I just want to say before I go and ruin everything, I actually really really like Hoochie Mama. Because, I mean, what a groovy name for a café, right?? Ok, that’s not the reason. I like them because they have an awesome breakfast menu, they have loads of outdoor seating and actually, they have loads of seating everywhere so you always get a spot. And the food is very good.

But having just had Bill’s sweet corn fritters on the weekend, I don’t know what I was thinking going and ordering sweet corn fritters when I met an old friend for brunch yesterday. I mean, there is no comparison to Bill’s utter brilliance. Period.


So I met a friend for brunch yesterday. We shared the sweet corn fritters and the breakfast bruschette (served with ricotta, field mushrooms, roast tomato and avocado) which was divine and caught up on years of gossip on boys and work and boys and travel and boys and… yeah.

Don’t get me wrong, the sweet corn fritters aren’t bad or anything. In fact they’re really great with lots of sweet corn mixed with a tasty batter and then there’s the crispy prosciutto. Crispy prosciutto. Mmmmmm.

It’s just… not Bill’s.

They also make a mean chai latte! (and ricotta hotcakes but I haven’t tried those yet)

Panu gets back from two weeks in the States today! Woohoo! Have a great weekend everyone 🙂

Hoochie Mama
156 Missenden Road
Newtown, NSW, 2042
(02) 9557 9444

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8 Thoughts on “Hoochie Mama and their “not Bill’s” sweet corn fritters

  1. I think the name of this place is pretty funny too – they do pretty good food, though I’ve only been for lunch.

  2. Hoochie Mama’s? Do you know what a hoochie is? Oh my. It isn’t appetizing, that’s for sure.

  3. These corn fritters look great! I can only imagine what Bill’s are like 🙂

  4. MissPiggyEats: I’m gonna have to try lunch there, I go there for coffee/drinks a lot but rarely eat there. Must change that, the food looks great!

    Linda: Yeah I do, lol which is why it’s so funny 🙂

    Melanie: You MUST try Bills!

  5. hehe love that name-it reminds me of Seinfeld and George’s dad! 😛

  6. Ugh I need to go to Bills SO bad! Lol @ Hoochie Mama

  7. I’ve had lunch here twice (gotta love how uni is so close by) and enjoyed it. The name is funny too! I really should try Bill’s corn cakes one day…

  8. Lorraine: OMG Seinfled lol, I have forgotten about that!!

    Nic: Yes. Yes you do.

    Phuoc: Yes you should too lol. But Hoochie Mama is great as well – as you would know. Nothing beats its outdoor seating area, especially in summer!

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