Last Saturday, we celebrated the birthday of one of my favourite little people: my buddy, Valentin Segura, turned 1! What a hard year he’s had, what with being a little blob and having to learn to crawl and stuff. I mean, life’s tough. So we celebrated his hard work with a BBQ! And not just any BBQ. Little Valentin is half Argentinian so we had a traditional asado, cooked by his abuelo, a certified expert in this kind of thang.

So we were already in for a serious feed, but add to that the fact that Valentin’s mum and his grandma are both professional chefs. I mean, seriously. Is this the most professionally catered BBQ or what?!

Say happy birthday!

To say that there was an abundance of food is still an understatement. But what was even more impressive is the fact that everything was hand made, from the empanadas to mini burgers (yes, the mini brioche buns were made from scratch) and the cake! Even one of the piñatas. Oh yes, we had piñatas 😀

Anyway, I knew this BBQ was going to be serious business when I arrived and saw run sheets:

Yeah! 3pm! Nap time!

But before the nap, we have the food.

Caesar salad 

Greek salad (I made this!)

fruit salad

smoked salmon

mini burgers


fruit skewers

Ok ok, enough of this pretty food right? Where’s the BBQ at? Here it is:

marinating the asado in lots of salt / cooking the asado

asparagus and prosciutto

chicken wings

chicken skewers

and the star of the show, asado beef ribs

YUM. So we ate and we drank (champagne with raspberry sorbet ice cubes) and tried not to step on the dozens of little kids running around. And we smashed piñatas to our heart’s content. And scarily, not even a couple of hours after this BBQ, I had to go to Tetsuya’s for dinner… a 10 course degustation. So basically, on Sunday, I ate nothing.

Happy birthday, little man!

12 Thoughts on “BBQ time: beef rib asado and happy birthday Valentin!

  1. What a feast! Your Greek salad looks great!

  2. What a lovely party! The salads all look tasty… and what a cute baby!

  3. OMG!!! How you manage to have a BBQ plus Tetsuya degustation….I don’t know!! It all looks delicious…

  4. Maria: Thanks for the idea! 😀

    jenny: Yeah it was great, even though it was a kids party haha.. all the salads were yummy, as were the MEATS! the baby is awesome.

    Kay: I knowwwww.. trust me, I was feeling it on Sunday!

  5. Oh wow they mean business! Lol at the nap time! I love a good nap after a big feed. Everything looks delicious! I’v got such a thing for empanadas! My friend is Argentinian and her mum makes then tres fab!

  6. Aww he’s so cute! And I’m glad I’m not the only one that does run sheets! 😛

  7. Nic: i TOTALLY had a nap after that feed haha. I know, empanadas are delicious!

    Lorraine: isn’t he just?? 🙂 And yeah, run sheets = serious business lol. Would love to see one of your run sheets!

  8. Those empanadas look PERFECT! Honestly, all of it looks wonderful. But those empanadas are inspiring.

  9. Holy cow, those are some ribs. I love Asado. After my Argentine sojurn, it’s my NBC (or should that be BCF) – that’s New Best Cut, obviously 😉 Ribeye is possibly feeling a little jealousy. The bits of bone and connective tissue etc make it uber juicy and tasty, and kind of fun to eat. Even if you’re left picking wee pieces of cow from between your teeth for a while afterwards.

    That is an AWESOME looking bbq – and one luck (and very cute) 1yo birthday boy. Looking out at the pouring rain, I am feeling the envy! Taking everything into account, the Greek salad was obviously the highlight, right?

    Oh, and Kudo for then managing a four hour meal at Tetsuya afterwards.

  10. Linda: yes the empanadas were delicious 🙂

    Grubworm: It’s also my NBC 🙂 I loooooooooooooooooooove the beef ribs and the fatty bits and the bits stick to the bone and get stuck to my teeth, i love it ALL 🙂 and yes, the greek salad rocked the show lol 🙂

  11. I’m so impressed by those evenly shaped and sized brioche buns! And props to whomever scheduled in nap time =D

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