2.15pm: touched down in Sydney.

6.00pm: dinner at Mamak, Chatswood.

There’s pretty much no other way I would have wanted my first few hours back on home soil to go down. Every time I visit, Mamak is usually my first stop and also my last, enroute to the airport.

I don’t know what it is about this place. Ok I lie, I do, it’s that the food is traditional, tasty and nuthin-but-awesome. From the roti-tossing in the window to the tangy, tasty curries. The best satays I’ve had outside of Malaysia, to the milo ais, which admittedly anyone can make at home but somehow tastes better there. It’s the roti bom. The buttery, condensed milk goodness. Because condensed milk makes everything better.

kangkung in belachan

rojak salad

maggi goreng

roti bom

Well, they must be doing something right. When they had the solitary branch in Chinatown, I queued. We all queued. Trust me, you’d queue. And now that they have offsprung a branch in Chatswood, we are still queuing around the block for a taste of their grub.

My friend commented that their menu was a little small but you know what? I don’t mind it. They know what they do well and they stick to that. In fact, many other restaurants could probably take a leaf from that book!

Anyway, if any of y’all not from Sydney ever come and wanna try Mamak, you needn’t look any further for a dinner buddy πŸ™‚

Shop P9, 1-5 Railway Street
Chatswood, 2067
02 9411 4411

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19 Thoughts on “first meal back in Sydney: where else but Mamak?

  1. ohhhh how i love the roti there! the maggie goreng looks good!

  2. Welcome home! I remember when I got back from the UK I had a massive list of food cravings I needed satiated, asap!

  3. Melissa: I knowwww especially the roti bom! I could eat several of those! πŸ™‚

    Helen: thank you!!! I still have a bunch of places I need to get to!

  4. Welcome home Cat! Time for us to go get some food and alcomahol me thinks!

  5. That roti canai looks good – sorry to have missed you on your last few weeks in London. But i am now on T*****r, and I have another reason to visit Oz!

  6. Yay! So good to have you back in town! See you soon! xx

  7. Welcome back girl! So much deliciousness in one post-I agree condensed milk makes everything better πŸ˜€

  8. Welcome back to Aussie land. I am so coming over and then we can go mamak!!

  9. Bloody hell that roti canai looks so DAMN good. If I didn’t love you I would have to hate you! πŸ˜‰

  10. Karen: Definitelyyyyy! Will have to catch up with you guys as soon as I get myself sorted πŸ˜€

    Mr Noodles: I cannot believe you’re on T*****r! I am still in shock lol but at least now we will be more in touch. BTW don’t worry about missing me in London I didn’t do a party or anything, I just snuck out!

    Lorraine: mmmmm condensed milk! My friend added condensed milk to tiramisu on the weekend and it was amazing!

    penny: Come over come over!

    Su-yin: ahhhh, I love you too πŸ˜‰

  11. Oh I’ve been dying to go to Mamak! Every time we go, the line is down the street and we are too starving to wait. Must. Go!

  12. welcome back maaaateeeeee!

  13. That roti looks like a great welcome back to Sydney – enjoy Catty!

  14. Welcome back to Oz! I bet you’ve got a huge backlog of eats to be eaten around town

  15. Nic: Are you in Sydney?? I wasn’t sure if you were a London blogger or a Sydney one!

    chocolatesuze: I IS BACK YEAHHHHHHH!

    Gourmet Chick: the roti is amazing, when you’re in Sydney next I’ll take you πŸ˜‰

    Adrian: I do! and so many new eats to check out!

  16. Welcome back to Sydney! I already have my first stops in Melbourne planned – can taste the coffee now…

  17. Welcome back to Mamak,I mean Sydney! So many great new places have sprung up lately – you’re going to have a blast eating your way through the city.

  18. Greedy Diva: Ahhh yeah, I need to get to Melbourne and hit up St Ali!

    Miss Piggy: Haha I’d take “welcome back to Mamak” πŸ˜€

  19. Dear Catty,

    I don’t see anything wrong with a short and precise menu since they are offering niche Malaysian, that is Indian Muslim flavours done exceptionally well.

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