Often on a weekday evening, you’ll find me huddled at my desk at work at some ungodly o’clock, cursing to myself about the late hours that I have to work. Sometimes, I take it out on the twitterverse. It’s just this job I have, and without saying too much and being dooced, all I’ll say is… I sometimes work late nights.

But you see, there is a plus side to working late nights. The biggest plus being that I Get To Sleep In. On a weekday BOOYAH! I betcha y’all don’t all get to sleep in. Unless you do, in which case, the second plus is that instead of cramming and queuing with the rest of humanity to get a decent brunch on a weekend, I get to cruise down the road, sit where I want and enjoy a chillaxed brunch. All on a Wednesday morning.

There’s this place on King Street in Newtown called Citrus. I LOVES THIS PLACE. When I was living in Newtown, I probably came here at least once a week, if not to eat, then to indulge in their awesome chai latte, which is by the way, as big as my head.

I sense a theme with consuming things which are as big as my head.

It’s a bit of a mission this chai latte, a fully fledged meal on its own. I’ve learned from my gluttonous past that I can’t deal with one of these mofos and a full breakfast at the same time. So maybe I’m wiser now or maybe just plain older, but when I have the chai latte? I have it just with Turkish toast.

Panu had a teensy weensy coffee, so he was allowed to have bacon and poached eggs, served on thick country-style toast.

Today was a particularly good day for a sleep in and lazy brunch. The weather was a spectacular 25 degrees celcius and we got to sit outside! Shame Citrus doesn’t have a website, but if you’re ever in Newtown, go check it out. They do brilliant breakfasts and brunches, amazing salads and all kinds of delicious meaty, pastary, seafoodery mains.


Citrus Cafe & Restaurannt
227 King Street
Newtown, 2042
(02) 9557 3582

Citrus Espresso Bar on Urbanspoon

11 Thoughts on “Citrus, Newtown: the biggest chai latte in the history of everything

  1. I am going to die of envy now you’re back in Oz. Yet another blast from my past – Turkish bread. I like Aussie Turkish bread more than the bread in Turkey (sorry, Turkish peeps).

  2. Wow, what a big cup of goodness! I like seeing pics of you with the sunglasses on cuz you look quintessenally cool . And that country toast just sold me on poached eggs before I go grocery shopping in awhile. Can’t be trusted to shop on an empty stomach, you know. I miss the days when I could fill the basket for fifty bucks and smoke in the store. Yup. Used to be you could smoke anywhere but in an elevator. Even in the bank or the doctor’s office….
    Couldn’t help but notice the ad for matcha, here. The queen of matcha SHOULD have such an ad. :0)

  3. They used to do a really good Ceaser Salad here…back “in the day” when I lived in Newtown.

  4. The cakes here are the real selling point – I recall a thing called the “Nut Tiramisu” which I recall being called the bestest cake ever by various friends of mine. The cake servings are also as big as your head….

  5. Oooh I love chai latte. that looks delicious!

  6. Mr Noodles: Hehehe more incentive for you to come visit again! I promise I won’t make you eat beetroot though πŸ˜‰

    Linda: Oh I totally CANNOT go shopping on an empty stomach, I usually buy everything. And yes, matcha advert hehe, what else would I advertise if not matcha??

    Miss Piggy: Their main meals look divine too but I think I’ve only ever had a main there once! I usually go for brekky.

    Rob: Why HELLO THERE! I’ll have to remember that, it sounds amazing and since it keeps with my theme, I guess I have to try it!

    Jenny: Me too. Cos I don’t drink coffee, chai lattes are like me little fake coffees. Except better.

  7. Sleeping in on a weekday?? Jealous! πŸ˜‰

  8. How funny, my girlfriend was reading your blog and as I looked over I saw the latte and recognised it instantly as being a big chai latte from Citrus. Also one of our favourite cafe’s in Sydney!

  9. Nic: Yeah but dude, I have to work til midnight!! Haha, it all evens up in the end! I do love not cramming in for brunch like on weekends though πŸ™‚

    David: Haha, nice. It’s so big you’d have to recognise it anywhere!

  10. Haha I still haven’t learnt that lesson, I tend to order both! πŸ˜›

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