Queenslander: crispy smoky bacon, roasted tomatoes and chunky pineapple

For the past week, we’ve been staying with Panu’s mum out in the ‘burbs. Her house is fantastic and spacious, and she makes awesome pasta and stuff, but get this: her internet plan is not unlimited. What does that even mean, you ask? Well, I too didn’t understand the concept of limited internet until last night when we managed to “use up all of her internet”.

(helps if I can spell too, huh?)

You see? I’m not the only one who is dumbfounded by the running out of the internet. But basically, she has a limited plan. And when you use up all your download capacity, you get shaped. Being shaped doesn’t mean you can’t get on the internet at all. In fact, so mean are the internet providers that they tease you with access. They give you a teeny little bit of speed, like um 64kbps, which is basically like fucking torture.

Anyway, I’ve been working from home all this week because a) we’re like an hour away from town and b) I have late meetings (such is the beauty of working in the central time zone while living 9 hours ahead) but since we’ve been shaped, I had to join the drones, pile onto the train and chug my way to work today.

Well, it ain’t so bad being at work because look! I HAZ INTERNETS! πŸ˜€

Another reason being at work ain’t so bad is because there’s actually some decent food to have for lunch in the city. Like this place, The Australian Hotel, which is just up the road from my office. They’re a fantastic little heritage pub, perched atop a hill at The Rocks. Hint: they have a breath taking roof top bar which is awesome for new year’s eve. They also serve some of the best pizza I’ve ever had, so that’s where we went last week when I was catching up with some friends from Europe.

Check out le pizzas (surf & turf is my all time favourite):

Tandoori chicken with mint yoghurt, mango chutney & lemon

Devils: smoked salmon, scallops, prawns, smoky bacon, spinach, mozzarella & lemon

Surf & turf: local tiger prawns, BBQ steak, spinach & caramelised onions

roast pumpkin & blue cheese salad

Greek salad & wedges

They also make their pizzas in little individual sizes, or big sharing greedy sizes, which I love.

Speaking of being shaped and um, pizzas, you know what else I’ve been craving since I got back?

I need to get me some pizza shapes!!

The Australian Heritage Hotel
100 Cumberland Street
The Rocks, NSW, 2000
(02) 9247 2229

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14 Thoughts on “I’ve been shaped! (and not the pizza kind)

  1. Oh I saw your tweet the other night haha you poor thing! Its like a bloggers nightmare! Those pizzas look awesome! I’ve had the kangaroo one there once and it was pretty tasty. Also a great venue for work Xmas parties πŸ˜‰

  2. Kangaroo pizza? Actual ‘roo? Oh my word! What does it taste like?

  3. Hehehe Linda πŸ™‚ Roo tastes like tough steak! I haven’t had the roo pizza here yet though – should try it based on Nic’s recommendation!

  4. Oh how I wished I started blogging earlier. Or at least kept some kind of journal (though that’s a bit girlie). Thing is I am 99% convinced I went here for a pizza and a beer after I did the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb. But I can’t be sure cos it was literally last century! Regardless, you’re making me very jealous of Sydney. Much as I love London, Sydney does many of my fave foods SO much better. I just may have to plan another visit…

  5. Oh goodness, I dont know what I would do without the internet! Poor you! Those pizzas looks good. even the salads look good!

  6. Hey hey, I saw your comment over on NQN’s blog, your coming to Canberra and looking for a restaurant open on a Sunday night. If you check out La Scala, they are amazing, fabulous Italian food, and Mezzalera too. Check out my blog to see the review I did on La Scala, it’s beautiful, they are open late, and on a Sunday. Shoot me an email if you’d like some other places. When are you coming? Italian & Sons is booked solid for months.
    Your pizzas look great. πŸ™‚ Have a fabulous weekend.

  7. Mr Noodles: You know what I think it would be the same place cos it’s right at the foot of the bridge where we get on and get off the bridge climb. It’s a great place huh? You MUST plan another visit and I will take you out πŸ™‚

    Jenny: Haha I know.. I want to die when I have no internet. It’s so sad!

    Anna: Thanks for the comment! I’ve dropped you an email – thanks a lot πŸ™‚

  8. internet plans in Oz are really expensive compared to UK and MY. if you’re going to get unlimited it’s going to cost a bomb i think!

  9. LOL I was wondering what you meant in the title! You’re hilarious and I’m sure between the both of us we could definitely use up all of the internet !:P

  10. Hey there,

    Just stumbled on your website. I’m a Syd dude who’s just moved to London and looking for some places to eat.

    Instead, reading your entries is starting to make me a little homesick!

    The Australian use to be my local after work…oh how I miss their pizzas and a cold pint.

    And banh mi from Hunter street connection, that was my default lunch spot!

    Hope you enjoy trip back home!

  11. mc: I know! It was hella cheap in the UK too.. now we have to pay lots again, but then, I NEED unlimited internet! πŸ™‚

    Lorraine: easily! πŸ˜€

    Mr P: ahhhhh hahaha sorry for causing homesickness. I felt the same way when I was in London! Hope you have a fantastic time in London anyway… and my blog still has way more London eats than Sydney eats so it might help you out a little… have a great weekend!

  12. Wow. The toppings overhang the pizza base! My kinda place (though smoked salmon and bacon seems… Odd!)

  13. hehe, yes, that’s one positive about going to work! When I moved house, I went without the net for a month! I felt so naked….LOL

  14. Lizzie: Yeah I thought it was weird too but IT WORKS. Kinda like bacon and maple.. I didn’t use to get it but now I can’t get enough of it! Bacon DOES go with everything πŸ˜€

    Adrian: I know, I feel like crap without the net and 3G on my phone don’t cut it!

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