Bill Granger is famous the world over. So famous he is, in fact, that when word got out that a Bill’s opened in London’s Covent Garden, our hearts skipped a beat thinking that the famous ricotta hotcakes had migrated their way to the northern hemisphere. But… much to the huge disappointment of all, Bill’s in Covent Garden was not an off shoot of Bill Granger’s famous Bill’s restaurants, but just another café, albeit, I have to admit, also a rather good one.

But there were no ricotta hotcakes.

I’m not really sure what is it about Bill’s ricotta hotcakes. Ok, I do. It’s the light, fluffy texture, fresh bananas and the sinfully delicious honeycomb butter. Yes, honeycomb butter. And I’m glad to report they don’t skimp on it either, a large chunk of honeycomb butter the crowning glory of each dish, slowly, teasingly melting over the hotcakes.

And these ricotta hotcakes are 100% what gets everyone up and out and queuing every Sunday morning.

On this bright Sunday morning, my friend Mags and I were part of the queue. I didn’t mind, the sun was shining and I got me a little dose of vitamin D whilst waiting for my hotcakes 🙂

Another of Bill’s famous dishes is his sweet corn fritters, served with spinach, roast tomato and bacon. His version is the best I’ve ever had, and it’s definitely a case of “would you like some batter with your sweet corn?” because I mean, it’s basically just a bunch of sweet corn. And what batter there is is light and crispy and awesome.

This is one of the best brunches I’ve had since coming back to Sydney. I hadn’t been to Bill’s in forever – the last time being… I think my 27th birthday which is errr… too many years ago. But it’s comforting to know that some things never change.

By the way, here’s Mowie’s recipe for Bill’s ricotta hotcakes. Yummo.

359 Crown Street
Surry Hills, NSW, 2010
(02) 9360 4762

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23 Thoughts on “Bill’s ricotta hotcakes: some (awesome) things never change

  1. Ah Catty! You have hit me with the deep desire for corn fritters homesick stick! x

  2. Wow! I could really used a dose of that brunch this morning. Next time I’m over bill’s is the first stop. Until then though I’ll just have to make do with cooking from his Sydney cookbook which has both recipes. I’m sure I still have a little bit of honeycomb butter somewhere at the back of the freezer!

  3. MissRachelle: I’m taking you there next time you’re in Sydney! Hang in there!!

    Emma: How can you have honeycomb butter in the freezer? How did you not EAT IT ALL when you first made it??? #impressed

  4. I must be one of the v few people who haven’t been to Bill’s yet. I’m soooo over waiting in queues for food though so I may have to try out a recipe for those hotcakes first!

  5. Lol I still have a giant log of honeycomb butter in my fridge. Speaking of which, I still have a hefty load of honeycomb leftover…

    Oh how I miss Bill’s corn fritters and hot chocolate 🙁

  6. Mmmmmm that looks delish! I don’t think I’ve tried hot cakes before!

  7. bills is freaking awesome esp the hotcakes!

  8. Oh man, to try those ricotta hotcakes.. made them countless times at home but I hear the ones at Bills are so much better. Rumour has it his restaurant will be opening in Westbourne Grove in November – fingers crossed! Not sure what he’ll call it though, presumably he won’t be able to call it Bills?

  9. Good news is real Bill’s is coming to London. Forgotten where, somewhere west, Notting Hill/Bayswater somewhere like that…

    Can’t wait! From what I’ve seen off the tellybox and blogs like yours, his food is right up my street. And for that I can even forgive the fact that he’s a dead ringer for Jason Donovan!

  10. Rose: It’s soooooo good though! The queue wasn’t too bad. When we got there he said it’d be 45 min wait but it was only about 20 mins or so? go really early or late (by about midday there was no queue and a few spare tables) 🙂

    Karen: how is it you people have honeycomb butter left over?? Why don’t you eat it all when you make it????

    Paula: they are like super fluffy pancakes.. sooooo good!

    chocolatesuze: I know right! 😀

    Su-yin: I hear that too, wonder what he’ll call it? He must be hella pissed off at Bill’s in CG for taking that name hehe…

    Mr Noodles: LOL, he does look a little like good ol’ JD! How hilarious I never thought about it that way! Can’t wait for it to open in London so you guys can share his goodness too!

  11. I love the sweet corn fritters because they have so much corn in them! And the hotcakes…so delicious! 🙂

  12. Oh man, I miss Bill’s ricotta pancakes too! Oh, wait a minute, no i don’t, I’ve never tried them. But I’ve been reading so much about them that I miss them ANYWAY. They kind of exist in a parallel universe where I never returned to the UK in 2001 but stayed on in Sydney gorging myself on those fluffy little cakes. That other me is probably quite large now. Large but happy.

    They do sound and look heavenly, and now it sounds like he’ll be heading over and up to the UK, I might just have to make a pilgrimage, even if Bill’s (foolishly) going west first. Loving the sound of that butter too, is there a recipe online anyone?

  13. Oh I love Bill’s! And he is opening in London – just not in Covent Garden, in Notting Hill instead.

  14. That butter is giving me delicious palpitations just looking at it. I’ve always walked past and never gone in. Neeeeeeed to go now!

  15. The Grubworm: He’s defintely setting up shop in London, how exciting but like, you should still totally come to the sydney shop hehe. Here’s a recipe for his honeycomb butter:

    Gourmet Chick: Who doesn’t love Bill’s, right?!

    Nic: Haha you should so totally go in. And order extra honeycomb butter 😉

  16. In the summer, I love getting up on Saturday mornings and heading to Bill’s for brunch, such a gorgeous way to spend the morning 😀 those hotcakes are quite amazing!

  17. Thanks for the heads up on the recipe for honeycomb butter. I’m going to try it with pure maple syrup instead of golden syrup. And, oh, how I do love fritters! :0)

  18. Ooooh I’ve heard about Bill’s from my australian friends before and they all love it. Is he really opening in London? I can’t wait!

  19. Vivian: I know, especially if you get an outside table! We were hanging out for an outside table on Sunday cos it was sunny but got an inside one… I was too hungry to wait any longer hehe..

    Linda: I think I’m going to try the honeycomb butter too! It sounds easier than I expected!

    jenny: yes from what I hear he’s opening shop in London, let’s hope it’s the same menu 🙂

  20. All this looks so delicious. I very much these special places where you get really great and extraordinary breakfast and you will have a perfect day. I will put this on my list “things to do when I will be back..”

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