, the food is actually quite good.

Organic beef burger with salad and tomato served with chips and garlic mayonnaise,
smoked bacon and cheese

Baked goats cheese with maple candied squash, buttered spinach and
roast Mediterranean vegetables with tomato and balsamic

Crumbed Cornish whiting with shoestring fries and tartare sauce 

The baked goats cheese and vegetables is just about the most delicious vegetarian option I’ve seen outside of Bill’s in Covent Garden, and the fish and chips (my version of gastronomically bidding farewell to London) was crumbed and light, served with crispy shoestring fries.

Society’s restaurant area is modern and spacious, including an outdoor area set atop some fake turf. Oh well, they are in the City after all. Towards the back (or front, depends which side you come in) of the restaurant space is also a bar area… I’ve only seen it sparse during lunch but again it’s spacious and I can see it being filled with suits come Friday evening. Not so much my style but the restaurant area I like.

Glazed lemon tart with clotted cream

Baileys and chocolate crème brulee with homemade shortbread

The desserts are delicious, especially the Baileys and chocolate crème brulee, which let me warn you will leave you scraping the bottom of the ramekin to get every last inkling into your mouth.

I’m a little sad that Society has just opened, given that I’m no longer working in London City. But I have already been twice and here’s some love I’ll share with you. For the rest of July, Society are offering 20% off food and drinks – just quote this Square Meal discount code when booking.

Society Bar & Restaurant
33 Blackfriars Lane
London City, EC4V 6EP
0207 248 1323

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11 Thoughts on “Society Bar & Restaurant: new blood in the oldness of London City [and a 20% off discount code]

  1. I can’t tell you how excited I am to get you back!! Sydney’s been rainy too unfortunately, but I’m sure it’ll clear out again by the time you’ll get here. See you soon hon! x

  2. Gawd, I LOVE fish and chips. My hubby hates fish. heh heh, but he will eat shrimp or lobster. Is the fish and chips in London made with cod?
    I’ve had lobster from three different places and I liked the Australian the best. Melts in your mouth. I went to one local place (it’s gone now) that served only fish and chips or hamburgers. The fish was dry and the coleslaw was mostly mayonnaise. I like mayo, but not as a big spoonful of food. There is a simple art to coleslaw and they didn’t seem to have a clue about vinegar and sugar. Not even malt vinegar for the fish. But I bet you won’t run into that in Australia.
    Be safe in your travels, Catty, and I wish you and Panu godspeed. :0)

  3. Ahem Catty that seemed a little bit like you were bagging Melbourne in your intro! Good tip for eating in the square mile…

  4. Only 8 more sleeps! That’s amazing! So close and yet so far 😛

  5. Maria: Oh noooo make it stop raining in the next three weeks PLEASE! I need some sunshine, and I’m soooo looking forward to spring time in Sydney. September is usually my favourite month 🙂

    Linda: That fish is whiting, but we do often have cod. I love lobster too! LOVED the lobster rolls in NYC!

    Gourmet Chick: ahem, I wouldn’t bash Melbourne, would I? 😉 Actually very very looking forward to going there for another visit soon!

    Lorraine: now 7 sleeps!!

  6. jenny on July 19, 2011 at 8:25 am said:

    Thanks for this post Catty! I never say no to discount codes!

  7. Baileys and chocolate crème brulee – uuhhh…WTF! YUM! What a perfect combo right there.

  8. Yay to discount codes! That baked goats cheese and veg looks so amazing!!! I’ve never seen anything like it in Sydney and I want it now lol!
    Eat all you can before you come

  9. Adrian: man that creme brulee was to die for! And it was actually pretty huge! #win

    Nic: Yay to discount codes indeed! Yeah I always get surprised when the veg option turns out yummy!

  10. you really have the best taste when its come to food ^^

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